June Cherrybox Review (Cherrybox Ιουνίου)!

Now, I'm sure that a large number of you are already well acquainted with various beauty subscription boxes, but it's only been a few months that such services exist here in Greece. Cherrybox, the one I'll be reviewing today, is, to my knowledge, the second of the three brands currently available.

So, Cherrybox reminds me a lot of Glossybox or Birchbox, as I've seen them on foreign bloggers and YT-ers. The box is pretty basic, yet sturdy, and there's also a cute card included with a note, as well as a list of the products inside your box. Cherrybox claims to send you 5 to 7 sample sized and deluxe sample sized items, catered to your beauty needs and habits (you create a profile when you sign up for the service). Here's what my June subscription came with:

1. Red Water Green Tea Face Foaming Cleansing Gel, 60 ml. Apparently, this is a Greek brand that I've never heard about, a pleasant discovery. I should say though, that it smells very "soapy", unfortunately, I can't seem to easily find its ingredients anywhere (either on the bottle or on the Cherrybox website). I'm gonna give it a whirl, but I'm a little afraid that it might be too harsh for me, despite it being marketed as an alkaline free product.

2. Amelie et Melanie Que de l' amour perfume sample. Too strong, heady and a bit old for my taste.

3. Laura Mercier blush in Rose Bloom. This is only a 0.95 gr sample, but the shade looks lovely. I must admit, my experience with Laura Mercier, is limited, so it's an opportunity to try something I haven't.

4. Juliette Armand Extra Moisturising Cream, 20 ml. Another presumably new Greek brand. I haven't tried this cream, but in theory, it should work with my weird skin, I appreciate the hyaluronic acid and the collagen in the formula and that it's paraben and mineral oil free (which breaks me out), though they should perhaps ditch some other of the chemicals in it (personally, I'm a little apprehensive about anything containing triethanolamine). I'm keeping an open mind about this one, though.

5. Kyana Aqua Colour Protect, 100 ml, a leave in conditioner that helps with dry and colour treated hair. This couldn't have come at a better time, since I went blonder recently, adding dye to my usual highlights, so all help is welcome.

There's also a nail file included in the box.

I did the math, and the cleanser, the face cream and the hair conditioner, cost more than 27 euros, while I paid 10 euros for the box, that's definitely a plus. It also seems, that they did indeed read my profile - at a first glance all of the items should work with my skin/hair type. Now, I'm not exactly wowed by the overall contents of my box, but I'm willing to test them out. At this point, I think I might try another one or two boxes before I make my final decision.

If you haven't tried such boxes and don't mind the tenner without knowing what you'll receive, then go for it, it might be worth discovering something new, that you might enjoy.

There is, however, a significant con in the Cherrybox service: the huge delay between ordering and receiving of the boxes: you have to pay until the 25th of each month to get next month's box, which is shipped out during the first 10 days of the month.
As in, payments from 26th of April to 25th of May, result in you getting June's box, sometime in June.
Payments from 26th of May to 25th of June, means that you'll get July's box, in July.
And here's the problem that this leads to: when the reviews of each month start to emerge, that month's box is already unavailable. In other words, if I see a good month and want to order too, I can't, I can only pay for a box without the slightest clue of what could be inside it. I understand that there's a limitation to their samples, but, realistically, we all shop because we 're enabled to, and the way Cherrybox works at the moment, doesn't really allow that to happen.

So, have you tried any of these beauty boxes?
Have you renewed your subscriptions?

What's your opinion?

  1. I got May and I was head over heels over the Diptyque generous sample. Now that I see Laura Mercier thrown in the mix, I 'm very tempted to order July! I'm still undesicive though, whether I like the whole idea or not...

    1. @ScrapgalGR: Yes, I'm still a little on the fence as well... To be honest I'm very picky when it comes to skincare, so unlisted ingredients isn't really doing it for me! So, not knowing what you'll get on one hand, and receiving something you know you won't use on the other (that green cleansing gel was vile) are major turn off points...! We shall see, I have better feelings on Glow box, I'll update when it gets here!


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