Project 5 Pan...

So, as my makeup shopping behaviour got a bit out of hand lately, I decided it was time to do something about it!

At first I just thought of putting myself on a spending diet, but Tali @The Gloss Goss and Fantastic @Suka & Spice had a better idea for me: to join in on a round of Project 5 Pan, which (as you already know) basically means not buying any new makeup until hitting pan or finishing 5 makeup items in our collection.

We deliberated a bit on the rules, and finally agreed on these:
- no body products allowed (duh! :) Sad though, cos I 've finished up a showergel and a body cream already)
- no "accidental" throwing of the items on hard surfaces... ;)
- the finished products will be photographed at the end of the project.

So, these are the items I 'm going to try and finish:

At this point, I 'm not that optimistic, even though P 5 P is much more manageable than P 10 P.
At first I thought of only trying it for a month, so it would be P 5 P with an expiry date, however, since the palettes seem a bit more difficult to hit pan on at this time, I 'm giving myself till the end of August...
I haven't bought anything from Naked Honey or Colour Craft (I must be the only one, lol, but sticking to my goal at the moment), however I won't be able to resist to Style Black, so any project around that time, would be a definite failure!

Luckily I still have some things coming through the mail, so at least I will have something to keep me busy makeup-wise!

I 'm encouraging everyone reading this to join in on Project 5 Pan!
Please let me know if you do! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Yay! You're IN! Yknow, one of the lip products I'm trying to finish is that diamond shine gloss as well!

    When that Black collection comes out, I'm going to need to be done as well *re-applying gloss,in preparation to cook dinner× I'm hopeless at this!

  2. I haven't shopped at MAC for a while now, so you are not the only one that didn't get Colour Craft :-)

    I can't do any pan project either, as I can't resist a good sale and that happens quite often

  3. I finished 2!!! :P
    But apparently su-pah has finished 5.. so im shocked!!!! xx

  4. @fantastic: Yep, it's official now! :PPP

    That lipgloss seems to have a lot more product than it looks, huh? It's the first item I 'm trying to finish, and still looks the same to me!

    Lol, yes, I totally agree, I find myself putting on lipgloss when I 'm inside too! :PPP


  5. @Halifax: Oh, cool! Well I figured if I still really really want some items after P5P, I can always get them later!

    I know what you mean, that's not bad, unless you find good deals a little too often! :PPP


  6. @Tali: Seriously? That's in a week's time, oioi, I 'm behind, I need to speed up! :)))

    Seriously though, it's tougher than I thought! Keep up the good pace dear! :)


    (I would ask you to finish up sth and send me the empty packaging, but that would be cheating, RIGHT???)!!!

  7. @Michelle (Lipstick Rules): Yay! We can motivate each other throughout the project! ;)


  8. the song on your profile I used to have a HUGE crush on Ville Valo! lol so embarrassing.. but still so hot. I love him and him!! :) xx

  9. I really have to do the p5p too. I realize that p10p is a bit too difficult for me to accomplish ;)

  10. @Tali: :) Well, I 'm afraid I don't share the same feelings for Ville Valo, but he has an amazing voice... ;)

    Love that song too, so summery! :)


  11. @Michélle: Please join us! :)

    I know what you mean, here I 'm thinking that P5P is difficult, P10P would be sth close to impossible!!! :)))


  12. @C.Chico: Yay!!! :))) Another one in for P-5-P! :)))

    Cool, we all need each other's motivation, so the more the merrier! ;)



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