February In's & Out's and Spring 2012 Beauty Wishlist!

Hello again my lovely readers! 
Apologies for the small break, but I fear that finals are getting the best of me at the moment!

And because I can hardly find the time to write a full blown review these days, I thought I'd share with you what's on my mind instead (mostly beauty related), in the classic "in's & out's" form:

February In's& Out's


1. Checking out the spring releases from all the high-end beauty brands (in an effort to forget about the snow temperatures outside). I'm mostly excited about YSL this season (I mean look at that gorgeous visual with Ginta Lapina) and Lancome, seeing as they're coming out with their new "Rouge in Love" lipstick range - very eager to try these and hope that they don't fall short where the "L' Absolu Nu" ones did in my book.

2. Taking advantage of the sales and hauling some long coveted beauty products. Expect a small beauty haul  post soon! ;)
3. Large planners. Forget about those teenie tiny ones that fit the whole week in 2 pages. I'm talking about one page per day here: that gives you enough space to jot down your to-do lists, your notes and anything else you might want to put in writing!


1. L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. It seems to me that every country got a different set of colours. Which doesn't even match said country's online selection (I counted 17 shades in store, while only 8 are listed on the Greek website)! Sort it out L'oreal!
2. Chanel discontinuing the Exceptionnel mascara in the black shade, aka one of the best mascaras out there (2 coats and you had some serious lashes). Before I could buy any back-ups *insert sob*.
3. Chanel, again, not providing adequate stock for the Illusion D' Ombre eyeshadows. I'm in a freaking waiting list (yeah, you read that right) for Illusoire since October. And with their prices, I shouldn't be. Generally speaking, Chanel is nothing but disappointing for me at the moment.

Despite those few disappointments, however, I did manage to gather some beauty items that I can't wait to try this season (not all are spring releases, but they're quite fitting in my opinion):

We have an OPI nail polish via Nicki Minaj, a few Bobbi Brown products from the gorgeous "Nudes and Neons" collection (which had me ogling their website forever, and yes, I'm thinking that this orange lipgloss will be the one of the two that I'm allowing myself for 2012) and a YSL nail polish duo.

And that's all that's buzzing inside my head for now!

Do let me know what you're most looking forward to this season in terms of makeup in the comment section below! Do you have your wishlists ready?

What's your opinion?

  1. Love ur wishlist..I checked out Bobbi Brown's new collection and I love them..

    1. @Vanity is an addiction: Thank you! I agree, that Nudes&Neons collection from Bobbi Brown is definitely eye-catching!!! :)

  2. "Checking out the spring releases from all the high-end beauty brands (in an effort to forget about the snow temperatures outside)"
    I do the same thing...!I keep looking at all the spring collections hoping that the weather is going to warm up and yes I am aware of the fact that I am in Moscow but a girl can still dream right?
    Also, I agree that L'oreal needs to sort stuff out. I love the shade I picked up and I wish they were more consistent in letting us know the options available.
    Lastly...that wishlist looks great! I have been lusting over some stuff lately...maybe I should do a wishlist of my own!

  3. After blogger deleted my comment I am re-writing it (you gotta love how obnoxious blogger can be).
    I do the same thing with the spring collections. I just browse and hope that the weather will get better soon. And ,yes, I am aware that I am in Moscow but a girl can dream right?
    I completely agree about L'oreal. They need to sort it out. It is such a shame. I like the product but the lack of info and consistency is throwing me off.
    Loving that wishlist btw...!There are some great items in there. Maybe I should make a wishlist as well!!Drop me a msg if you'd like me to look for that Chanel e/s for you at the airport...;) ;)

    1. @Athina: I agree, and the weather where I am is crap most of the time anyways, so I do feel the need to scout the bright, spring shades and collections out there!!! Yes, the L'oreal Infallible issue seems to throw many ppl off, it's confusing and it really needn't be! I'll let you know in case anything else catches my attention, thank you so much for offering girlie!!! xoxoxo

  4. I was never into Chanel for some reason, but on the other hand I adore YSL. I went on Saturday to see if they brought the spring collection but no, nothing yet. I didn't see the new lipsticks at Lancome either. I'm eyeing the YSL new Volupte Pearl in 115 Coral...something and the Peach Golden lipgloss. Nevertheless I did haul from Mac, the Studio Finish concealer and the Matchmaster foundation, because I'm always itching when Mac comes out with a new fndt, I have to have it!

    1. @SophiaPeaches: I agree, YSL is always way more captivating with their visuals and their modern/runway approach to beauty than most other brands! I'm sure that the new spring collections will be released soon (Chanel already has theirs out), so I guess it's just a matter of time for the rest! As for the Lancome lipsticks, I think those won't be out until April, but I'm not 100% sure on that! Your haul sounds great, after all what's all the rest without a flawless base??? ;) xx

  5. I've been reading a lot of complaints towards Chanel these past few days- some blogger mentioned she'd be boycotting Chanel makeup because Karl Lagerfeld called Adele fat?!? Anyways, it sucks to be in a freakin' waiting list! I mean, come on, it's not like you're in for an Hermes bag!

    I was also intrigued by the YSL spring makeup collection- AND the new Rouge in Love lipsticks! Lancome is getting younger??? Also, OMG the Bobbi Brown Neons&Nudes collection, it must be a couple of years (!) since I was last excited in a BB LE collection ;)


    1. @cbsg5861: Boycotting a brand because a comment KL made seems a bit extreme to me (same as ppl boycotting Dior cos of the Galliano incudent), but definitely goes to show how much pop culture influences our decisions and consumerist behaviour (ok, that came out too deep).
      But yes, absolutely, it's a freakin eyeshadow, not a Hermes bag, like you said, I mean, ridiculous much..?
      Lancome is definitely approaching a younger audience - Emma Watson, the new ads and videos all have a very young feel to them, which is actually kind of refreshing (even though I'm actually not a big fan of Emma's)! xxx

  6. Missed u:-)

    Good luck with your exams!!!I'm with u till the end of the month;-)

    I love this post and I love your wishlist!!I fell in love with YSL nail polish but..NO..for now at least:-P
    OMG waiting list???Where???These eye shadows are freaking amazing♥ I got 3 at the time they were out(thank god it was my nameday lol)

    1. @beautyincrisis: Thank you for your wishes girlie, I'll try to keep you all updated with some shorter posts! ;)
      Yes, a waiting list for an eyeshadow, since october nonetheless. Chanel should keep their customers happier imo! You were lucky to score them immediately when they came out!!! x

  7. Good luck with the finals, honey!
    I also love YSL collection a lot. As for mascara, maybe you should try YSL, Dior or Lancome. Their mascaras are amazing!
    Also, agree about the L'Oreal eye shadows, so confusing xo

    1. @Marina(Makeup4all): Thank you Marina! :) Hehe, I'm sure you love YSL, I know Ginta Lapina is one of your favourites, and she's always flawless with a capital F on every YSL promo I see her on!
      I've tried a couple of Dior mascaras and recently the Hypnose Doll Eyes one too, but I wasn't all that impressed, taking into consideration the cost etc! I'm picky when it comes to mascaras lol!
      As for the L'oreal eyeshadows, seems like many people share the same view - I just wish they sort it out! xx

  8. Thanks lot for this useful article, nice post

  9. Great selection of makeup products that will be released shortly :)
    Ginta Lapina looks gorgeous in that YSL ad. Her makeup and hair is done to perfection!
    I totally agree with you in regards to the large day planners. Starting in my last couple of years of high school onwards, I had to get the planners that allowed me a whole page for a day's worth of stuff. But now that I've graduated from University, I use Google's Calendar as a planner...then I don't have to worry about misplacing or losing my hardcopy planner - that would be a nightmare since I write everything down! LOL
    Good Luck with your midterms Hun if you're still writing them! And I hope you're keeping warm there xx

    1. @Karen Law: Ugh, it's quite unbelievable how good looking Ginta Lapina is in EVERY YSL ad out there! I'm thinking of getting a lip colour just because it looks good on her (warped logic, I know)!
      As far as planners go, I always feel safer having everything in hard copy (computers crash occasionally & connections get all messed up), so I sleep better knowing that everything I need is at an arm's reach (I sound totally OCD, I promise it's not that bad, lol)!
      Thank you for your sweet comment! xxxx


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