Love/Hate TAG!

I 've been tagged by the lovely and beautiful Emma - Magpie Sparkles to do the Love/Hate tag that's been going around lately... I 've enjoyed reading everyone else's responses and hope you enjoy mine:


Nude lips! The nude lip is part of my everyday routine for quite some time now, be it day or night. I usually pick a sheer, more glossy lipstick during the day and leave the more dramatic full-on nude lips for when I go out...!

Dry chapped lips! I consider it the fastest way to make even the nicest lipstick look awful...
In order to avoid that I use lip balms on a daily basis. ;)


Blush. Even when I don't put anything else on my face (a rarity ofc), I 'd never go out without blush, ever! It's the only thing that can make my complexion look healthy, even on a bad day...

Yes, I couldn't agree more with Emma, spots and generally uneven skin is absolutely horrific! However, I do suffer from that: I too had acne (quite a severe type), since pre-puberty even, that only got better after several months of Roaccutane. Nothing worked before it and quite frankly, nothing has worked since...Bumps and spots are ever present, as are the red marks. Sudocrem helps a bit in drying the spots and it does a great job at soothing any redness, but sadly, my skin is nowhere near where I want it to be...


Long, blonde and wavy. Ideally they 'd shine too... Obviously, we 're not talking about myself here...Maybe one day!

Any sign of frizziness and unrulyness! Products help a bit in this case, but since I wear my hair straight all the time (wish I had naturally straight hair), the only thing I 've found that helps, is using a straightening iron as the final step.


Smokey eyes! I find that it's the sexiest eye makeup that a girl can wear! Also, sculpted eyes are really pretty, and more suitable for daytime looks. But, basically I love anything that gives some definition... key product for that would be mascara, of course!

Too much mascara on the lower lashes... I mean, hello racoon eyes!


Soft baby smooth skin! I find that regular exfoliating is key, followed by moisturizer! I 'm currently using TBS Strawberry body butter, love how the skin feels smooth and moisturized for several hours later!

Body hair for sure. Considering laser, because I just don't have the patience for creams and shaving anymore...

So, that was it! If anyone has any recommendations about anything, please share!
I tag:
Keri - glimmerglossglow
Lorraine - The Current Custom

Would love to see your replies girls! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. oooh yay thanks for the tag,
    i will definitely do this later :)

  2. Thank you! Will do :) I replied to you on Twitter but no one seemed to get my DMs today!

  3. @Keri: I got your DM, but I got so many yesterday, that I didn't reply, sorry! xx


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