Dupe Alert: Revlon Nude Velvet vs MAC Velvet Teddy!

In an ideal makeup world, every high end product would have a "drugstore" twin: a cheaper, yet equally effective alternative that could give its more prestigious competitor a run for its money!

In reality, however, and much to our disappointment, that tends to be more of an exception than the rule. Which means, of course, that whenever we stumble upon a possible "dupe", spreading the word is top priority! ;) And that's exactly what this post is about!

You see, not too long ago, an unexpected lipstick landed in my lap: Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in 125, Nude Velvet.
Nude Velvet is a creamy brown beige colour with a hint of a peach-y undertone. The application is nice and smooth, as it glides on the lips really easily, and maximum coverage can be achieved within a few swipes. I liked it when I first tried it on, wore it a couple of times, and that was that. You see, it wasn't a "wishlist" acquisition for me, so I just hid it at the depths of my lipstick tray without a second thought.

Around that time, I was obsessed with getting my hands on MAC's Velvet Teddy, the absolute shade to recreate that very popular early 90's brown lip trend, or so I had heard. And naturally I obliged! But immediately after I first put it on, that Revlon oldie came to mind!

It was time for a comparison:

Now, ok, they're not identical: MAC Velvet Teddy runs a bit more rosey/brown, but then again Velvet Teddy is a matte consistency, so it's natural that it would appear a little darker. They are close enough though in my opinion to classify as dupes of one another.
Please note that both photos were taken relatively up close with the use of flash and the similarity might get a little lost for that reason - they're a lot more similar in real life, like on the hand swatches.

Clearly in this case, your own skin's undertones could alter the results slightly - if your skin has pinker undertones, Velvet Teddy would probably be your best match, whereas Nude Velvet can be particularly flattering on the more olived toned ones! But since we're talking about neutral, brown based lipsticks here, you could easily wear either one of these, regardless of your colouring! And, personally, I can see myself using up the Revlon one quicker than the MAC one - I think it's a touch more wearable on an everyday basis!

Word of caution though: Revlon Nude Velvet has been sadly discontinued. If you're lucky enough, you may be able to pick one up at Big Lots (if you're in the US), otherwise, you'll probably have to resort to ebay.

Do any of these seem appealing to you? Or do you shy away from brown toned lipsticks in general?
Any good dupes you've come across recently? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. http://kimber-doll.blogspot.com/2011/02/loreal-one-sweep-eye-shadow.html

    ayto yparxei sto ellada??

  2. Hey Hun! I have MAC Velvet Teddy but after a few uses I sort of put it aside. I wanted something more pink and totally went to a different colour and fell in love with MAC Creme Cup. But I do agree that MAC Velvet Teddy is a very nice brown shade - it's very wearable as I don't see myself going much more brown than that right now. So yes I generally shy away from any brown lipsticks but this will probably change when I get older!
    Hmmm, I haven't come across any good dupes lately that I can think of. I've been pretty much using the exact same makeup colours for months straight!

    1. Hi hope its not wierd to ask but if you still have velvet teddy and no longer want it I'd love to buy it off you? i want to try it but without buying a whole new one xx

  3. Auto einai sigoura ena kalo Dupe!
    Ligo paliotera ta psilofobomoun auta kafeto-tetoia kragion..
    Omws pleon mou aresoun arketa..einai mia wraia lysh gia xrwma sta xeilh xwris yperbolh!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Μ'αρεσει καλύτερα το Revlon. Όπως είπες φοριέται πιο εύκολα και αν θες να το κάνεις πιο σκούρο ή πιο καφέ το αναμιγνύεις με ένα καφέ και παίρνεις το χρώμα. Εγώ πιστεύω πολύ στις μίξεις και δεν χρειάζεται να έχεις όλα τα χρώματα, μπορείς να τα φτιάξεις! Αρκεί το κραγιόν να έχει μια καλή υφή και να μην είναι διάφανο (να έχει pigment δηλαδή). Φιλιά!!!

  5. Wow i think i prefer the Revlon one on you, the MAC is a tad bit too brown.

  6. Είναι λίγο καφετιά αυτά τα χρώματα για μένα και νομίζω πως με αγριεύουν. Αλλά το Revlon μου αρέσει περισσότερο!

  7. I'm all for dupe alerts!
    Excellent post, hun ;)

    The 90's brown lip, what a trend! I remember my first ever lipstick was a Covergirl (!) super dark brown colour, back then I thought it was the best thing ever- God, what I was thinking?!? Nice to know that Velvet Teddy is the way to go ;)

  8. That's pretty darn close! I love brown lipsticks except I don't like how they look on me :/ They just look really off with my skin tone, if I were a few shades lighter then I would totally do it! This color looks very pretty on your skin tone though! :) I haven't come across any dupes lately, I think it's because lately I am not as crazy about makeup shopping as I have been all this time. Hopefully I come back to my senses soon lol

  9. @kot-itsa: Νομιζω πως οχι, αν κ δεν παιρνω κι ορκο. Σιγουρα υπαρχουν παρομοιες παλεττες στα stands της Loreal, τωρα ειλικρινα δεν εχω προσεξει αν εχουν και ιδιο applicator...

    @Karen: To be honest, I wasn't expecting brown toned lipsticks to be your thing either..! But like you said, perhaps your tastes could change in the future! And thanks for the input, I think brown lipsticks can work for most skintones, regardless if they run more orange or more pink, and you liking Velvet Teddy on your lips sorta proves my theory, lol! xxxx

    @Artemi: Ετσι κι εγω παλιοτερα... μου χτυπαγαν πολυ "ξενα" πανω μου, εχοντας συνηθισει πιο ροζε/φουξια αποχρωσεις! Ομως ταιριαζουν απολυτα για πιο φθινοπωρινα looks! ;)
    Τhanx for your comment doll! Mwah! xx

    @Arietta: Nαι, εχεις δικιο, συμφερει πολυ να εχεις καμια δεκαρια βασικα χρωματα κραγιον, να τα βαλεις σε μια παλεττα και να φτιαχνεις δικες σου παραλλαγες! Βεβαια για τους πιο απειρους απο εμας, αυτο ισως αποδειχθει κομματακι πιο δυσκολο απο ενα ετοιμο κραγιον...! :) xxx

  10. @EllysMakeupbag: Yes, I know what u mean. The Revlon one is easier to wear, but the MAC one approaches the 90's lipstick trend a tad more..! Both are lovely though! Lol! :)

    @Froso M.: Nαι, σιγουρα τραβανε την προσοχη, αλλα χωρις να φωναζουν απο μακρια (οπως ενα fire red)! To Revlon κιολας πιστευω θα σου πηγαινε κ περισσοτερο...! Φιλια! xx

    @cbsg5861: Thank you ma dear! :))) Lol, yeah, u got a point, but that trend has made a bit of a comeback! Not to mention it totally reminds me of the supermodel era... Cindy (Crawford) used to wear similar lipsticks fairly often!!! Ah, sigh, I'm getting old! Haha! xxxx

    @Ebru: Hmm, I would imagine they appear more nude than neutral browns on you..? Could be a matter of finding what works with your skintone the best! And yes, dupes aren't so easy to come by... no matter how much makeup you buy!!! :) xxx <3

  11. thanks for making this post!!!
    i seriously needed?!?! velvet teddy in my life but now i think i'll be heading to the hondos center revlon section first :)

  12. @fashion written with a lipstick: Yes, it's definitely worth the try! Hope it's still available!!! xx

  13. I think that the Revlon's more appealing! Too bad it's discontinued :(


  14. @YB*: Yes, it's a touch more wearable than Velvet Teddy! Perhaps you can try your luck on ebay? x

  15. I think Revlon still makes Rose Velvet, and it isn't too different.


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