Is Metallic The New Matte? | ΒΗ Cosmetics Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review

It's hard to argue that matte liquid lipstick hasn't reigned over all things makeup over the past few years: ever since Kylie Jenner launched her first lip kits, matte lips took the world by storm and if you're a true makeup gal, then you undoubtedly have at least a couple of them in your current makeup collection (unless you're more like me and 25 is closer to your number!).

Matte, however, hasn't been the only trending lip out there: for a short while oils had their moment, lip gloss is possibly making its comeback, but what I'm mostly interested in is a product category that despite having occupied certain space in the beauty pages, is still overlooked for the most part. If you haven't gathered so by now, today we'll be talking about metallic lips.

Being unsure if I would even enjoy metallic lipstick on myself (I mean, I'm no Rihanna to be able to pull everything off, clearly), I thought I'd test the waters with a more affordable version. At first I had my eye set on a particular shade by NYX, but it seemed to be forever sold out, so a quick browse online led me to the BH Cosmetics website, a brand that I had never tried before. I opted for their Metallic Liquid Lipsticks in Lovey and Lucy.

Lovey, the lightest shade, is a light dusty pink that doesn't lean neither too warm nor too cool. I found this very easy to wear with most eye looks, but the formula was really disappointing: little dried up globs of product came out with every application, meaning I had to slough them away so I wouldn't look as if I had flaky lips when I didn't. I've kept using it though, in fact I'm half way done at this point and the glob situation is a much rarer occurrence - but still a little annoying when it happens.

Lucy is a berry purple shade that works extremely well with my skin tone. Just be warned that you need a good two layers to build up the color, as one single swipe ends up being too sheer and somewhat patchy. No trace of dried up bits in this one though, thankfully.

The brand describes the formula as long lasting, and smudge-, budge- and transfer free. I say that this is true, but what also needs to be said, is that this is a rather drying product and that despite the finish being a true metallic, BH Cosmetics needs to reformulate, in terms of texture (globby bits be gone!), even pigmentation across all shades and better hydration, so that you can enjoy them for more than a few hours of wear.

I can't say I was too bummed out by my purchases though - Ι mean they were really affordable (they're on sale for $6.30 on their website atm), and given the fact that I still haven't fully warmed up to the metallic lip trend yet, they do the job. When I do run out, however, I'll most likely be heading to another brand.

What is your take on the metallic lip trend? Have you tried anything BH Cosmetics?

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