Freakin Fabulous award!!!

by - July 30, 2009

I 've been awarded by the gorgeous and wonderful Michelle (@ MupNorth blogging) with the "Freakin Fabulous" blog award!!!

Thank you so much Michelle, this is a huge honour for me, especially since I 'm quite new to the blogosphere! This gives me motivation to keep going, along with all the sweet comments I 've received so far! It's a great feeling that you guys read, enjoy and comment on my posts, please keep doing so! :)

The rules with this award are:

  • List five current obsessions.
  • Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs.
  • On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.
  • When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well. Don't forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by leaving a comment on their blog.
So, on to my current obsessions (some of which you already know)...

1. Wardrobe revamping: decluttering!
My style has evolved so much over the years, that I find myself thinking "I must have been insane" when I stumble on older clothes and accessories. It's a shame really, because more than half of my stuff just sits there unappreciated, however I know that it just occupies space at this point. I 'm tempted to put some of it on ebay, but seems like a lot of effort at the moment...

2. Wardrobe revamping: in with the new!
So, I have tons of stuff I don't like and won't use, but I lack (key) pieces and items that would help my wardrobe reach it's ideal point (which would basically be a multi-purpose one, simple and oligochromatic, but with a fashion twist). The current sale season has helped a bit, but as the case always seems to be, one can never find the perfect (ridiculously) simple item that fits them...

3. Hair - related decisions.
I 'm getting tired of my one coloured blonde highlights and think it's time to add another colour, in an effort to give it a multi-dimensional effect, but not quite sure what to go for. I 'm also thinking of going to another hairdresser, as I haven't been completely satisfied with my current one the last couple of times. All I know is that it's about time that I got my roots done, so I need to decide pretty soon!

4. Caffeine.
Yes, sadly, it's been getting out of hand and I don't even need it that much to be honest... I definitely need to cut it down, asap...

5. Change of scenery.
I can't wait to get out of the city, for a good 5 to 10 days this time...Of course I will pack my books and study notes with me, but the possibility of going for a swim (and maybe getting a tan, no, wait, that would be obsession number 6!) within half an hour beats the hell out of staying in the hot apartment anytime!

Yep, those were my five current obsessions! Any of them sound familiar?

So, I 'm passing the award on to the following very fabulous bloggers:

Em - Too Much Blush
Fantastic - Suka & Spice
Muhsine - Bubblegarm
Tali - The Gloss Goss
Zoe - Zoella

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28 σχόλια

  1. Thankyouuu for the award lovely :) xxx

  2. Congrats on your award!

  3. Thank you so much!!! I'll be posting on this soon! xoxxo

  4. thankyou, cool award! will get onto that tomorrow! loved reading your respinses, I need to do some wardrobe revamping!

  5. Hi :)
    Yeah caffeine sounds very familiar lol
    Grats for the award!
    Big kiss

  6. Im in an inetrnet cafe.. i have blogger addiction!! I got burnt today so stupid sunbathing in 12pm heat!!

    Congrats on the award!!

    Hope your ok Tina Mou! WHats new? Hows the studying going?

    Tomorrow ill again come here so i can see your answer!! hehe xoxoxoxox

  7. Thank you :)))) xx i love wardrobe revamping :)

  8. @Zoella: No need to thank me, your blog is amazing! ;)


  9. @Sunshinemeg: Many thanks dear, you 're really sweet! :)


  10. @fantastic: Great blogs need to be mentioned, and yours is pretty "fantastic"! ;)

    Can't wait to read about your obsessions! ;)


  11. @em: And I love reading your blog! Looking forward to yours dear! ;)


  12. @The Stiletto Effect: Ah, coffee, it's become a neccessity I 'm afraid...

    Many thanks for reading and commenting! :)))


  13. @Tali: Well, thankfully, we won't have to worry whether you fell off a balcony pulling a wireless stunt...LOL! :)

    Gosh, sounds like someone got a bit tan-excited...:) Just be careful, the sun can fry you up in no time over here... ;)

    Many many thanks and will be looking forward for your post!
    Not much here, studying is slow, heat as usual, power got cut earlier... I might pack my books and a carry all and a few ppl and move to the beach next problem would be I won't have internet...!!!

    Hey, does your net cafe have AC at least? Lol (green with envy)!

    xxxxxx =)

  14. @bubblegarm: Nah, your blog is awesome, so the award is well deserved...;)

    I love wardrobe revamping too, but it seems like a lot of effort atm...

    How's the new place, do you have space for yourself...?


  15. Cant believe you bad luck with the power cut!!
    Do you think you would be able to study by the beach?? I guess swim at day study at evening.. sounds like heaven!! IS it the same beach you went last time?

    Yes there is AC here.. but very slow computer. No more free wireless i think they figured out what i was doing!!

    The August feast started for italians the other day so 500 000 italians entered croatia the last 2 days!! Literally all i can hear is 'ciao.. si si andiamo!''ciao bella bambina' and we dont like the italians so much haha
    the beach is FULL!! I hate having no privacy !! I like beaches like in your photo.. where you have space and its not too many people!

    Hope you get youe beach trip because even if there is no internet i know you were longing for more beach!!


  16. @Tali: Ah, you know me too well, lol! :)

    Yep, that's exactly what I 'm thinking of doing...swim a bit during the day and study in the evenings...!

    Yep, I definitely plan on going to that same beach, although I 'm guessing now that it's August, it's gonna attract more people... :(

    Oh, the Italians...Lol! Do they have their football "fights", where each group shouts the name of the team they support? Lol, that's hilarious...!!! :)

    So, no wireless huh? They were pretty fast in locking it... So, I guess it will be the internet cafe from now on, or will you be driving around with the laptop on? Lol!

    Have fun girl! Glad that you 're tan already! ;)


  17. @My Fashion Frenzy: Thank you so much for your sweet comments! :)


  18. @C.Chico: Many many thanks! :)


  19. @Tiana Couture's Addict: Aw, merci! :))))


  20. @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: Thank you so so much dear!!! :))))


  21. I understand the caffeine addiction..I'm at Starbucks everyday!

  22. Congrats on the award, I need to do some wardrobe revamping too!

  23. @Ashley: Really??? I 'd kill to get Starbucks in my town... I 'd make them rich! :PPP


  24. @Tina: Hello Tina! :))) Having the perfect wardrobe is like a goal to me...! :PPP Slowly getting there...! ;)



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