I hit Pan Tag!

Hello my wonderful readers!
It might be a little too late to wish you all a "Happy New Year", so instead I 'm just hoping that the beginning of 2010 has been very generous to you, and that you and your loved ones are full of health, love, happiness, energy and positive attitude that will make 2010 a truly special year! :)

And what better way to start this year's posts than by telling you about products that I love and have repurchased over and over again?

The lovely
Tacky Blue Eyeshadow gave me this opportunity by tagging me to do the "I hit pan" tag! Thank you sweetie!

The rules to this tag:

1. List 6 items that you have either "hit pan" or finished the tube/bottle of etc. and have or plan to repurchase for ever and ever! This can be makeup, skincare, haircare, bodycare or scent.
2. Tag 6 people that you want to know their repurchases.
3. Let those 6 people know by leaving a comment on their blog with a link so they know what to do

So, without further ado, I present you with my 6 items:

1. Gucci Envy Me 2. I first came across this perfume a few summers ago, as I was looking for a somewhat light summery scent, that wouldn't be too floral or too sweet (two things I generally hate in a perfume) and let me tell you, it was love at first...sniff! Lol! It's perfect for the warmer months, as it's an Eau De Toilette, and it falls under the green/floral category, but it's base notes of sandalwood and vanilla make it a bit more... interesting and closer to my taste. I really enjoy wearing it, as it balances perfectly between light and noticeable! ;) The only problem is that it was launched as a limited edition perfume, but I know that it can still be bought online, and that's what I 'll be doing, since I only have a few spritzes left! I hope it never gets discontinued, as I plan to be buying it for a long time!

2. Estee Lauder eyeshadow in "Tea Biscuit". I 've already blogged about this one here. It's probably one of the very few makeup items that I 've actually ever hit pan on and kept repurchasing! I 've been wearing this since high school, this shadow and some concealer where the only makeup products I would use to make me look awake in class! It's a gorgeous finish (perhaps similar to a Veluxe Pearl) and it adds a beautiful light sheen.

3. The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Scrub. Staple. I use it consistently all year round, combined with a pumice stone, as I suffer from quite dry feet. It's the only thing that I 've found to help my poor feet, along with the Foot Lotion from the same line. It has a pleasant scent and I love it's slight cooling effect - an absolute must at every pedicure session!

4. Korres Guarana Anti-Cellulite soap. I 'm addicted to this after the first bar I tried a few years ago, even though I don't believe that it has any spectacular effects on me anymore. Do I think it reduces cellulite? Um, nope, I mean there's so many lotions and creams out there that barely help anyways. Do I think though that it's essential to a cellulite-busting routine? Yes, most certainly. This soap works as an exfoliating one, leaving the skin extra smooth and ready for the lotion that would follow. Nowadays I just use it in order to massage the area every couple of showers, in order to increase the blood circulation and help smooth out any unevenness. I always keep a backup of it, just in case!

5. The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care. What can I say about this lip balm, I love it and I keep going back to it. It's the best from what I 've tried (but then again, I haven't tried the Carmex or Burt's Bees yet) and I really feel that it sinks into my lips, rather than just coating them for a few hours.

6. Apivita Deep Face Scrub satchets With Olive. My staple facial scrub, it exfoliates nicely as it has olive seed granules, and it's gentle, as it includes natural oils and vitamin E. It doesn't make your face feel tight afterwards, and it works for my combination/sensitive/acne prone hell of a skin, without being too harsh on it.

So, that was it for my repurchases guys!

And here's my nominations for this tag:
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Have you ever tried any of these products and what do you think of them? :)

But, most importantly, what have you hit pan on and repurchased, do let me know!

What's your opinion?

  1. Thanks for the tag! I love hiting pan, it makes me so happy :)I think I need to purchase the peppermint foot line from the BS! X

  2. Oh that soap sounds lovely! Id love to try some, hmmm, upcoming purchase? aha xx

  3. Its such a good feeling when you finsih something EXCEPT perfume. You always run out before you need to use it for a night out or something! SO ANNOYING! Also i hate it when i run out of shampoo and conditioning treatments. for pxp its great but not convenient!

    And i SERIOUSLY need to get that soap.. now i m droling for it. Ugh.. pxp has started it will have to wait till just before summer!


  4. I don't usually see these products and i've never used any of these so it was a nice post!
    I have other products for my feet from body shop and I love the cooling effect in summer! Summer where are you??

  5. Oooo, I've never heard of this "tea biscuit" you speak of. It sounds like the perfect shadow! I'm gonna check it out. I'm also curious about the foot scrub! Love learning about new products!

    A few of my items I've hit pan on are: Too faced chocolate soliel bronzer, mac ricepaper and espresso shadows, and blistex silk n shine lip balm :)

  6. OOh thanks for the tag!! I will try to do this soon!


  7. that soap looks so nice..i can imagine the smell, despite the fact that i've never actually seen it in person!

    i "hit pan" so much easier on hair/body products..when it comes to makeup, just forget it! it rarely happens!

    thanks for tagging me :) xxx

  8. @Muhsine: Lol, it makes me happy too, cos it means shopping time! ;) Yep, the peppermint foot line is very good and has a gorgeous smell as well! ;)

    @Tabitha Sheridan: Hehe, I 'm such an enabler! :) It's a good product, I 've found that it helps with consistent use! xxxx

    @Tali: Ahaaa, so it doesn't just happen to me, huh? Or when you have some place to go/meet friends/look your best and you have to use some other alternative (this is why I always always always have a cheaper backup just in case)!
    As far as hair products, I find that they all finish almost at the same time, totally annoying!
    You should try the soap, hope PxP ends soon, hehe! ;) xxxxx

    @Marietta: I know, I was thinking the same.... I 'm done with winter, bored of it already and it's not even started yet (thinking that we 're probably gonna have really cold months ahead)! So, all the more reason to buy makeup to cheer us up! ;)
    Glad you liked the post girlie, thank you! Filia! xxx

  9. @ellamarie84: Well, glad to have helped then! :) Ricepaper and Espresso are already on my list *which includes like a third of MAC shadows lol*!
    Is the Blistex balm any good? I 'm desperately trying to end a cheapie lip balm I 'm using and researching the next purchase... I need sth for extra sensitive/dry lips...

    @Lipstick Rules: You 're welcome dear, I 'd love to read about your repurchases when you get to do this! :) xxxx

    @fantastic: It's got quite a pleasant scent, even though it's not a special one, it's a "soap" scent if that makes any sense! Lol!
    Definitely agreed about body/hair products, there's ALWAYS sth that runs out every now and then! Now, makeup is a different story, and to be honest, apart from this eyeshadow, I 've hit pan on... maybe 3 or 4 items? Ever?! Fail, haha! xxxxxx

  10. Great list of products! I haven't tried any of these, but I'm always on the lookout for good scrubs!

  11. Lately I've been really getting into makeup and beauty products. I recently discovered this great eyeliner by Stila that just P O P S on my eyes :) as well as Beauty Juice (found at Sephora) great for combating pimples on the spot- and all organic! :)

    Thanks for your personal recommendations.. as well as your very sweet blog comments! Comments like that inspire me to keep blogging. ♥


  12. @wreckedstellar: Thank you! It's a lovely scrub and it exfoliates really well without drying the skin, give it a try! xx

    @Fashion Chalet: :) Then, at some point we could expect another makeup post? :)
    I 'm trying to use more natural products as well as of lately, we 'll see how that goes within the year...!

    And... you are most welcome, after all, it is the truth! You 've come a long way, there's no doubt about it and I only wish you that you keep surprising us in the most enjoyable...fashion! ;)


  13. Fragrances...basic stuff like lotions, lip balms and eye-liner..and yes, pressed powder..I have finished those n re-purchased..

  14. @resham: I don't think I 've ever repurchased eyeliner...lol... and I 'm not even close to finishing Blacktrack Fluidline come to think of it, guess it's probably gonna dry out at some point, lol!
    But yeah, fragrances and body stuff would be a safe bet for everyone! :) Pressed powder huh? Which one was it? xxxx


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