Collective clothes & accessories haul!

by - November 28, 2009

Well...yes...I 've been shopping...

It wasn't really a crazy shopping spree or anything like it, more like bits and pieces that I got over the last couple of months, maybe even more than that.
I was in desperate need of a wardrobe update, as I 'd been wearing a lot of the same stuff over and over and over again and also, I would almost panic whenever I had to get ready to go out - nothing was right... clearly, I had to do something, right (yeah...niiice try to justify those purchases there!)?

Let's start with the more "daytime appropriate" stuff:

Clockwise from top left: Zara thigh high boots, Zara sweater, ASOS sweater, H&M ring, Zara bag, Vero Moda leggings, Bershka vest.

Moving on to the...blingy stuff:

Clockwise from top left: sequin jacket, Bershka studded top, Religion top, sequin leggings, Bershka leopard sequin top, grey suede heels, ASOS bracelet.

I think that's it for me for this year and pretty much for the winter season as well! I love everything and I 'm very pleased that I managed to gather a few things off my fall wishlist too!

What have you been shopping lately?
And are you done with your fall/winter shopping or are there still a few items that you just have to get? :)

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44 σχόλια

  1. LOVE the Zara bag!!!!! I hate living in Australia because half the things bloggers talk about you cant get in AUs! Dodgy as x

  2. OH MY GOD THE ZARA BOOTS...why did i not see those here?? I love every single thing (and by love I mean I WANT lol)
    You have amazing taste and i love the color theme you have. I love dark greys and blacks.. ahhh we would love each others closets for sure!! Fab fab haul!!


  3. Love Zara, I still need to get some things for winter neeed to shop!

  4. I love Zara! You picked up some great things, especially love the bag and boots. xx

  5. great blog

  6. oooooh la la....i loveeee ... i'm on a grey streak too i find..i love those jackets u got !

  7. wow! great stuff hun!!
    I had the same thing with the going out outfits! I was wearing the same thing every time:P But this is really the season to go shopping for that!

    seeing this makes me want to go shopping :D

  8. Um, all I have to say is WOW. Just wow. :)

    I love every single thing you bought! Obsessed with the boots and bag and vest and tie dye sweater and pretty much everything else!

    I wish I could have gone with you, haha!

  9. I would never think to pick up a pair of shoes that colour but you can just tell they are going to look awesome against the black items.

    You def have some wicked party outfits sorted now!! So many sequins and studs- love it!

  10. Well, you saw what I was NOT shopping... :-(
    thanx for commenting!

    Love all your shopping items!! Especially the sequin clothes.


  11. Oh I love the stuff you bought - you have great fashion sense and I like the colours you chose: blacks, greys and plum/purples. I'm especially loving the Zara boots, Zara bag, your grey suede heels & sequined tops!
    You know I really really want a pair of grey suede pumps actually...I just have to find a pair that fits right and looks good ;)
    I haven't been shopping too much lately - last purchase was my 6 MAC shadows.
    I don't think I can buy much for myself now because I have to buy Christmas gifts for family & friends ;)

  12. whoa girl! you found some killer stuff- congrats; im jealous!

  13. @Lorien BeautyLove: I totally get where you 're coming from, especially when it comes to beauty blogging, we only get a small minority of brands here (in greece)... which is why I end up buying online most of the time, even though I wish I didn't have to so often to be honest...! xxxx

    @Tali: Lol, I think that we 'd definitely love each others closets, although, make no mistake, I 'd surely end up loving yours a lot more than you mine! And, well...your dresses definitely look better on you, as you have miles for legs, but, I 'd give them a try! :) Thanx so much for your comment and...I noticed you erased some boots yourself from your wishlist, huh? Need to seee them! :) xoxoxo

    @Sarah x: Love Zara too, it's practically a necessity to make a stop at every shopping spree! Lol! Shopping is great around the holidays, now I 'm afraid I 'll just enjoy shopping for others! :))) xxxx

    @Jo: Thank you Jo! Yep, Zara is a pretty classic option, plus there's stuff for almost any taste! :) xoxo

  14. @Tabitha Sheridan: :) And it can hold sooooo much stuff in it, I can throw all my junk and go! Lol! :) xxxxx

    @issyyyyyyyy: Thank you for your lovely comment, glad you like my blog! :) xx

    @Mairyliscious: S' eyxaristw poly poly! :) Kai poly oikonomika, katw apo 30-35(ebay)... Ta Bershka exoun paromoia, alla fainontan poly ta daxtyla se mena...! A! Molis eida to blog sou, menw akribws dipla ap to stadio tou Pas sta giannena, LOL! Filia! xxx

    @Charlene: Grey is such a classic option for winter, you can never go wrong with grey imo! Lol! Thx for your comment, and I hope that you find equally good stuff on your next shopping expedition! Lol! :) xxxxx

  15. @FELINE.: Ah, finally someone that understands my problem! Lol! I tell you, it could end up ruining my mood for the start of the night!!! But yes, this is definitely a good season to shop for dressier clothes, lots of sparkly stuff! ;) You should definitely pay a visit to Zara, you need to treat yourself and then blog about it of course! ;) xoxo

    @ellamarie84: Well, great taste there then! Lol! So, now you know how I feel when you blog about those lovely jewellery&accessories hauls of yours, you make me want more!!! We 'd definitely make excellent shopping buddies, we 'd go right for the sequiny stuff! And then for some makeup! Haha! :) xxxx

    @thedicegirl: Yes, I wanted sth to contrast the black a bit! ;) I 'm so happy I 've sorted out the night time stuff! Now, I just have to be careful not to end up too..disco happy! Lol! ;) xoxo

    @DramaticAppeal: There's definitely time to go shopping, there's a month until new year's! :) We seem to have similar taste in things! :) xxx

  16. I love the stuff you purchased, especially the sequin jacket and Zara overknees. Post pics wearing them! :).

  17. wowzers love all your stuff- that is some serious rockstar stuff you got- love the bling bling stuff:) You'll look awesome in it all!

  18. great haul! where is the sequinned blazer from? x

  19. @Karen: Thank you so much Karen! :) Grey suede heels are so hot right now and they 're surprisingly easy to style! Hope that you can find a pair that you like! ;) And even if it's mostly presents shopping from now on, those MAC shadows are staples, so it was good shopping for sure! :) xxxx

    @(always)alanna: Thank you! It's stuff I had been wanting for quite a while, so I was lucky! Thanks for stopping by! xxx

    @I'MTHATCHIQ: I 've tried to make OOTD posts, but I think I look like a total fool! I guess I should take the plunge at some point tho! xoxo

    @Lotus: Aww, you 're really sweet! Yes, a little glam-rock is in order, especially around this time of year! ;) Lol! xxxx

  20. @Rupa'sMakeupDiary: Thank you so much dear! The blazer I got on ebay, but Topshop and Warehouse made similar versions this season. I just looked for matte sequins, hope this helps! xxx

  21. Ohhh what a gorgeous little fashion collection you have there :) Those shoes are to die for!!!!

  22. I was so happy when I saw this in my blog list. I love it all but then again I don't think I have ever not loved something you have got!

    Shopping for the cooler months is so much more exciting than the summer months (apart from a mini dress or bikini here and there).

    Ohh how I wish that H&M and Zara would come to Australia - I think if I say it enough it will actually happen!


  23. megia ta nea pragmata..

    all glamorous and pretty

  24. @Sarah-IftheShoeFits: Thank you so much for your sweet comment dear! :) Loving suede-like shoes at the moment! :)

    @Sarah-ThePolished: Aw Sarah! You make me blush! :) Yes, I totally agree about winter shopping, you have so many options with fabrics and layering etc! But hey, nothing beats a great bikini purchase, those are sacred moments there! LOL!
    So, still no Zara in Australia, huh? I know you guys have been waiting for one for years! Hope you get one soon! xoxoxo

    @_nina_malvada_: Lol, yep, love a bit of "bling"! :))) S'eyxaristw poly! xx

  25. ooooh those grey pumps...*sigh* i too love everything you've featured here. great taste, tina!

  26. YESSS to sequins!!

    Love the collection chica :)


  27. Oe, I love the blingy stuff! =] Great purchases, hun! And what a great biker vest!

  28. @fantastic: Thank you sweetie! :)I 'm so determined to wear those pumps out dancing! Lol!!! :) xoxoxo

    @Farrah @ Distrikmode: It's such a great season to buy anything embellished or sparkly, I couldn't miss out! Lol! Thank you so much for your lovely comment girl! xxxx

    @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: I 'm so pleasantly surprised by Bershka this season, they 've really stepped up their game with the new stuff and the website etc! Lots of grey and black, makes me visit a little *too* often! Plus it's the first season I 've ever actually bought accessories by Bsk! Lol! :) xxx

  29. I agree - everything in your post would go so well in my closet ;)

    Esp the grey pumps and that sequin jacket.

    your have great taste lady !!

  30. Hey Girl! About the MAC Lightful Creme cleanser, I have pretty sensitive skin too. I've used Cetaphil for years and still do (their lotion, face cleanser, body moisturizer and cream). So far, I've used a number of MAC skincare products and I have been lucky to not get any reaction to them. I'm actually probably more impressed with their skincare line than I am with some of their eye shadows LOL
    Maybe your MAC store could give you a sample of their cleanser to try out? My local MAC is pretty good with giving out samples so that's probably our best bet to avoid buying a full sized product only to find we're allergic to it :(

  31. OMG I want ALL of them! :D

    Anyways check out my blog too if you want :)

  32. You make me crave new shoes! x

    lol, I was like "who is this Multiplex?" ;) It's so fun to find out about these features, being gone for the last 3 days and then coming home to it.. so fun. You're a gem!

    How's your Friday so far? :))


  33. Wow amazing outfits! I love the bag from Zara in the first photo.

  34. @ladyb: Well, then, sounds like a very nice closet now, doesn't it? Heehee! :) Thanx love, as do you, I remember we have quite a similar taste in interiors! :) xxx

    @Karen: That's nice to hear, I hope that they don't break me out either! But then again, it's all a matter of ingredients, and some of their products contain many natural ones... I have no idea about my MAC counter's sample policy, but I guess it could't hurt, huh? Thanx so much for getting bk to me on this dear! xoxo

    @Kittynail: Lol, I 'm sorry to have added to your wishlist! :))) xx

    @Ashley: Thank you for your comment and stopping by by my blog! :) xoxo

  35. Great sequin jacket, leather vest and grey slouchy sweater!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  36. Honey take the plunge, you're gorgeous!

  37. Sorry for the late response! The roll on from L'Oreal is amazing and really easy to apply also around the nose! I can definitely recommend it!

  38. love your collections! nice!!

  39. @Nerdic..: Thanx dear! :) xxx

    @I'MTHATCHIQ: You 're super sweet girl! And, ok, I just might... :) We 'll see soon! :) xoxoxo

    @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: No worries, I know that it probably takes you hours to respond to messages! :) I 've honestly laughed at the concept of roll-on when I first saw it, but slowly changing my mind...! Thnx for your reply back! xxxx

    @Hanae: Thank you Hanae! :) xx

  40. ooo I'm loving everything, especially the going out clubbing pieces


  41. WOW those shoes! the grey-ish ones with the pink inners! theyre fucking beautiful! x

  42. @MissVonDurce: Thank you dear! Nothing like blingy stuff for nights out! Lol! :) xxx

    @Lorien BeautyLove: Aw, thanks hun! They 're a nice break from black, that's for sure... Might do an outfit post with them, we 'll see... xoxo


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