15 Facts About Me...

So, I haven't been feeling much inspired lately, and since I have another 4-5 weeks of my camera-less life to endure, I thought that this would be the the next best thing - A few things about myself:

1. I 've had an "obsession" with...magazines. I find the combination of pictures & paper very appealing. I had to stop when storage space became an issue and now only keep very few publications.

2. I 've been a dark blonde (my natural hair colour) with red and blonde highlights, a chestnut brunette and, now, a dark blonde with blonde highlights for the past 3 years. I 've always wondered how I 'd look like with red or black hair, but doubt I 'll ever take the plunge.

3. I love Guitar Hero. My goal is to complete the whole World Tour playlist on 100% on all easy, medium, hard and expert levels. Wonder how long that will take me. :)

4. I used to want to be a...coroner, an astronaut, a cinematographer, a movie costume maker and a fragrance analyst (someone who breaks down the notes in each perfume). Which leads me to

5. I collect mini perfume bottles, even if don't particularly like the fragrance. The more elaborate the bottle design, the better!

6. I can make origami paper animals (note: this is before Prison Break first aired). Not by memory though - I couldn't memorise the folding sequence for the life of me.

7. I used to hate having my picture taken up until a short while ago. Like I would get mad. Seriously. Safe to say, I think I 've made some progress on this one...:)

8. English isn't my first language, however I do consider myself fairly fluent. I also speak German. Would love to learn Spanish, Hungarian, Arabic, Italian and French...in that order.

9. I hate Spongebob Square Pants. Especially when I think of it's main target age group. I 'd still hate it even if it was a grown up-type cartoon like Southpark, the Simpsons, etc.

10. I have a love/hate relationship with shopping. As much as I love acquiring new things, the mere images of having to have a look at numerous stores before I find sth I like and then waiting in the lines to pay give me a headache. Online is the way to go for me. :)

11. Ideally I 'd travel around the globe before I die. Or at least step foot in every continent. Of course Antarctica doesn't count. No, not because it would have melted anyway.

12. I could never get bored organising my closet or re-organising it after organised. Or finding new storage solutions. Or moving around the shoe-boxes to see which arrangement saves place for a new pair.

13. If I had to pick one "Friends" character I resemble the most, that would be Monica without second-guessing. Because,

14. Usually, I 'm the one who wins at Trivial Pursuit!!!

15. Finally, for absolutely no apparent reason whatsoever I can tie a tie. Never had to put that skill to use ever in my life yet.

Any of that sound familiar to you? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Great facts, I have an obsession with magazines too - a very costly obsession!

    And i used to collect mini perfume bottles but a few years ago i got rid of most of them!! Still have a few lovely ones i picked up in Prague though - so lovely.

    You English is fantastic, cannot believe it's not your first language!

  2. Saskia the Salsa Fairy: Thank you!!! I know, spending all that money for something that will probably end up being thrown away or recycled seems a bit pointless after a while...
    Mini perfume bottles are sooo cute, right? ;)

  3. haha i love guitar hero too :)

  4. McCall: And I love your footwear style! ;))))

  5. I am so bad for only choosing perfumes based on the bottle design! Haha they all kinda smell the same to me. Except for a few that stand out.

    fashion one edge..

  6. Robynne: some smell the same to me too...thank god for different bottles ;) lol

  7. Hi :)
    I love mags too, but I have a folder where I put everything I like in a particular mag and the rest I just put in the bin.
    I also collect mini perfume bottles hehe
    I like origami but I just can't do it myself!

  8. thestilettoeffect: I have a file like that too somewhere...haven't updated in a while...Origami isn't that difficult, there's books that might help! ;)

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  10. I can tie a bow tie. My boyfriend made me learn how to do it (i learnt it from a youtube video haha) so I can tie his stupid bow tie on new year's eve last year... haha

  11. See? At least you put that to use...My bf never wears ties... :PPP

  12. i totally agree, i dont get everyones obession with spongbob!!
    loving your blog btw!!

  13. FlissIsBliss: It's weird if you ask me...Many thanks! :) Btw, love your "geeky" pic! Geek-tastic! lol :)))


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