I got Shellac'd: 2 and 1/2 weeks later...

Yes, as the title suggests, I jumped on the Shellac bandwagon not too long ago! And I have very exciting things to report! :)

Now, I'm sure that most of you by now are aware of the Shellac technique that's taken nail polish aficionados (and everyone else) by storm over the last year or so.
For those that don't know, let me fill you quickly in: Shellac is a hybrid manicure technique that combines the ease of regular nail polish with the durability of a gel. It applies like a standard nail polish, with the exception that every coat (base&top included) must be "cured" under a UV lamp for a couple of minutes. Once the top coat is "cured", the manicure is completely dry - you can rummage through your bag looking for your wallet or keys and the manicure will remain intact (who doesn't want that)!

Shellac claims to last for 14 days and from my experience it lasts even more than that! You can see on the photos that 19 days into it there are no chips on sight!!!
Naturally, you can witness the growth of my natural nail from the cuticle and also, it's lost its original mega-shine due to some minor surface nicks, but all that is surely to be expected after that amount of time. Now, it's not advised to keep the Shellac on for more that 14 days, as the adhesion will increase past that mark and the removal process will be lengthier (something to keep in mind for next time).

Shellac is designed to not harm your natural nails and as a person that suffers from nails that are prone to peeling I can definitely agree - if anything, the nails will be protected and the peeling will stop, so that you'll be able to cut the damaged part easily after the Shellac is removed! I should add here that it doesn't contain Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (probably much healthier that our fast drying top coats which will chip anyway - now, here's sth to consider).

In other words, I cannot recommend it enough!!! If you're on the go or don't want to have to do your nails every 3 or 4 days or you wish to look good for a vacation, then look no further: Shellac is the way to go!
There's also a nice selection of colours to choose from - I'll be wearing a milky pink one soon (and as I'm sure I'll get asked, a simple Shellac paint job at my nail salon costs 15 euros, but I know prices can vary).

So, what's your thoughts on this?
Have you been Shellac'd or are you considering it? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I am waiting to try it for this summer. It's not more expensive than a usual manicure. You chose the shade i wanted as well, but i was reading reviews the darker colours kind of shrink on the nails if that makes sense. I am glad it worked for you!

  2. I just posted my review, part 2 of my Shellac experience! Great minds... :D I agree with you, I loved it! I prefer french or nude colours for Shellac so the new nail line isn't that visible. You can try a ruffian mani, gold or silver would look amazing with your black Shellac!

  3. Wow, it still looks great on day 19! I love the color! I've been thinking about trying this for the longest time. I suffer from peely nails too (and they are weak and thin and brittle too..haha) so this has definitely caught my attention. I've heard from a few people that the removal is similar to acrylic nails, which is the only thing holding me back. I've missed your writing Tina, glad I'm back in the blogosphere again!! xoxoxox

  4. Wow blog reading is educational - I actually have not heard of Shellac until your post Tina!
    OMG you nails look fantastic even on Day 19 - that's insane.
    I did a quick google search and you can actually shellac at home apparently. The cost of all the set up (UV lamp, polishes, base and top coat) is going to cost about 5-6 Shellac visits to a salon according to this website
    It sounds like something I would think about. Especially since my nails are pretty brittle and peel very easily like you said :( But I'm seriously going through another addictive phase of fake nails which I can't combine with shellac since fake nails need to come off after a week or just past that. I just love the length and the "finished" look of fake nails *sigh* But awesome post Hun! I'm glad you found something that works so well for you :)

  5. Cool!!! I never thought these "special treatments" like Shellac I read on US and UK blogs would be available in our country, that's great news!

    I'm always too oblivious maintaining a decent manicure- sometimes I leave my chipped nail colour for up to 2 weeks, cause I'm lazy like that... So this solution is a perfect treat for me!!!


  6. I use a similar product call Gelicure, I love going to get a manicure now! Could not live without it xx :o)

  7. Cool Blog! I think I'll have to try this shellac'd because your nails look great still after 19 days! I have been slacking on doing my nails lately because of how fast they chip. My toes I never have this problem and can go a while between polishes.
    Thanks for the comment on our blog:) we'll be back much interesting info for sure.


  8. wow!i'm impressed, i'm getting "shellaced" for my summer trip in a few days, although i didn;t know we had this in greece. i hope i can find a nail salon here where they do shellac nails.:)
    oh and at 15E a manicure this is BLOODY amazing :DD xx

  9. wow, it looks like it really stays put! i haven't done this yet but have heard so many good things about it. i think it would be perfect for that persons that wants to avoid bad nail biting habits, etc...since the polish doesn't chip, they won't want to further ruin it!

  10. I've heard so many great things about Shellac polish. I have acrylic nails and would rather try something a little more natural but the prices here are pretty expensive. I also love changing my polish up every week which is difficult to do unless you own the UV light needed.

  11. prepei na einai FANTASTIKO verniki!!!! alitheia TOSOO kairo krataei!! polu kalo tha t exw upopsin ! filakiaaa

  12. Aww thanks for this post!and it sounds sooo good!the pictures tell it all.I'd love to try it and thanks for the recommendation hun!I'm definitely going to check!!


  13. @EllysMakeupbag: Yes, it's definitely affordable and if you think how long it will last you without any problems, it's well worth it! No, I didn't notice any shrinking- just the growth of the new nail! :) x

    @Natalie: Ah, I guess I could have added another color, but it was time to take them off I fear! My next one will be a nude or a pink one, although I think that the darker colours are even better value for money (since a regular dark polish will chip within a couple of days and you'll have to take it off anyway)! But regardless, Shellac is definitely the way to go, lol! ;) x

    @ellamarie84: Actually I was hella busy this week to go and take them off at the salon, so I used the diy method (100% acetone-soak for a while and push)! No damage done to the natural nail and after a light buff, they look great! Let me know if u give it a try! ;) xxx

    @Karen Law: Yes, a few ladies on twitter have talked about getting the equipment and I guess it is worth it if one is getting regular Shellac manicures. I thought about it too, but it's a gradual process, a top and base coat first, then a color, then the lamp... So, for now I'll just get them done by a pro!
    I know what you mean about the look of fake nails, it's the shiny and flawless result! You know Shellac is a lot like that! Plus with Shellac I dont have the fear of a nail coming off whenever I least expect it (which is something of a standard with me and fake nails, haha)! Glad you liked the post doll! xxx

  14. @cbsg5861: Oh, I know, I'm the same and I only discovered that this nail salon offers Shellac completely by accident! When I asked how long this has been "out" here, she said since before christmas or something!!!
    You should go for it, you'll forget what a chipped nail looks like! ;) xxx

    @Lulu B: I should look into this Gelicure method! Yay for perfect nails without much effort! :)

    @valncami: Oh, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting - very much appreciated! :)
    Yes, Shellac is the ultimate way to combat the chipping without damaging the natural nails, I'd definitely recommend it! :)

    @fashion written with a lipstick: The simple paint job was 15, I paid around 28-29 in total with the manicure (as I was in a rush and wanted the nail bed to be proffessionally prepared, so as to make sure that the Shellac would apply nice and even). I'm sure that you'll find some salon that offers it (I mean, hell, we have it here, lol)! Have fun at your trip! xxx

  15. @fantastic: Yeah, it would definitely put them off - who would want to ruin such nice and perfect nails? xxx

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: It seems that prices vary hugely from country to country and from salon to salon, huh? I think that each place charges what they like for it, it doesn't make sense otherwise! And I know what you mean about wanting to change colours, but it really saves time when you're having a busy week or want your nails to look good for a few more days! xoxo

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Ναι, προφανως το εχουν μελετησει καλα το θεμα!!! Το βερνικι ψηνεται κατω απ τη λαμπα και μετα ειναι εντελως στεγνο και δεν παθαινει τιποτα! Και γυαλιζει και παρα πολυ! Recommended for sure! ;) xx

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Glad you liked this post love! :) Who knew that we're slowly getting all the new trends here too? :) xxx

  16. to be honest I prefer to clean my self and maintain my nails rather than going to random cosmetic shops that don't care about your feet and hands.

    Elite Eye Serum

  17. I'll have to keep this Shellac-ing process in mind then! ;) I agree that for the first bit it's probably best to get it done by a pro - at least to see if you're going to like it and get addicted enough to it that it's worth it to buy the equipment :)
    Haha - you make me laugh when you talk about fake nails falling off when you least expect it. It reminds me of this time months ago when I was out with friends for a drink. Seriously, like three of my fake nails popped off within 20 minutes and it wasn't even discreet! The nails flew onto the table we were at LOL I swear, if I wasn't so smashed I'd probably be so embarrassed even though they are my friends. I have no idea what my friends were thinking - since none of them burst out laughing like I did I think they were more shocked/scared (because well, they're not into makeup and most were guys) than anything haha. So now before I go out I make sure none of my fake nails are somewhat feeling a tad bit lose with the glue - the Nailene strong nail glues work amazing for me.


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