Style Post: My Most Worn Earrings!

How is everyone this Sunday? I know I dread the beginning of the upcoming week, so I thought to myself "why not talk about something pretty and sparkly to cheer me up"? Naturally, there's no better way to do that than a jewellery post and this time, it's my favorite earrings that are taking the stage!

Now, I should say that I love wearing earrings (I have 3 pairs of lower lobe piercings to prove it), however
I don't find myself wearing dangly pieces that often: I'm very loyal to my studs, even when I'm going out in the evenings. And although I do own a few costume pieces, I always come back to my crystals and... noble metals! So, here's my 5 Most Worn pairs:

1. My cross shaped studs have a special place in my heart (for sentimental reasons). I've worn them to death over the past few years and they still look as good as new. They feature tiny CZ's and the plating is made of platinum, so they've never oxidised. I got these at a local jewellery store, for a reasonable price.
2. My huge round CZ's were a purchase from Accessorize as far as I can remember! They were from their Sterling Silver range, so, again, better quality than what they usually make.
3. The gooorgeous Aurora Borealis studs were a gift by the lovely people over at Mont Bleu. Yes, Mont Bleu, don't just do nail files, they've expanded to jewellery and accessories, and as always, their stuff is super eye-catching!
4. The tiny CZ ball shaped studs were purchased at a local piercing store. They're really small and subtle, so they're perfect at my highest lobe holes.
5. Last, but not least, the stars of my collection are these huge blackened CZ's with platinum plating. Yup, these are not subtle (and not lightweight either), but they're beautiful and I'd like to think they're a bit edgy as well. They're the most expensive of the bunch, yet I didn't regret the purchase one least bit.

If you're looking for good quality stud earrings yourselves, I suggest you look at local jewellery boutiques and even piercing joints, which usually have earrings of better quality (basically, the more expensive the plating, the less likely it will cause a reaction to your ear). Pay also attention to the clasps, the safest ones are the larger metal ones, the exact type that usually comes with the earring used to pierce your ear. Say no to cheap-as-chips pairs, those are usually made of aluminum, meaning hello infection!

Do you prefer stud earrings or dangly ones? Which is your go-to store for better quality jewellery?

What's your opinion?

  1. Cool earrings! I love the one that looks like a cross. :)

    1. @Stephanie Smit: Thank you! I love those too and I was lucky to have found them! :)

    2. D'you mind saying where you get them? They're really nice! :)

    3. As I mentioned in the post, they were a purchase from a local jewellery boutique a few years back!


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