Long Overdue: MAC in Lillyland, Spring Colour Forecast

Yep, another super duper late MAC haul from me!

Now, I know that these uber-late MAC haul posts can be a little boring for you all, but, do believe me, there is reasoning behind this:
a. everything is late here anyways (for example MAC Art Supplies has yet to be released), and,
b. I 'm trying (not always succeeding) to be more eclectic when it comes to MAC new releases, meaning I 'd rather wait to see many swatches before I make a purchase, instead of buying and deciding if I like it afterwards.

So, I think that three items from 2 collections (one being the massive Spring Colour Forecast) was sensible enough!

Ok, let's start with the MAC in Lillyland purchase:

I realise that for many the cremeblend blushes were the highlight of this collection, but I opted for something more versatile: the Pearlmatte Face Powder.
It consists of four shades that come in the most beautiful flower design: a light yellow, a pink, an orange and a brown. Except for the pink shade, all of the rest contain a little bit of shimmer, but it's hardly noticeable when worn.

Now, some may complain that this product is too orange to use, and if they swirl all of the four shades together, they would be correct, however, that's not how this product is meant to be used in my opinion.
The brown shade makes an excellent contour colour and a very good bronzer for skintones that are NC/NW 20 and upwards.
The pink and orange shades make a gorgeous blush when blended together and the creamy yellow is a lovely highlighter.
I do love that you have personal control of what the blush shade would look like, depending on the overall makeup look, and if you 're like me and pack one pink blush and one peachy toned when traveling, well, this face powder could easily spare you the trouble.

In fact, as I 've been playing a bit with it, I noticed that the mix of the highlighter and the two blush shades looks almost exactly like.... Ripe Peach! I kid you not, and I say "almost", since I may have used a little more of the orange shade, but I 'm pretty sure now that Ripe Peach is just another version of those three shades blended in one product.

Which brings me to Ripe Peach Blush Ombre from the Spring Colour Forecast collection.

My blush collection seriously lacks in the peach end of the blush spectrum, and Ripe Peach was too pretty to pass. I love the gradient effect and the light peachy/coral (again depending on which side you use more) glow it goves to the cheeks, however, if this collection was being released now, I wouldn't have bothered, precisely because I have another product that's more versatile and can provide the same exact effect.
If you don't own any peach toned blushes and/or if you 're a collector, then this would be perfect for you, otherwise you could definitely do without it.

And my final purchase from this mini collective haul was the Colour 4 Quad:

No surprise here: it was the most neutral item from this collection and the names of the eyeshadows were so absolutely brilliant! Manila Paper is the golden white, Flip is the basic golden shade, Aztec Brick is the copper and Creole Beauty is the bronzed brown.
I mean, come on, Aztec Brick and Creole Beauty? I doubt if I ever loved a name of an eyeshadow this much.

Word of caution though: as beautiful as "creole beauty" is, it's none other than MAC Romp with a prettier name. They are identical. Now, MAC, can you please remove Romp from your permanent collection and release it again as Creole Beauty? :)

In the right side of the pic are my two looks using this quad.
The first is Aztec Brick on the lid, Creole Beauty for the outer corner and crease, Manila Paper for the inner corner, Flip in the middle of the upper lid as an accent and Fascinating eye kohl for the waterline.
The second is Flip on the lid, Creole Beauty same as the other look, as well as on the lower lashline and MAC Molasses Pearlglide pencil used on the upper lashline.

Fun fact: I was quite scared of the intensity of Aztec Brick, as orange/copper toned eyeshadows can look weird on me, but I 'm fairly happy with the result. Though I can't help to think that it would look 100 times better on a redhead or a brunette!

So, that was my two cents regarding these products!

Have you picked any of these or did you save your money for something more special? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. i'm a sucker for shimmery products, which means i'll probably end up buying these even though i don't need them.


  2. aztec brick looks really nice on you, tina! it will probably only get better and better with the warm summer nights that will soon come.

    i didn't grab any of these--i was on 10pan when it came out, and then went back to pick up ripe peach afterwards, and it was already sold out. oh well, must have been a sign since you said i could live without it :) xxo

  3. I absolutely love this quad, I'm so happy I picked it up :-D I don't have MAC romp, but Creole Beauty is definitely a better name ;-)

  4. Hey Tina!I'm from Greece too ;)
    Was MAC in Lillyland ever released in Greece?
    As for Art Supplies, it was released in Ermou store only about two weeks ago together with Give Me Liberty of London. I was lucky because I went there on the first day of the release so I was able to get everything I wanted (way too much!) but now everything is probably sold out :(

  5. Great post hon and i love what you did with the quad.. your eyes looks so warm and summery! Great contrast also between the shadow and your lashes... a great great look!!
    Love the peach blush (as you already know!) Isnt it great?!?! I bet your glad you got one before they sold out!!

  6. Yay you got ripe peach, love those colours on your eyes, v pretty!! xx

  7. Beautiful colors!

    Thank u for the comment chick!


  8. oh! you got ripe peach!
    i wanted to get this so budly but it was sadly sold out so i got the springshine instead which looks lovely!
    nice haul girl!
    exeis matares!

  9. oh how i love ripe peach lol...wonder if i'll ever be able to get it...btw ur eyes are gorge!!!

  10. Hey Hun! I love your three recent MAC purchases. I agree it's a bit of a blessing to get your MAC collection later - that way you get to see all the swatches and then see the "real" reviews come out about which ones not to get LOL.
    I love the floral patter on the face powder. So pretty! They should embross all their face powders and blushes with pretty patterns don't you think? ;)

    Ripe peach is so pretty. Peach tone blushes suit me better than pink or red ones I find. I also love the gradient effect in the pan...it looks like a pretty sunset on a beach. I know, I sound crazy and see crazy things LOL
    Love your two EOTD using the colour 4 quad. The Aztec Brick really compliments the blue/grey of your eyes. You have such a gorgeous eye colour btw! And thank you for letting us know that Romp is just like Creole Beauty. I have Romp AND the colour 4 palette and didn't realize the similarity. Evidence my makeup collection is beyond my manageable control LOL.
    My latest purchases from MAC were the Pearlmatte eye shadow, the Prep + Prime skin brigtening serum (I think it's a joke) and undercurrant pearlglide liner :)
    Have a lovely day!

  11. @Jenn: Aha, sounds all too familiar I fear...! ;) In our defense they do look pretty! :) xx

    @fantastic: Thank you sweetie, I hope that I can make it work a little better now that I 'm a shade darker (all thanks to fake tanning)... I do think though that these coppery colours are best suited for redheads or brunettes...!
    Ah yes, I remember you were on P10P! Look how amazing you did in the end though!!!!
    Unfortunately I can't help much with Ripe Peach dupes, but apparently MAC Springsheen bares a resemblance! ;) xxx

    @Leanne: It's quite a nice quad, isn't it?
    No need to bother with Romp dear, they 're exactly the same! xx

    @Christina D.: Hey dear! No, MAC in Lillyland was never released in the stores anywhere, it was an online exclusive.
    Sadly I 'm not in Athens atm, so I can't check their collections there, however, my counter has released Liberty of London, but no Art Supplies yet!!! At least not until the end of last week when I checked!
    And yes, it sucks that at the Ermou store you have to be there on the very first day, otherwise the one thing you really want would probably be sold out! xx

  12. @Tali: Thank you Tali mou!! It was fortunate that this look turned out like that, me first few attempts made me look like I had really puffy tired lids, definitely not a good look...! :)
    As for Ripe Peach, yes, I do reach for it often enough, especially when I 'n in a hurry! It's nice and handy, but I dunno... now that I have it I think I could have done without! Well, you know me, if I hadn't got it, I wouldn't have regretted it still!
    Lol, I 'm crazy like that, bet you can relate! xoxo

    @Muhsine: Thank you so much Muhsine! That was such a lovely comment!
    Seems that after watching all of your inspired looks ladies, I must have picked up sth! :) xxxx

    @O'Style: I bet that they would look lovely on you as well! xxx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: Apparently, they 're dupes, so, you probably did a smart move there by picking the permanent blush instead! ;)
    Ah, I must must cut down on makeup, it's getting tooo outta hand!!!
    And thank you sweetie! Filiaaa! xxx

  13. @Charlene: Hey girl, how 've you been? :)
    No worries, apparently Springsheen is a dupe for it, at least for its darker end!
    And there's always sth similar out there, who knows they may even repromote it again soon!
    Thanks for commenting! Mwah! xxx

    @Karen: Ah, I 'm trying to be a sensible shopper, it's not easy, I can tell you that! Takes a lot of self restraint, which I don't really have, lol!
    Couldn't agree more with the blush/powder designs, in fact whenever I see a flower embossed on the product, chances are I 'll purchase it, for its looks alone!!! If they were to add nice designs on their products I 'd SO go bankrupt, haha!
    Ah, sunset, huh? I think now it makes more sense why we went so crazy for this blush!!!
    And thanks for your comment regarding my eye look, it did take some playing around with it before I ended up with that! And yeah, when I first swatched Creole Beauty, I was like: "Hmm, this is awfully familiar"!!!
    Now, I must go check if Art Supplies is here, I 'm so getting Undercurrent too! ;)

  14. Sadly Ermou store was the only Greek store that would get Art Supplies. Which is something I don't understand because for me it's the best collection MAC has released in a long time. Anyway, thank god for the internet :)

  15. :( didn't buy anything...waiting for the quad to hit my CCO...it better come soon!

  16. Hey again Love, Oh I'll definitely let Dale know that you'd like to hook up with him :) He'll be happy to hear that. Don't be surprised if he's at your doorstep soon with a gift and ring LOL
    I love the Carrie Guess shoes. I think guys love them too since I get compliments on them as well. What is your favourite shoe if the Carrie one isn't? I like Guess peep toe platforms the most :)
    I'm looking forward to your EOTD if you get MAC Undercurrent.

  17. @Christina D.: Well, that would be so sad... I haven't been to MAC in a little while to check new collections... Sucks that only the Ermou store gets some collections, I mean, most usually sell out in all their stands/stores, so making the Ermou store "exclusive" would be bad business for them eventully... xx

    @Orgo Cosmetics: It's a lovely shade for almost all skin tones! :)

    @Jony: I 'm sure that pretty much every beauty junkie agrees with you! :)

    @resham: Well, patience my dear...! It will surely come up! And when it does, it 's gonna be a pretty great purchase! :) xxxx

  18. @Karen: LOL, Dale FTW then! :) He must be so sweet and caring! This is what I believe about such people, if they 're giving in a materialistic point of view, then imagine how giving they 'd be emotionally speaking!
    Don't get me started about shoes, I 'm in a shoe craze lately...!

    Will do regarding Undercurrent, although may be a little late (as always w new collections)! ;)



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