Dupe the Look: YSL Arctic Night

Ok, let's rewind back to the Holiday 2012 releases for a second. You know, right when the first visuals and first bits of product information kick in and you're left to decide what items you'll be investing in for the season.

When that time came for my eyeshadow-loving self this year, to me, it was a clear toss-up between YSL and Chanel. YSL had that über-gorgeous visual of that purple/blue eye makeup, courtesy of the Arctic Night palette, whereas Chanel went for the more traditional gold/berry/brown combination in their Harmonie Du Soir edition. Upon my first swatch of the two palettes, I immediately fell in love with the buttery soft texture of the Chanel - which the YSL didn't even come close to in my opinion. And surely, a purple/blue eye makeup is pretty, but, realistically, how often would I wear that look outside? Eh, it's not like I get ready to go out clubbing every Friday night at my age, so Chanel got the best of me in the end. 

Naturally, the urge couldn't be killed just as easily. So, what does one do in order to still get the look, without having to pay a small fortune for it? Yes, you know the answer: "look for dupes".

Now, at first, I managed to dupe the Arctic Night palette quite well with a few of Sephora's own single eyeshadows: namely 2, 18 and 41, but I never got round to purchasing them. And as I was looking at my Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Sparkle 2 Palette the other day, I thought to myself "you know what, maybe this could work too".

Here's the result of my little experiment:

Now, the actual YSL visual is a bit of a hard one to recreate and I'm pretty sure that the Arctic Night palette wasn't the only product used, but I think that my outcome is relatively close, and surely, close enough to kill my lemmings (score!). Note that I didn't use any coloured eyeshadow bases or anything like that, as I wanted to see how far the Sparkle 2 palette would come on its own.

The three shades I used were: Festive, Tinsel and Twinkle. I did add MAC Gesso as a brow highlighter, though, but that was it.
Blush was MAC Blushbaby, whereas the lipstick is YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #1.

At this point, I can safely say that the urge is gone for good, and that I'm happy I could dupe the overall idea (if not the actual look 100%), without making a rash decision! *Happy camper dance* :)

How about you? Have you managed to dupe a promo visual or a new release with something that you already owned? Any good dupe alerts? 

What's your opinion?

  1. Love this look on you! You did a great job honey.. Dupe the look! Yeahhh!


    1. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Thanks my dear! :) I tried, thankfully I quite like the outcome! :)

  2. Aha, so no need for the YSL palette after all- you duped it wonderfully! This eggplant shade looks so pretty on the crease! I'll try this eyeshadow combo as well ;)


    1. @Evi: Yeah, it didn't come out so bad especially if you think that I didn't use any paint pots or pencils beforehand! I know for sure that the YSL palette wouldn't be worth the splurge, not for *that* texture anyways! I think this combination will look great on you too! xxx

  3. Wow what a cool idea for dupes! There are so many product dupes out there so I love this get the look idea!

    I would LOVE if you would come over and participate in my Beauty Bloggers Blog Hop! It runs every Friday through to Sunday exclusively for beauty bloggers!

    Jessi in Wonderland

    1. @Jessi Thorpe: Τhank you, I plan to make some more "Dupe the Look" posts in the future! :)
      I'll try to check out the Blog Hop thing (I've heard about it and been meaning to have a look but due to limited time hadn't had the chance to do that yet).
      Thank you for commenting! :)


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