Roses are pink...!

by - May 29, 2009

So, MAC 's latest "A Rose Romance" collection (well, latest where I am anyways) reminded me of another rose - embossed product, that I 'm not sure received as much love as it should have, but is however, one of my favorite beauty purchases of the year:Please meet The Body Shop Roseflower Blush in Pink:

This lovely blush came out with the Roseflower collection for Spring '09 and is unfortunately no longer available, but still worth mentioning...!

The one I have is the lightest of the two that came out with that collection and it's in "01: pink". I 'd describe it as a light baby pink colour infused with really subtle gold shimmer. It's a bright pink colour, but not an intense one, so you can easily get away with a heavier hand! The special part about this blush is the rose design carved into it: it's made of pink glitter, so, when you swirl the brush over the product and apply it, you get the flattering effect of flushed glowy cheeks without much effort! In that sense, I don't use a highlighter over it, as it could be a bit overwhelming...

This is me wearing it along with some smokey eyes and nude lips...:)

And, to complete the rose theme, it also smells like roses! Luckily, only so in the packaging and not on the cheeks, as that could have quickly irritated the most sensitive noses...:)

How do you feel about rose embossed products lately, or rose inspired ones in general?

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  1. MAC's A Rose Romance collection is the latest where I am too - it is no fun being so far behind the rest of the world in makeup land haha.

    That blush looks amazing on you! Kind of what I wanted MAC Petticoat MSF to be but wasn't :(

    I just looked on the Australian Body Shop site and this blush still seems to be available and listed as NEW!! Sometimes being so far behind CAN be a good thing maybe?!

    I have always been a fan of all things rose. As long as they are done well and do not smell too old-ladyish! Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder and Jurlique Rose Hand Cream are some of my all time favourite rose things that I will continue buying as long as they keep making them! x

  2. @Sarah: Oh, I know, the MAC mua I asked said we won't get Style Warriors here until mid-June...:(

    Thanx dear! I love this blush as well...! Even my mum tried it and she loved it too, and she 's more of a fair-medium complexion...! :) I say, if you can still get it, you should definitely go for it, you won't regret it! ;)

    Roses seem to be very...trendy at the moment, and I agree, if they are nicely done, it's a lovely addition to a simple makeup product! I know I won't get bored by rose embossed products any time soon...:) (Not to mention that those I have already will last me quite some time... :PP ) !

  3. Wow that really is the prettiest colour!! What a shame it was LE

  4. @Stefanie: It's lovely indeed!!! I think there are a few on ebay at the moment if your TBS has already sold these out...;) xx

  5. @C.Chico: Thank you dear! May I ask what bright-neon pink nail polish you 've been using lately? Is it Essie? xx

  6. Hi Tina! I just wanted to say I love your blog! :) My boyfriend is from Athens too..and I am looking forward to my greek summer!

    Nice to meet you!

    Hannah x

  7. @Hannah: Nice to meet you too dear! Thank you so much! :) Hope you have a lovely summer here (turning out to be quite a hot one)!!! :)) x

  8. TBS Blush looks wayyy better than MAC's! Looks gorgeous on you :) x

  9. @Shortiee31: Thank you dear! Before I purchased it, I had seen a few pics online and thought it looked similar to MAC's Well Dressed, but it's not really! Turns out TBS has good quality items too, and if it weren't for the pink glitter in the middle, I 'd say it's pretty comparable to MAC in consistency and staying power... :)

  10. It's available to purchase on their site btw :) x

  11. @Shortiee31: Thx for looking it up! I just thought it wasn't available, since it's sold out on TBS I usually go too... ;) x

  12. It looks FABULOUS on you. It really makes your face come alive. I have the two blushes.. have you noticed how they smell of roses?

    I just saw your comment.. I am going to check out Amourous when im next at mac!

  13. @Tali: Thank you dear! ;) I love this blush and I 'm so happy I picked this lighter shade...Love how the rose smell is not too overpowering...;)

    Check out Amorous, if you 're into plummy mayvy reds...;) xx

  14. Thanks for the eyshadow tips. I like the combination of the colors you suggested.. it more warm than just black! Will try to make it work! xx :)


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