Gunmetal nails: Illamasqua Snap

Hello everyone!

Long time, no blog, huh? I have to admit that inbetween sorting out the notebook/connection issues (I finally have both), traveling back to my parents place and getting ready for Christmas, there wasn't so much time to blog!

I hope though that you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and loved ones and that you 're getting ready for New Year's!

So, this will be a short post, just to share with you my recent obsession: gunmetal nails!

At this point, I should probably admit that I 'm a huge fan of shimmery and metallic nail polish in general, even though my collection mainly consists of cremes.
I should also add that I 've been looking for a steely grey shade in absolute ages - thankfully Illamasqua's Snap came into my life and ended that quest:

The Illamasqua website describes this as a shimmery pewter colour. To me, it's a gunmetal grey (can appear blue-ish under different lighting), that is more on the metallic side, than just the average shimmer. It's consistency is really thick and reminds me of enamel paint, something that I personally love, since it allows it to go opaque with the first coat. I added a second coat as well as a top coat and it lasted about 4-5 days, before it started to chip.

All in all, I 'm very happy with my first Illamasqua nail polish experience and can't wait to try out the second one I ordered... it's the golden one! :)

Have you ever tried a metallic finish nail polish?

And, do you have any other gunmetal grey recommendations for me? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. LOVE it!I'm a fan of anything metallic! Although I don't own many metallic polishes either, I have pretty much all creme colors too.

    They came out with a gold one as well?? I am going to check it out for sure!

    Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog, I'm so happy we're shopping twins :) XOXOXO

  2. Oh that looks gorgeous! Your nails always look so immaculate, jealous!! xx

  3. your nails look really cool- such an awesome shade! and your application is perfect :D

  4. your nails look really cool- such an awesome shade! and your application is perfect :D

  5. You chose such a great shade. Its a softer way to wear the black/dark nail trend. LOVE it on your skin color.

    Illamasqua nail varnishes are great. They hardly chip but the secret is they must be totally dry before you start doing normal things.

    Enjoy it!! xoxox

  6. I love that! I was actually looking for something similar, for the new year. Thanks for sharing! :D

  7. I've tried silver, but it was lighter than this. It was nice, but a little subtle. I'll have to give a darker version a go!

    So many nail polishes to try, so few nails... well, ten isn't really so few, is it?

  8. i love this color! especially on you--i agree with tali..much more wearable than black! i have a habit of forgetting the word gunmetal, and also referring to it as 'bullet'. it always causes people to look at me funny! xxoxo

  9. Nice!
    I've bought a gold metalic polish today! Nice for new years eve! :D


  10. Lovely colour! I love greys on my nails x

  11. @ellamarie84: Well, why am I not surprised that we share the same love for metallic nail polish, huh? :) They 're not as easy to find though...!
    Yep, Illamasqua has a gold shimmer out as well, and I want to include it in my next nail related post! :)
    And... no need to mention it, I fear that we 'd be veeery big spenders if we were to go out shopping together, haha! ;) xoxoxo

    @Tabitha Sheridan: Thanks my love, but trust me, they 've been in such a bad state in the last couple of years, always peeling and breaking...
    I found that the only thing that helps is always having a couple of coats on, seems to be the only thing that protects them (and hides the hideousness too)! :) xxxx

    @em: I have a thing for those kinds of shades, but sooo hard to find exactly what I want! Thanks so much for your comment dear, guess I got lucky with the application this time! :) xxx

    @Tali: Hehe, it's vampy with a twist, lol! I love ALL dark shades, so I knew I 'd love this one as well! :)
    I usually allow enough time for a coat to dry with any brand, but this one in particular dried really quickly, despite it being a thicker consistency! Haven't tried any cremes from Illamasqua yet!
    Oh well, gotta leave sth for the next year huh? :) Hehe! xxxxx

  12. @Shirley: You 're most welcome dear, glad I helped, hehe! :) Let me know what you think of it, if you try it! xxxx

    @Lauren: Yes, the lighter one is pretty too, and I also like the bronzey nude shade they make, would love to try that out as well, since it looks prefect for everyday!
    Lol @ the nail comment, you 've made me think of those photos of girls' nails, with different nail polish on each fingernail, so cute! :))) xxx

    @fantastic: Thanks love, it's surely a wearable dark shade!
    LOL @ "bullet", haha, love the way your mind works! But hey, it's a pretty precise description, no? Lol! :DDDD xoxoxo

    @FELINE.: Thank you sweetie! And what nail polish would that be (she asks, being the nosey person she is, lol)?
    But you 're absolutely right, gold sounds perfect for New Year's Eve! That or anything with extra tons of glitter! :) xoxo

  13. @Sophie: Such pretty shades, right? Have you tried any grey in particular that I HAVE to try? :) xxxx

  14. I left you an award on my blog hon xx

  15. I like metallics only for night.


  16. That's such a HOT nail color!

    Also, happy new year to you babe!! May 2010 bring you loads and loads of happiness, health, prosperity, adventure, and rejuvenation!


  17. YES
    the perfect 2010 color
    been on a hunt for one!

    I love it.

    Thanks for the sweet comments. NYE was so fun. Hope yours was too!


  18. @Girl With The Golden Touch: Thank you so much honey! I 'll get to it, just need to sort out my tags and awards!!! Bad blogger! Lol! xoxoxo

    @O'Style: I see your point! ;) But when a shade is not too reflective, like this one, it can be worn easily around the clock in my opinion! ;) xxxx

    @DISTRIKMODE: Thank you so much Farrah! And MANY thanks for those wonderful wishes! I hope that the new year brings you lots of joy and love, and everything else you 've dreamt of! :) xoxoxo

    @Fashion Chalet: Awww, you 're super sweet Erika! :) Yep, I had a nice time, now batteries loaded for the start of 2010! ;) xxxx

  19. @Posh: It's lovely, I'd definitely recommend it! xx

    @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: Thank you dear! And I know that a shade like that would work wonders with those silver & black outfits of yours! ;) xoxo

  20. Oh my, this nail polish is gorgeous~!! I want! ♥

    Love your blog by the way, you have amazing reviews and swatches xx


  21. @Princesa Livia: Those shades are really pretty, the only bad thing is that they're somewhat harder to find!!!
    Thank you so much for your amazing feedback, it really means a lot!

  22. Beautiful color...I could never apply nail colors wth such perfection...On second thoughts, I have crapy nails...:(

  23. @resham: Thank you girl, you 're super sweet! But trust me, my nails aren't that good, they have a tendency to peel and break... funny, the only thing that I 've discovered helps me more than anything, is always having a nail polish on!!! As far as application, just leave a teenie tiny gap from the 3 sides and it should be ok! ;) xoxoxo


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