Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser Review!

As promised a few posts back, this one will be a review of a cleanser by Kiehl's, namely from their "Ultra Facial Oil-Free" range.

I've been meaning to post this a lot sooner, but, in this case, being behind actually proved to be beneficial: I was able to test how this cleanser performed in pretty much every weather condition you can think of.

My verdict: score!!! Allow me to justify:

The first time I used this was a few months back, in fact it was right after a summer heatwave. I must say, I wasn't wowed by it - my skin was just starting to recover from the dry mess that my previous cleanser had created (horrendous L'oreal Perfect Clean) and the heat wasn't helping either. The first few uses left me with the impression that it was too drying for my skin - so I put it aside for a few weeks, in fear of further exacerbating my dryness.

When I came back to it to give it a proper trial, I noticed that even a very small amount of its mousse-like formula would create a lather capable of removing the leftover makeup & dirt. This quantity, below, would in fact be considered too much:

Cutting back on the amount of product I squeezed out of the tube is how I made this cleanser work for me. I didn't feel my skin overly dry and haven't noticed any flakiness over the past few months, which to me is fairly new. In fact, I've cleansed my face with it a little over an hour ago before I sat down to write this and despite not using a moisturiser on my skin since, it doesn't feel tight at all.

Mind you, my skintype is dry for the most part anyways, and it is winter after all. If this works for me, then I'm sure that it would definitely be a bigger hit with those with normal or oilier skintypes. A few more pros: it's sulfate/paraben/silicone/oil- and fragrance-free. Which means: hello new staple cleanser for me!

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me for consideration of review. My thoughts and opinions on it are an honest reflection of my experience. I'd happily have paid for this item, and in fact plan do to so, once I run out.

So, what's your favourite facial cleanser?
Have you found the one to suit your skin's needs? Do you only use one all year long?

What's your opinion?

  1. Thanks for the great review koukla!!!I want to try this one since combination skin is my type,so I'm sure its gonna work for me.


  2. evales se skepseis!!
    My favourite cleanser is the SIMPLE kind to skin purifying lotion. It is lightweight, has no smell and I can even use it to remove my make-up!! It is quite nourishing as well. The only problem is that you can only get it in the U.K. so everytime I go to visit friends or for work I stock up. :)

  3. I quite like it but it is not at all the best one i have come across. Then again I would definitely buy it again if there was no other option!! x

  4. Hmmm great news, now that's a proper facial cleanser to try out!!!

    I haven't yet tried one that left me so wowed to repurchase. Once I'm through with the one I'm currently using, I'm gonna give the Body Shop a last chance with their Seaweed gel cleanser. I hear it's some bloggers' HG cleanser so I have high hopes on this one! xx

  5. love your review girl! in fact, i love that you have dry skin as well, this way i can actually say that ill be trying it asap!!! :) xx

  6. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: You're most welcome! I, too, think, this would work well for you! ;) Mwahz! xxx

    @Athina: I think you've just made me add another thing to my "UK shopping list" (because naturally I have one)! Your favourite cleanser sounds quite similar to this one! I'd love to give it a try, until then though, I think I've found my staple one! Hope you're well up there, thinking of u k perastika sto xeri! xxx

    @Tali: Yes, your skin is quite tamperamental and sensitive, so I'm sure that you have different needs! However, I must say, I think that our trusted Garnier one is shit compared to this, if only cos I have to pump out a lot of product to get a decent cleanse - I can see this actually saving me money in the long run! Btw, the Garnier one does contain salicylic acid, whereas this contains some fancy root extracts and lemon extract - your reaction to it could be an ingredient thing! Do lemme know which cleanser you swear by, u got me intrigued!!! xxx

    @cbsg5861: Thank you doll! TBS, huh? I've heard good things abt the Seaweed line, as well as the Tea tree line, but I've yet to take the plunge and test them.. Dunno why, but TBS have still to gain my trust when it comes to facial skincare (I'm weird, I know)! xxx

  7. @fashion written with a lipstick: Omg, so not only do we have similar taste in makeup, but the same skincare fits us both?? Sooo, u moving close to me or me close to u, huh, what's it gonna be? :PPP xoxox

  8. This is quite a glowing review to say the least! I'm giving Khiel's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser a second try after a mixed reaction the first time around. I've got the whole line in fact - including the scrub and face mask. I'm pleased with the results so far. But seeing as I have extremely oily skin I'm very tempted to try this one!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Maria xx

    1. Maybe this is too late for me to reply.I have oily and prone acne skin. It is true that this cleanser clean tight my skin after washing. And this is the first cleanser that can lather only by such small quantity. And guess 2 hrs after I used this cleanser face oil overflown all over my face. I discourage any oily skin people to use this cleanser, it simple it moisturize ur skin and it doesnt have property to reduce oil on ur skin.

  9. Hi Tina! Yay for finding a great facial cleanser! I haven't tried too many products from Kiehl's but I've heard great things about some of their products.
    Wow, one tube of the cleanser must last a long time if that amount of cleanser you pictured is too much. I probably use twice that amount of cleanser :S (yes, I'm guilty of often using wayyy too much product!).
    That's great that your skin wasn't tight or too dry after washing your face with this cleanser. I don't really have dry skin but my face does feel a bit taut after cleansing and I always put face lotion on right after. Maybe I should give this cleanser a try!
    My latest favourite skin cleanser is by Fresh and it's their soy face cleanser. It really removes all my face makeup which is amazing and it's sooo gentle too! The only thing is that it doesn't lather and I usually like a good lather so it's something I have to get use to.

  10. wraio review tina mou!! prospa8w na vrw stin 8essaloniki Kiehl's proionta!


  11. Great review! Although I haven´t tried this product yet, it sounds very promising. :)

  12. Great review! I need a really super cleanser that has moisturizer too. :)

  13. @Maria: Thank you for the feedback! Yes, this cleanser would be an even better fit for the oilier skintypes! Very tempted by the Rare Earth skin line that you just mentioned, we all need a little extra help when it comes to deep cleaning! xx

    @Karen Law: Yes, I know what you mean, I'm notorious for over-pumping, hahaha! I usually pump three times that amount when it comes to any drugstore cleansers. At the moment I'm at my parents' place for the holidays and didn't bring the Kiehl's one with me, I was surprised to see that the Garnier Pure one I have here gives me that taut feeling after each use - made me value the Kiehl's one even more!
    I've heard so much good stuff for Fresh products, but sadly haven't had the chance to use them! Maybe one day! :) xxx

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Ευχαριστώ κορίτσι! Για Θεσσαλονίκη δεν γνωρίζω αν είναι διαθέσιμα, αλλά λογικά κάποιος Χόντος θα τα φέρει σύντομα! xx

    @creativefashionglee: Thank you! Yes, it's a good cleanser and one of the mildest I've used! x

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