"Basically I needed a couple of brushes..."

By Tina A. - August 15, 2012

Or "Haul's gone wild" if you will. Allow me to explain:

The crappy kabuki that I've been using for the past eternity and a half (a cheapo, scratchy one by Cosmopolitan - most useless brush ever) and my handy MAC 129 SH, have both been shedding like crazy lately. And not just during the weekly cleaning-of-the-brushes process, rather everyday, while I'm putting my makeup on.

Now, take a minute to visualize this: you've blended and blended and have almost created the flawless finish you were going for, when suddenly hair just appears from nowhere, forcing you to try and pick it off, totally ruining your efforts up to that point. I swear, I was *this* close to picking up my tweezers the other day, and realising just how ridiculous that would be, I knew it was time to replace them.

Cue this month's Vogue and the -40% coupon they were offering of Sephora's exclusive brands. I thought to myself: "what better opportunity to finally replace those stupid brushes"!

So I went, I saw, I conquered. More than brushes, as you do:

* The No 40 angled blush brush and the No 50 kabuki, both amazingly soft, surprisingly softer than any MAC brush I own,
* Christina Aguilera Royal Desire. A sweet and sensual floral, that strongly reminds me of some other scent I can't quite recall. Longevity and sillage aren't the best, meaning this is not signature scent material, but it's a nice and lively pick-me-up for when on the go.
* Benefit Sun Beam, a gorgeous highlighter that I've been meaning to get for a while now, and
* Sol De Janeiro Coconut Water Cooling Aftersun Body Gel. This brand seems to be everywhere lately and the gel moisturiser felt like the perfect way to try it - I just can't deal with thick body butters anymore this summer, despite my dry skin.

What can one say, just blame the coupon! From now on, it's back to strictly wishlist business! :)

PS: Christina Aguilera perfumes are not exclusive to Sephora, and are excluded from the discount.

How about you? Do you stray and end up making spontaneous purchases? Do discounts lure you in?

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  1. I need that sol de janeiro stuff!! Ive seen it only one place here online but I am scared to place an order as I will buy EVERYTHING and as summer is over I reeeally dont need 4 different kinds of sun tan lotion!

    1. @Tali: Talimou! Lol, yes, this is probably a brand that's right up your alley! Hmm, though now that you mention sun tan lotion, I wonder if they do a self-tanner, possibly? Ok, I'm pathetic, I can't stick to my fall wishlist to save my life, haha!
      Hope all's well with you babe! xoxo

  2. Άσε αυτό το κουπονάκι μου έκανε μεγάλη ζημιά! Τα σήκωσα όλα τα Sephora,πήρα κι εγώ αρκετά πινέλα και το Sun Beam. Να τα χαρείς! xx Menia

    1. @Menia: Lol, μια απο τα ιδια! Μου φαινεται βρηκαν το κολπο με τα κουπονακια να μας κανουν να ψωνιζουμε περισσοτερο! Μεγειες και για τα δικα σου! :) xx

  3. Great haul Tina! I actually thought I had a faulty MAC129 SH brush since mine sheds like crazy no matter how many times I've washed it! I've given up and stopped using the MAC129.....maybe I need to go to Sephora and check out their brushes! Definitely, discounts at my favourite stores do lure me in and you know how it goes - once you're in the store you're probably walking out with more stuff than you intended to get ;)

    1. @Karen Law: I guess that the theory that wants SH versions of the MAC brushes to be of lesser quality than the originals, proves to be true after all! To be honest, after trying out a few brushes from other brands (esp Sigma) or checking out the Real Techniques ones, I just don't see the hype regarding the MAC ones - they're too scratchy!!!

  4. Shoot, I always miss the 40% off sales at Sephora! I have my eye on a duo-fibre face brush, and maybe a Benefit box powder, some OPI...

    1. @Evi: Vogue did the coupon on two consecutive issues, I'm sure that some other will pop up eventually!!! xxx


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