Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Trends!

After putting up with the winter cold for months on end, we 've finally been spared: spring is here for good and summer is just a hop, skip and a jump away! :)

Which means that it's the perfect time to take a look at a few major makeup trends for this spring/summer season, right?
All of the pics below are from the S/S '11 fashion weeks and I tried to add the designer wherever I could.

So, let's see the makeup looks that dominated the catwalks, shall we?

Allow me to start with orange, a colour that's huge this season (and not just in regards to makeup). Orange was a suggestion for the eyes, sometimes bordering on coral....

....as well as for the lips, but in this case, the hue was closer to a tangerine orange (Note than when orange is used, everything else is kept pretty bare).

But orange wasn't the only colour used; we saw a variety of brights, even ones that we're not so familiar with, such as yellows and greens! Here's a few bright eyeshadow looks and note how the shades are almost neon!

Of course, things couldn't be much different for the lips either: the dark and vampy lips of last winter have given their place to bright hot pink and fuchsia hues! We saw cooler tones, as well as warmer ones:

And, although bright and colourful is a major trend for this season, there have been a few alternatives - we've seen a variety of neutral and fresh makeup looks with dewy complexions from a number of designers:

And, last but not least, the nails. Vena Cava and Ruffian showed us their (very similar) versions of the reverse french manicure, but with a black at the base instead of a white and a taupe/neutral instead of a colour. This manicure is also referred to as "the Ruffian manicure" by many, but this S/S version features a half oval moon, instead of the crescent one of the previous winter (also called a Ruffian manicure, much to our confusion).

So, what do you think of this season's biggest makeup trends?
Which ones will you be following, if any?
And have you decided on your makeup looks for this season (me, I'm still working on it)? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Not the best trends :p The hot pink lips and the neutrals on the face are suitable for summer, but the reverse french manicure? horrible! I've never seen such an ugly mani ...

  2. I'm into hot pink lips already! Thanks to Pink Nouveau, he he... Dewy skin, hell yeah! And bronzed to the max, I must add!

    I can't pull off orange eyeshadow, I think it only compliments blue eyes :( As for the lips, I can only go as far as corals. Oh and I strongly believe that pastel eyeshadows require flawless skin for them to look decent- my skin is far from it, so I won't be going on that route as well...

    I'm also planning to wear colourful eyeliners, turquoise eyeshadow and orange/red blush ;)

  3. I knew orange was one of the trends but I thought it was just lips :) I am all for dewy skin during summer so yay! :) I also really love the manicure, especially that photo with the black/white bangles omg gorgeous! I can't wait to try this on my own nails :) Thanks for sharing lady! Hope you're having a great weekend! ♥

  4. Im in love with orange/coral not only for make up;D For clothes, shoes, nails and so on;D

  5. Hmm I think the only trend I could pull off here is the hot pink lips if I go easy on the rest of the makeup!
    I've been obsessing about headbands lately - it just came out of nowhere actually LOL Bought a ton of headbands the past couple of weeks (from having pretty much none prior). I don't think it has anything to do with a current runway fashion trend at all...just my thing....and I never really change up my makeup between seasons nowadays. But I do find the orange makeup trend to be quite funky and neat at the same time. Haven't done a half moon manicure on myself but it looks interesting - definitely much more of a French manicure fan though. Great post Tina :)

  6. I really do love them all! But think the only one I will actually be doing myself is the neutral/dewy look...because that's what I do all the time anyway! Creature of habit, what can I say?

    The reverse french mani looks AMAZING..so eye catching/unique but classy. I love the orange eyes/lips trends, but would look preeety bad in those colors myself (rouge volupte peach faubourg from last year, remember? haha it was not a good look for me)..

    I think a hot pink lip looks gorgeous anytime!

  7. Amazing post, all spring trends gathered together! I like them all, especially orange and pink lips!!

  8. i love the hot pink/fuschia lips...i think it's fantastic. although, do i have the courage to pull it off myself? not often!

    of course the neutral/dewy look will be an all-time favorite for me...and the coral eyes--i've been experimenting with this, and think it will only get better as the sun shines brighter :)


  9. nice nail polish were it's like a french tip. One more thing reat hair and make up cover.

    Elite Eye Serum

  10. @Anastasia: Yes, I can see that they wouldn't be to everyone's taste! As for the mani, I personally quite like it, as long as the main color isn't too grey/taupe, it's an interesting change from the usual!!!

    @cbsg5861: I love the colours that you've picked for your summer look!!! You're gonna look super amazing from what I read!!! Turquoise on the eyes and orange on the cheeks should compliment your skintone very well! ;)
    I agree with you on pastels, it's very difficult to pull off, however I want to try it out (for blogging purposes?) just to see if and how it works!!! ;) xxx

    @Ebru: Orange seems to be literally everywhere this season, there's no escaping it!!! I'd love to add a little dewiness to my looks too!!! ;) As for the mani, I'm gonna try it out, stay tuned for a future post! ;) xxx

    @Supergirl: Yes, orange is a great color after this long winter - and I'm eyeing an orange clutch, would look amazing for nights out! x

  11. @Karen Law: I hear you, I tend to go for the same look over and over again, but it feels super refreshing to pick out new colour combinations for the new season, same as we pick our outfit style and colours! Headbands sound pretty good right now too, only I'm thinking the ones that sit on the forehead and have the disctinct bohemian vibe (naturally, haha)!
    Gonna try out the Ruffian once my nails grow a little, you'll see how it looks then too! ;) xxxx

    @ellamarie84: I hear you and I agree and Peach Faubourg was hard for me to pull off too - I can only get away with it if I lightly dab it on!!! Hot lips and dewy look would look stunning on you, I think it would enhance your features really well! ;) And I'm completely with you on the reverse french manicure, it's a bit avantgarde, but not too over the top! ;) xxx

    @Natalie: Thank you so much girl! :) And yay for bright colours, finally, right? :) x

    @fantastic: Actually, I 'd love to see a hot pink lip look from you, I think that once you find the right tone it would look pretty amazing! ;)
    All this dewy look talk convinced me too, although I seriously doubt I can recreate the Vera Wang type dewiness succesfully (and I could use a liquid highlighter for this too, huh? Hmmm)! ;) xoxo

  12. OMGosh! Just discovered your blog and I am in LOVE! I really want to give the hot pink lips a go but loving the natural and dewy at the other end of the spectrum! Now following, can't get enough! OMGosh! Miss Walker xoxo

  13. ok let's see, orange coral eye shadows along with bright shadows i can do(apart from yellow i hatehatehate yellow), orange lips, hot pink lips, neutral and dewy yes

    the only trend i dont like and wont ever do is the moon-like manicure, i think it looks unattractive

    you could do ahy of them and look gorgeous for sure :) xx

  14. i think the orange trend looks so cool. oranges actually look amazing on blue eyes too. im really loving the reverse french manicure. Im going to have to try that.

    new follower. love your blog :)

  15. that "french manicure" is not my kind of thing but I have to say some of the make-up trends are really exciting and interesting! :)

  16. @Miss Walker: Thank you for the kind comment! U should def give pink lips a go! :)

    @fashion written with a lipstick: You always make me blush hunni!!! :) Truth be told, there's a handful of looks on here (at best) that I'd dare to try myself!!! The manicure is one of them surprisingly, I think I could get away with it a lot easier that green eyelids and tangerine lips!!! :) xxx

    @MaviDeniz: I agree with you, those orange and coral tones bring out the blue in one's eyes, definitely a good reason to give that a go! :) Thank you for commenting...and welcome!!! :) x

    @Athina: Yes, that reverse mani is either a hit or a miss - and a nice idea for a post to create a little bit of a debate, hehe! :P xxx


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