Monday morning mani!

So, what does one do at the very beginning of a super busy week? Steal a few moments for a manicure, whilst flipping through a virtual magazine, of course! Hey, you can't start a new week with chipped nail polish, right? :)

So, this week, I went for classic nude manicure, of the "I could fool you that I'm the result of a professional" category. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that I was looking for a nail polish that achieved this effect for years now - I mean, who doesn't love that streak- & hassle-free, well polished nude look? Fortunately, my quest is over, all thanks to L'Oreal Color Riche nail polish in 201 Rose Paradis:

Rose Paradis is a milky light pink shade, without any uneccessary shimmer, and therefore, a true classic in my eyes. It goes on super smoothly and ever since I got it there are no more %!*&@%$ moments while doing my nails! You could easily get away with just one coat (unimaginable for a nude as far as I've come across, I remember Essie Fiji needed about 4 just to look even), though I always add a second one, for that extra polished effect. Another huge plus is that this range is really longlasting: it will easily last me until next Monday - housework included, that is! The only downside is that it's a pretty expensive nail polish: 5ml, for a little less than 5 euros, can run out pretty quickly.

Naturally, a proper manicure is pointless without the ultimate final step: hand cream! Dry cuticles are a major no-no, no matter how lovely your nail polish is. So, lately, I've been relying exclusively on this little fella:

Pre de Provence Verbena Dry Skin Hand Cream. 

Now, I'll admit, I've yet to try L' Occitane hand creams, so despite the similar packaging I couldn't be able to compare the two. All I know is that this is a very rich hand cream (the 20% shea butter probably plays its part), making it more of a body butter for your hands than anything else! Despite it being thick, it's not at all greasy, and after a few minutes it sinks in almost completely! The Verbena scent is divine too, super refreshing citrusy goodness every single time!
As you can see, I'm almost out of it and I can't wait to order a backup (perhaps along with a few other Pre de Provence products)!

Disclaimer: the Pre de Provence hand cream is part of my sponsorship by SkinCareRx. The product however was chosen by me and my thoughts and opinions on it reflect my own personal experience.

Have you tried any Pre de Provence items? What is your go-to nude nail polish?
What are you wearing on your nails right now?

What's your opinion?

  1. Ωραίο το μανό. Μου θυμίζει σε λίγο πιο ροζ το essie ballet slippers.
    Οι L'occitane κρέμες παίζει να είναι κ οι καλύτερες! Ειδικά η μπλε. Τα χριστούγεννα βγάζουν κ μια συσκευασία δώρου με πολλές μαζί..for those interested!

    nice mani!

    1. @Vicky: Eιναι καιρος που θελω να δοκιμασω το Ballet Slippers, αλλα μιας και βρηκα το συγκεκριμενο απο L'Oreal, το Εssie περναει σε δευτερη μοιρα! Οσο για τις L'Occitane, ειδα λιγο τα φετινα limited edition προϊόντα τους και σκεφτομαι να τσιμπησω το κατιτις..! :DD

  2. I love those kind of nude mani.This one looks gorgeous with a great application,as I see.Aw this handcream sounds interesting..haven't try it,I'm intrigued!!


    1. @Blushingloves Irene Greece! You can't go wrong with a nude nail polish!!! And yay for rich hand creams!!! No oily mess for me please! Hehe! ;)

  3. That nude color looks beautiful in your nails. :) So clean and polished, goes well with everything!


    1. @Kertu: Thank you! It's no wonder this trend has been around forever (and it's probably not going anywhere either)! :)


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