Unless stated otherwise, any products or items featured on this blog are purchased and selected by me. This blog is a personal one, and as such it's a reflection of my own personal taste, something which I very much intend to preserve.

That said, I am open to mentioning and/or reviewing products that are sent to me for such purposes, if I feel that they match the character of this blog. If any such products do end up on here, I'll be openly disclosing that fact within the post (throughout and at the very end), along with my honest review. I'm a reader myself, and I truly believe that no good can come from lying to your readers - other than complete and total frustration. Let's face it, I'd be degrading myself and insulting my readers at the same time by deliberately creating false impressions; pointless, really, since the truth shines clear by itself in these cases.

Bear in mind that this blog is not under any obligation to feature every single sample it receives, nor is it under any obligation to express only favorable reviews on those samples it does feature. In other words, if I feel that there is something worth being said about a product, positive or negative, I will do so, simple as that.