Where the Streets Have No Name...

By Tina A. - May 20, 2009

Just another editorial that appeals to me for some reason...even though the "biker meets rocker meets hooker" style isn't something I would go for in reality....:)

Featured on the March issue of Elle magazine.

The fierceness of the pics can only be topped by the fierceness of the designer pieces featured: sandals by Alexander Wand, Givenchy and Rodarte, clothes by Maison Martin Margiela and Balmain with some touches of Gucci, Fendi and Dior...

Some strong mix, don't you think...?

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  1. Yeap!Quite strong mix,lol!!Maybe i would wear pieces of the clothes shown above:))

  2. Yes, some of the stuff shown is insanely chic imo...Now we just need the jackpot αγαπητή μου...! :))) xx

  3. Thanks, honey! :)

    Oh and wasn't this editorial fierce? I have it in my Elle on my shelf. I ALSO loved the one with Adriana Lima in it. :)


  4. @♥ fashion chalet: I thought it was inspiring as well! :) The Lima one is the one where she's on a couch-bed thingy, right? There was a stunning sequined dress on that editorial...Loved her makeup on that editorial too!

    Thanks for stopping by! xx :)

  5. im not that sure about the styling, maybe because elle is comercial magazine so i expect more commercial outfits.

  6. @ryder: You think it's not commercial enough, so to say? Given that's featured in Elle?

  7. this ed was beyond insane! oh and i adore your nail polish!

  8. @Jules: I 'd love to have a few of those pieces...;) Many thx for commenting and stoping by dear! xx :)

  9. i loveee this editorial.
    ahhh she just looks so biker chic.

    great blog :)

  10. @JennyH.: She looks pretty hot, huh? lol! :) Thanx for your kind comment dear! xx

  11. @Le français parisien: It's great isn't it? Thank you for stopping by!


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