Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: a less than a rave review!

Foundation is one of the products that I've deliberately not talked about on here. That's purely because, like skincare, I find foundation to be among the most "personal" of beauty choices: we all have very specific needs to match our individual skintypes and... lifestyles, so what works beautifully for one may be a disaster on someone else!

But as I've just finished one, namely one of the most popular foundations in the beauty community, I thought I should record my thoughts on here, seeing as they're a bit different than others' and who knows, maybe this will help someone too!

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation claims to be a radiance boosting foundation that contains 4 different fruit extracts that benefit your skin:
- Apricot for radiance
- Melon for hydration
- Apple as an antioxidant, and
- Ginger for energy.
In addition to increasing your skin's radiance by 70%, it also claims to last up to 16 hrs as well.

What do I think of it?
Application: It's a nice foundation to apply, it goes on evenly and doesn't set immediately, so I do have some time to work it in. I mainly use a classic foundation brush to apply it (sth like the MAC 190), because it's the only tool that allows me to add a second layer. A stipling brush won't allow that, even though it gives a more natural finish. Fingers are a no-no: this foundation does transfer, so, by working it in with your fingers, you'll be buffing most of the product away.
Coverage&Buildability: I'd say it's a medium coverage foundation. I can use another layer at best with my 190 brush, but any breakouts or acne scars would still show through.
Finish: It's a dewy foundation, without a doubt. I use a powder over my t-zone after I apply it, and I find it doesn't look flat: there is some dimension there (nth oily or greasy though)!
Longevity&Performance: 16 hrs? Hm, try 6-ish! Sadly, that's the absolute maximum wear I can get out of it without it starting to fade and go patchy. However, I really do like that during that little time, it doesn't feel drying on my skin at all. If anything, it does seem to be quite forgiving on the drier areas!
My shade is the lightest, No 51: Vanille Clair/Light Vanilla, and it is a touch too dark for my tan-less skin. Here's a little comparison for you:

Overall impression: it's a mediocre foundation by my standards. I don't hate it: it's smooth and my skin seems to like it as it's not drying and it doesn't break me out, but it does fall short in the coverage and longevity department and it also transfers like a mo-fo: my cellphone screen gets all gross after a phone call and you can't use a napkin too carefully with it (perhaps a couple more reasons why it's not long wearing)!

I would only recommend it to someone that has very good skin to begin with, with a normal to dry skintype (I should remind u that mine is combination/acne prone) and isn't looking for sth to last for the whole day. Everyone else should probably keep looking!

Would I repurchase again?
Nope. Unless I absolutely needed a foundation and I couldn't afford to buy sth high-end.

What are your thoughts on this foundation? Have you tried any foundations or face products that you felt didn't live up to the hype?

What's your opinion?

  1. funnily enough I bought this foundation twice depsite agreeing with you that its a bit mediocre! i think I love the idea of it but like you I have the lightest shade and its still a touch too dark. thanks for your review! xx

  2. Ok I needed this post cs after reading so many good reviews on this I was ready to get it,but since oily-combo skin here,I dont think it'll last on me more than 3-4 hours!!Thanks for the great review once again sweetie!u saved my wallet!!


  3. i should try it on because i have to buy a new foundation! :D

  4. Great review :)
    Symfwnw apolyta me thn Irene.

  5. I have his and i have to agree that it's definitely mediocre! The thing I hate the most about it is the fact that it transfers so much. Love the smell though!

  6. hmmm great review:)

    do check ma blog:

  7. κρίμα! πάντως όπως το βλέπω στο δέρμα σου, δεν είναι άσχημο σαν χρώμα. αυτό πχ της μακ δεν μου αρέσει καθόλου επάνω σου. λέμε τώρα.

  8. i was thinking about buying this but i'm definitely not going to be wasting my money now, fantastic review lovely! xx

  9. I usually go for mattifying foundations as I have quite oily skin but even then I have to apply oil reducing powder all day. So I decided to give into the fact I'd never have matt skin and embrace dewyness and this was the foundation I tried.

    I've only been using about a week but so far I really like it. I think it smells amazing, really apricoty and provides quite a smooth finish and is dewy without being too oily.

    I totally agree with you about it coming off though, my fone is always covered and it doesn't last out my day at work, but whilst it's there I do like how it looks.

    You're right that foundation is hard to review as everyone is looking for something different and will react differently etc. Its good to read opinions though :)

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  10. I get on with this one ok but I agree about the mucky phone and not lasting well. It never goes patchy on me but it does begin to disappear. This isn't so much of an issue for me as my skin just needs evening out but I can understand if you're trying to cover up skin with issues, the lasting power would be a problem.

    I think this review is going to be very useful to lots of people. It's good to understand the pros and cons of a product. Not everything will be universally fantastic, especially where foundation is concerned.

    Excellent post,
    Jane xx

  11. I've bought this foundation, in the shade 52(51 is too yellow) for wintertime when my combo skin is totally dried out. With a primer+ powder it lasts a good 6 hours. I like the light-medium coverage, because my skin is relatively ok (except some blemishes occasionally).
    Now , I've been loving rimmel's stay matte foundation (when wearing foundation)

    Kisses :)

  12. @Sophie: Yes, even though their color range isn't too bad, it's always difficult to find your exact shade if you're too pale! Thanx for commenting dear! :) x

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Oily skin and summer months? Then there's no point in getting this in my opinion, I doubt it will last more than a couple of hours on you! Perhaps you can try it out during the winter if you still wish to give it a go! Otherwise, pick sth else alltogether, lol! ;) xxx

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Well, if there's anyone that can pull it off, it would be you, you have amazing skin...! ;) xx

    @Artemi: Σ'ευχαριστω κουκλα μου! Ναι, δεν νομιζω οτι το συγκεκριμενο foundation ειναι για ελληνικα δερματα, ουτε για το καλοκαιρι! Τελικα αλλες αναγκες εχουμε εμεις, αλλες οι αγγλιδες (κι αλλα δερματα μαλλον)! :) xoxo

  13. @Carla: Yes, that fruity scent is very pleasant and a bit refreshing! But the tranfering..oh my god, it would drive me crazy when I was first wearing it!!! xx

    @Fakhra's: Thank you!

    @λειντι ντι: Kι ομως. Οσο για το MAC, και μιας και λεμε, ειναι πολυ καλο colour match για τη χρηση που του κανω! Thanx for your input!

    @Cat: Thank you love! Although I have a feeling this could work on you: you have excellent skin (compared to mine, it's...divine) and if you don't want sth to last more than 6 hrs, then it wouldn't be sth to cross off! Although 51 would prob be a little too dark for you too! I'd say give it a swatch at least! ;) xxx

  14. @TheOtherSideofCool: Thank you for your comment dear! Yes, I totally agree, that was my experience with it too (well, the only difference is that my skin is of the combination type): it doesn't look oily, and the finish is quite smooth and pleasant! If only it was more long lasting and less...tranfer-prone!!! Lol! x

    @ModestyBrown: Seems that many people of a particular skintype say similar things about a product. Which can be very misleading if a product gets rave reviews but all the major gurus and bloggers have very even and normal to combination skintypes to begin with (which I'n moticing all the more lately)!!! There's always little info on how a product works on very oily skintypes or the extremely sensitive or acne prone ones!
    As for Healthy Mix, I blame my... overly combination (oily t zone/normal cheek/dry jawlines) skin for it going patchy!
    Thank you so much for that extremely well articulated comment Jane! xxx

    @Anastasia: Oh, yes, I can see it being a good foundation during the wintertime, it has that light and almost soothing feeling to the skin! Although personally I'm always looking for sth more...heavy duty when it comes to foundation, which is why this barely made the cut for me! :D

  15. Really nice and comprehensive review! Now I know that I do not need it! =) Thank ya!

  16. You know what, I've been wanting to try this foundation for so long, and after reading your review I still want to buy it and see for myself what's the big fuss about it on the blogging community! :/

    Personally, I've yet to be amazed by a liquid foundation. I haven't plunged into luxury brands like Chanel, Ysl, etc... So maybe when it comes down to it, the "you get what you pay for" rule applies in this case?

  17. I've never tried bourjois founations only lovely's encouraging that this foundation stands out for doing more than moisturising, covering etc..when I see that a product contains so many ingredients that benefit your skin I'm skeptical...very nice rewiew...since I have an oily skin this would'nt be for me!

  18. @Argyro: Thank you dear! Yes, I think only very specific skins would get along with this one! You're most welcome! xx

    @cbsg5861: Yeah, you're probably right! I'm quite a fan of YSL foundations and they're worth their money imo! From what I hear Chanel is the same too, so yes, maybe you have to splurge on a good foundation, especially if your skin has special "needs", whereas eyeshadows, lipsticks etc you can pick a lower priced option! xxx

    @Demi: Well, the special ingredient mix in this one seemed to work well with my skin, I found it not drying and it didn't break me out! So that wasn't too bad! But I expect more than 5 to 6 hours of wear from a foundation, that's for sure! Thank you for your comment!

  19. @Tina: Great review Hun. When I was in London England I saw a lot of Bourjois products. I think the Sephoras in Canada pulled the Bourjois line of products off their shelves awhile I haven't heard about this foundation or seen it.
    Hmm when you said you can't apply this foundation with your fingers I immediately thought - oh no, it's going to be one of those foundations that sit on your skin and transfer off easily :( It doesn't sound like a good one - maybe it's ideal for someone with really dry skin then?
    I have a stash of various MAC foundations to get through. The only MAC foundation I like is their tinted moisturizer. I got suckered into the MAC band wagon once I started blogging as MAC is such a well loved brand among bloggers. MAC may have a great selection of colours for foundation (I give them that) but I don't like any of them enough to repurchase. Funny, the one foundation I have repurchased many times over the past decade is the Revlon Colourstay Foundation. The colour range is not great but the formula keeps me coming back. After I finish my MAC foundations I'll be repurchasing the Revlon Colourstay and perhaps the Estee Lauder Double Matte which I heard a lot of great things about.

  20. @Karen Law: Well, it's weird really this foundation... it doesnt seem to sit on the skin, in fact it gives the impression of being moisturising etc, but all of the pigmentation just sits there.. I dunno, perhaps there's only a film of pigment left on there after it sinks in? I dunno, it's hard to explain!
    Although yes, I'm sure it's one for the drier skintypes!
    Revlon Colorstay is probably one of my next drugstore purchases, that or Photoready, I'd like to have an opinion on what everyone else is talking about!!!
    Thank you for commenting girl, I really appreciate your support! ;) xxx


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