Current Bodycare: Korres Body Products and the battle of cellulite!

Hello lovely readers, older and newer ones, *waves hello*! :)

Yes, it's been ages since my last update, but I was away during Easter with no internet access! It was a good few weeks though (not the kind of words to expect from a total internet junkie like myself), I had lots of food and, of course, the chance to try out some new products!

Now, this post is going to be about bodycare, something which I find is not widely discussed among beauty bloggers, at least not as widely as, say, makeup.

So, these are the products that I use for my current bodycare routine (and the reason that everything is by Korres at the moment is purely coincidental):

1. Korres Quince Body Butter. Now I 'm sure that many of you are already familiar with the Korres body butters. The Quince one is targeted for dry skin types, like myself, and claims to be extra moisturising, thanks to the shea butter and sunflower, almond, and avocado oils that it contains.
I must admit that this product does deliver: it feels very nourishing and moisturising immediately after it's applied, it sinks in almost entirely after a few circular motions and, most importantly, it doesn't leave any tacky feeling afterwards; on the contrary, the skin feels nice and smooth!
The scent is fruity and slightly floral, without being overly sweet, and despite the fact that I 'm used to more exotic, musky scented body butters, I find this one very pleasant to use.
I think I might be taking a break from my TBS body butters, as I 'd like to try a few more Korres ones, in other words, I 'd definitely repurchase!

2. Korres Watermelon Body Scrub. This is the first body scrub I 've bought from Korres, and, honestly, this product is not for me. It's not a bad scrub per se, I find it exfoliates well enough and I like that it's not harsh, meaning it wouldn't make your skin feel tight afterwards. Actually, I find it quite moisturising for a body scrub and I really enjoy that it doesn't leave any oily residue, making it an excellent product for fake tan preparation.
So why it's not for me you ask? Well, given my dry skintype, this scrub doesn't completely remove every bit of dead skin from the tougher spots (such as elbows).
So, would it be ideal for those with normal skin? Maybe, maybe not, and let me explain: the concentration of the grained bamboo and jojoba beads doesn't seem to be high enough and also, they won't stick to the white paste part, they actually spread out very easily, so you may find at times (when massaging with the usual circular motions) that you 're trying to exfoliate with no beads on that area of skin!

I also dislike the fake, artificial "watermelon" scent that it has and, by the way, let me assure you, it doesn't smell anything remotely close to a watermelon!
All in all, a pretty mediocre product in my opinion.

3. Korres Black Tea&Verbena Cream Gel Against the Appearance of Cellulite (with caffeine). Yes, the dreaded word is mentioned: "cellulite"! And, if you 're acquainted with this lady, as am I, you 've probably tried your share of products to tackle it. This Black Tea&Verbena product claims to work in both preventing the appearance of cellulite, as well as fighting existing one. You 're supposed to use it 1 to 2 times daily, however I 've only been using it every other day.
It's a pleasant brown gel - type consistency, not thick and it gets absorbed relatively quickly after a small massage to the afflicted area.
Have I noticed any difference? Well, my skin looks a tiny bit smoother than before, but, by no means is this a miracle product (but then again, does one exist?). I would say that if you 're already in a state of very minimum to non existing cellulite, and you 're active and eat healthy, you could try this out mostly for preventative reasons, however, me, I 'm gonna try out something different once I run out.

4. Korres Guarana Exfoliating Body Soap. One of my staples in my bodycare routine and a product I usually keep a backup of. It's also another product of Korres' anti cellulite line, as it contains caffeine, which has lipolytic activity.
The reasons why I love this soap so much: well, it exfoliates amazingly in my opinion, leaving the skin extra smooth and ready to absorb the anti-cellulite cream of your choice. The circular motions in which you use this, along with the olive beads, stimulate the skin and increase blood circulation (essential if you want to get rid of the orange peel syndrome). I use it every couple of showers and I find that if there's a week that I forget it, there's more uneveness than usual!

And a couple of anti-cellulite tips (nth that you 've not heard of or read before, but, they do work):
  • drink lots of water
  • exercise regularly and don't forget to include specific exercises for thighs and buttocks
  • use anti-cellulite creams all around the year, and,
  • eat healthy. Try to add a lot of fish to your diet, olive oil, tofu, nuts and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to avoid red meat, butter, snacks with saturated fat and any types of food that include a lot of sugar, as these categories are high on oxidants and accelerate the destruction of the skin tissues.
Hopefully, if you follow these tips, you 'll have a great beach body in 2-3 months!

So, from, what you 've gathered, some of these products I swear by, and some of them I could easily live without.
I do adore the packaging though in every single one, and I wish that all of the body products in the market would come in pump dispenser containers like these!

So, have you tried any of these products and what did you think of them?
Also, what do you do to fight cellulite? Any product recomendations? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Great reviews!! I've never tried a Korres body product, now I'm really wanting to try the body butter!

    Great tips for cellulite as well! I wish I had something new to add to the list, but I don't. I think I've come to terms with my butt dimples, haha! It gives me comfort that I know most women have cellulite, too :) But I definitely don't like it! I'm just lazy, I suppose. You've given me motivation to improve my "situation", so thank you! xoxoxox

  2. cellulite is a tough one! before you know it, it's there..and there's usually so little that you can do about it.

    i do admit, i look for products that are touted to help with the problem--hence, a pair of easytone reeboks were picked up today!

    i've tried the body butter, but haven't tried the rest of these. usually i go for the guava butter..but the guarana soap is getting such good reviews from you, that may be up next! xxx

  3. Great review!
    That soap looks particularly interesting! xx

  4. My darling, let me say you sth.
    Products, don't do anything trust me.
    I have try many of them in each brand but they didn't make a thing.
    All you have to do is EXERCISE.Just this.And in a few months you will goodbye cellulite for ever.
    I followed your blog and it's very interesting and beautiful.
    Can you please check mine and follow back if you like it?

  5. Love this post!!!

    I've tried this cellulite cream-gel by Korres, it did some smoothing but nothing more.

    Too bad you were disappointed with the watermelon scrub! I was thinking of buying it but now I'll have to think it over- I like my body scrub to be packed with exfoliating beads ;)

  6. Wow talk about different point of view!! :D
    I bought the Korres scrub in the easter holidays as well(last time I had it was a few years ago) and I cant describe how much I love it! Honestly I was just planning to make a post with my current favourites and add it in! It works wonders for my dry spotty arms, and the scent...I can't describe enough how much I love it! It's exactly like fresh watermelon and it reminds me of summer, I want to eat it!
    So..that was weird, hehe. A scrub I'd suggest you d try is the yellow body tonic one from garnier, at least when it comes to exfoliating it's stronger.
    xxxx hun

  7. Oh and for cellulite try the Nivea Goodbye cellulite. Try using that twice a day, along with your Korres scrub in the shower everyday and you ll see a difference.I'd post a photo of my bum from last summer but er..I dont think so :P
    It was the best I've been in my life though

  8. Hey Hun! Thank you so much for all your comments on my blog :) And yay you made another blog post!
    I don't think I've tried any Korres products although both my sisters have.
    I love body butters and often mix half of a body butter with half of my Aveeno or Cetaphil lotion/cream. I'm currently using an organic mango body butter from this brand nobody has heard of LOL (the brand is Absolutely Natural).
    When you did your review of the body scrub I know exactly what you mean. That's how I felt about The Body Shop Hemp Hand scrub - it looks like it has a lot of granules but once I wet the exfoliator there's not enough beads to exfoliate at all :\
    Hmmm...and don't you just hate it when a product smells so fake but it claims to smell like a nice fruit? It happens quite a bit to me too. I smell it in the store and it smells great but when I buy it and start using it I realize it smells more synthetic than what it says its suppose to smell like.
    Your review of the Korres Black Tea & Verbena Cream Gel is exactly how I felt about the Nivea Good-bye cellulite cream. It smells's a bit sticky but at the end of the day it only very very minimalized the appearance of cellulite. And going through more than five bottles of it didn't work any better than finishing the first! I want to try the Weleda Birch Oil which I heard is suppose to be good....if I get it I will definitely let you know it if works or not. Have a wonderful week :)

  9. lovely post! i recently purchased the Korres body butter in Guava and i ABSOLUTELY love it!! it's amazingly moisturising and smells sooo good, much much better than the Quince one! i think you should try it out as it smells more summery and feels a bit fresher and now that summers coming up it's anice product to have! i'm clearly quite excited!

  10. @ellamarie84: Thank you dear, and I 'm sure you 'd love the Korres body butters, they 're so rich and moisturising!
    And yeah, I 'm afraid that most of us are cellulite sufferers, lol! But, we can definitely improve things, and it doesn't need that much of effort, just...consistency!!!
    Trust me, I 'm the worst when it comes to sticking to a routine, but I 'm determined this time, I 'm on my version of project "beach body", lol!

    @fantastic: Oh yes, these reeboks, I 've seen the ad and the butt of the model, I turn green from envy, lol, she has THE perfect ass, lol!
    Do let me know how you get on with these, I was thinking of getting these myself!
    Cellulite can be tricky, but it's not that hard to reduce its appearance as you may think, I mean, I know that you 're a healthy eater and with the help of the beauty industry and some exercise you 'd be in shape in no time!
    Not to mention that I 'm sure that your genes would help as well, lol!
    Btw, you 're paying such good attention to my posts; do try that soap and let me know what you think!!! ;)

    @Tabitha Sheridan: Thank you sweetie! The soap, I can't recommend it enough, I had seen quite a difference when I first tried it out and I swear by it ever since!

    @FashionFreak: First of all, thank you for your sweet comments regarding my blog!
    About cellulite, I 'm a firm believer in the role of exercise as well, but I do see it as a "problem" that needs to be adressed in a more holistic kind of way, so to speak.
    Exercise is crucial to reduce the size of the adipose tissue, but so is a balanced diet, which will help the body take the necessary nutrients to rebuild the destroyed skin tissues, as well as massaging the area (and why not use an anti-cellulite product for that too) which would increase blood flow.
    I 'm afraid that cellulite becomes harder to battle with age, exactly for those reasons (cells age and get destroyed faster and of course due to lifestyle), so any way that helps is a must for me!

  11. whoever comes up with a cream that REALLY REALLY reduces the appearance of cellulite will be my hero. Even with exercise and a healthy diet i still struggle with it....maybe mine's genetic, idk. :/


  12. @cbsg5861: Thanks hunni!
    We seem to have had the same experience from using this product!
    Regarding the scrub, it's not that dense in exfoliating beads, at least not as much as I 'd like!
    I want my scrubs to be almost like sugar when it comes to bead concentration! Lol!

    @Marietta: Lol, yes, stuff like that definitely reminds you that beauty products are such a subjective thing!
    For my dry to extra-dry skin the scrub wasn't enough, as for the scent... I dunno, maybe there's something wrong with my tube? It definitely feels artificial to me, but then again, scent is another matter of taste, lol!
    I 'll definitely try the Garnier scrub up next, thank you for that!
    I 'll pick up the Nivea cream you suggest too. I surely hope it will work! Thanks love!

    @Karen: Don't I know what you mean in all those aspects, lol!
    By the way, organic mango? That must smell AMAZING!!! Do share!
    Yes, I 'm totally with you when it comes to scrubs, like, what's the point if the beads spread out so easily, they 're supposed to stick on the skin in order to work...! Lol, I 'm hard to please when it comes to body scrubs clearly!
    The Nivea Goodbye Cellulite will probably be my next purchase, that and the L'oreal one (perfect slim I think) are getting mixed reviews online, but then again, it's cellulite we 're taking about, I 'd try anything that might work!

    @fashion written with a lipstick: Thanks hunni, glad you enjoyed this! And, lol, the Guava one will be my next purchase, for sure! I sense a Korres Body Butter addiction huh? :)
    But, they 're so worth it, great products, very moisturising, relatively affordable and excellent sanitary packaging!
    Only thing, they don't make a coconut scent, you think we can get them to? Haha!

  13. @XOXO: Oh, agreed... and yeah, it's a toughie alright, and it affects women of all sizes and shapes... Hopefully we can do our parts to reduce it and prevent it and pray that mother nature does the rest...! :) xx

  14. @tina i hope that one day they'll do! and it better not be artificial ;)

  15. @fashion written with a lipstick: Lol, YESSSSS! :)
    We need a petition or something!
    I would love a coconut and a pineapple scent! :) xoxo


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