November favourites!

By Tina A. - December 10, 2009

Hello everyone!
Please excuse the relatively long hiatus - I haven't been exactly inspired recently plus I 'm also trying to sort out all the school work before Christmas, so I can be completely free over the holidays!
But I 'm here, and with a new layout as well! :)

Now, clearly this post is long overdue, but I figured that the latest possible "monthly favourites" post ever would be better than nothing, right?

So, here goes:

1. OPI "My Private Jet". After looking at swatches and reading reviews on this from other fellow bloggers (I will surely forget some of you if I attempt to name everyone), I was sold! This shade is difficult to describe: it's a holographic eggplanty grey with multi-coloured shimmer particles and it's like nothing I 've ever tried so far! It's perfect for a night out, yet not too over the top that it can't be worn for school or most working environments...Subtle & vampy, we like that!

2. Sudocrem. My skin has been a nightmare lately, I keep breaking out on random areas of my face and this seems to be the only thing that helps. I haven't made any changes to my skincare routine and I haven't used any new products - I blame the switch from the cold and humid outdoor air to the warm and dry interior, does this happen to any of you too?

3. NARS Laguna bronzer. Long gone are the summer days were no bronzer was neccesary; lately I feel I actually need this to make myself presentable and achieve a healthy looking glow. Below is a swatch of it on my pale hands. Notice the slight sheen (accentuated by the flash of my camera):

4. Smashbox Pout lipgloss. I love this... Reasonably pigmented, non sticky, gives a pretty lavender pink finish! If only it smelled nice too, I would have found a perfect lipgloss!

5. MAC Well Dressed blush. THE go-to blush for light and light-medium complexions... I 'm sure many of you have this in your collections, it's a lovely light rosey-pink, buildable, with super subtle silver shimmer, absolutely HG material! Would compliment almost any look in my opinion!

So, yeah,
clearly I played it safe this month, nothing groundbreaking this time!

What did you love for the month of November and found yourself using over and over again? :)

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  1. Loving the sound of that nail polish, I must put that on my list! I have just bought Well Dressed, and I agree it is amazing - such a pretty baby pink. Great post! xx

  2. Fab choices! I bought Well dressed a few months back and its been my go to blush ever since- very flattering on pale skin i think too!

    I keep debating whether to get laguna, it seems to be everyones HG of bronzers but the price keeps puting me off :(

  3. so many bloggers love well dressed! how intense is it? im like WAY pale, would it suit me?

  4. Oh I think I'm going to put that Smashbox lipgloss and the Mac blush on my list! So pretty!

  5. I love well dressed! I actually used one up.. i think it was the first blush i ever got AND the first i finished!

    Great list.. am also a huge laguna fan but it ALWAYS shatters in my make-up bag. Nars packaging needs to be a bit more secure in my oppinion!!

  6. awesome list!

    hope you can stop by and follow me,!

  7. nice stuff!!

    I love my sudocreme!!
    The season switch is showing on fy face too... my skin looks dull and ugly brakeouts :(
    This makes it a little less worse :)

  8. nice stuff!!

    I love my sudocreme!!
    The season switch is showing on fy face too... my skin looks dull and ugly brakeouts :(
    This makes it a little less worse :)

  9. I want well dressed and that bronzer and pout! I want it allll!

  10. Gorgeous soft colors!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  11. You are the second blogger I follow that swears by Sudocream. I will need to check this out.
    I love Laguna!

  12. The nailpolish looks amazing, I think it's a must-buy :) I have passed by smashbox pout maybe 85 times and never bought it, but it's so pretty!

    Great favorites, and love the layout! I always immediately click when I see a new post from you :) Good luck with the rest of your schoolwork before the break!

  13. @Jo: You should definitely check that OPI out, I 'm so glad I did, made me wonder why it hadn't known about it sooner! :) Well Dressed is such a pretty pink, you can't go wrong with that shade! ;) Glad you liked my post dear! xoxoxo

    @thedicegirl: Well Dressed looks beautiful on most skintones I think, gorgeous for both blondes and brunettes! :)
    Laguna is really nice, but I see your concern... How about trying the Orgasm/Laguna duo like me (if you don't have orgasm blush already), it's a great idea if you just want to try it out! xxx

    @Lorien BeautyLove: Personally, I think it would look lovely on you! The good thing about it is that it's a buildable blush, so you can control how intense you want it too look! ;) xxxx

    @Glamour Diaries: If you like light pink shades, you 'd really like these! ;))) xxx

  14. @Tali: Well, that's interesting, because apart from a Chanel one I had already, I consider this my first blush too (it was among the first purchases when the...cosmetic addiction hit me)! Lol! And it looks like it's more than half way finished too...! Lol!
    I agree about NARS, although I 've never had a larger product shatter, it's happened to me though with a shadow...! :( The rectancular packaging HAS to go at some point, I think that's what's causing the problem... xoxoxo

    @Cheryl♥: It surely has never ever failed me, that's why I love it so much! :) xxx

    @~kristie~: Thanks so much hun! :) I will surely stop by! xx

    @FELINE.: I knew I wasn't the only one with this surely sucks huh? At least we can use this to make the breakouts go away faster! :))) xoxo

  15. @legseleven7: Thank you dear! This month it was all about products that stood the test of time...! xxxx

    @Sarah x: Well, sounds like I helped you update your Christmas wishlist then! :))) Lol! :) xxx

    @Nerdic..: I am as pale as I can get these days, so softer colours is pretty much the safe way to go! xoxo

    @Lipstick Rules: It makes the pimples dry out faster than the usual time it would take... But the main reason I love it is because it helps sooth any redness, and in this cold, my usual redder areas get more aggravated! It's really cheap too, you should definitely check it out! xoxoxo

  16. I admit to being a nail lacquer junkie ;) and thank you for that sweet comment!!-- I really hope to visit back too.

    I really hope they have new 90210 soon, these last two episodes have been really, really good.


  17. i love my nars Orgasm Laguna duo, beautiful shading and also to add a little color in winter. so pretty!

  18. @ellamarie84: Oooh, I do that too sometimes, and then I regret it when I read about it somewhere...Definitely check it out, I think you 'd really like it! :)
    Thank you so much for those sweetest comments, you 've really made me smile! :) And happy that you like the new layout, I was starting to think that people hate it, since noone had commented on it! Lol!
    I will try to update whenever I get the chance, even if it's just a small post...;) Have a great weekend love! xxx

    @Fashion Chalet: I agree, having polished and well taken care of hands and nails makes us more confident, no? At least I think so! :)
    I 'm afraid that both 90210 and GG are taking a break for a few weeks, I 've heard that 90210 is coming back in January, but don't know for sure...and the last ending was quite a cliffhanger huh? xoxoxo

    @NottyEvil: I completely agree with you, it's a great product and perfect if you only want one item for your cheeks to carry around in your makeup bag! ;) xxx

  19. Love the OPI color! I need a new nail color, that might be it.

  20. I haven't been using anything new this month, it's been a bit blah. looking forward to buy lots of things for xmas though!

  21. I love that nail polish :) And Well Dressed... good choice hun xx

  22. @Ashley: It's perfect for a subtle vampy almost black look, I think you 'd love it (and I bet you 'd accessorize with killer rings too)! :) xxx

    @Marietta: I 've been feeling pretty much the same lately, and this post definitely reflects that...I 'm trying to play with a few new items this month though...! :) Hope that you get lots and lots of presents this year hunni! :) You deserve to! :) xoxoxo

    @TalluluhBella: know that we have pretty much a similar taste in makeup! :))) And for the past month I wasn't exactly in an experimentative mood! Lol! Thank you so much for your comment! :) xxxx

  23. love smashbox pout! :D

    my addiction is ysl rouge voluptes hahah

  24. i can't believe that i still haven't used well dressed...and it's one of the things i try to remind myself of everytime i'm at the mac counter!

    that nail color looks really nice--going to search swatches now :) xxoxo

  25. that's one of my favorite OPI shades. It's weird but I've been all about pale nail polishes this winter.

    and that smashbox lip color is officially on the wishlist now !!

  26. @Mona: Yay for pale milky pink lips! Lol!
    But yes, I 'm totally with you, Rouge Voluptes are lipstick heaven...if only they were cheaper, I would buy them in quads! :D xxxx

    @fantastic: I 'm convinced that most skintones can wear it, so no doubt it would look lovely on you as well! ;)
    Sorry about the n/p, I 'm having sth else on my nails atm, so couldn't bother swatching it..lazy blogger! Hehe! xoxoxo

    @ladyb: Well now that you mention this, I must admit that even though I 'm really drawn to dark shades and metallics this season, I made it my goal to find a great pale/nude nail polish! Still on the quest though!
    Hehe, isn't it funny that every time we catch up on blogs, our wishlists become longer? ;D xxxx

  27. Well Dressed is such a beautiful blush, it's a must have for sure. I really must checkout Smashbox Pout as well, it looks so pretty!


  28. @Melissa: Exactly, Well Dressed is surprisingly flattering for so many people!
    Thank you for following! :)

  29. I love the Smashbox pout lipstick! I have been wearing it everyday :)

  30. I wanted the laguna/orgasm duo but as the girl at Selfridges informed me, it is no longer available at the counters...! pfff! I might try the website.I love well dressed too. It is such a wearable and pretty color.

  31. @Amy Michelle: Oooh, it's gorgeous, it's like lipgloss perfection!!! Enjoy! :))) xxxx

    @Athina: Really? I had no idea! Too bad, cos it's a great way to try out both products, and they do last quite a long time (well all NARS do), so it's not a bad investment! Hope you can find it!!!
    Well Dressed is lovely, I 've yet to hear that someone didn't like it! :) xoxoxo

  32. You use Sudocream on your face? I'm going to have to raid my nephew's diaper bag. Great choices by the way on the makeup:)

  33. @Monica: Thank you dear! And yep, Sudocrem is amazing for calming any irritations and minor breakouts, it really helps my poor skin! xx


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