Sharing some Love (please read)! :)

Hey guys!

Now, I 'm fairly sure that many of you by now are aware of the fact that I come from a smaller country: Greece.

And I have to admit that being a Greek beauty blogger has proven to be not so easy; from writing in a language other than your own, to having to purchase items later than the rest of the world and usually at a steeper price, well, it's been (and still is) a tiny bit of a challenge.

But it has also been lonely for the most part. You see, even though we have a fashion blogging community with a strong voice, the beauty blogging community was pretty much non-existent...up until some time ago that is, something which makes me really proud!
I can only hope that this community keeps blooming and growing evermore! :)

(flag created by yours truly, using Barry M and Illamasqua pigments and a TBS pencil liner)

So, I 'm very pleased to introduce you to a few gems that really stand out in my eyes:

All About Beauty!
Tonia is a newcomer with a fabulous blog! She's truly passionate about beauty and it shows!

A lovely (albeit slightly shy) lady that makes great reviews! I love her overall approach to makeup (and her preference of more natural products)!

Well, see, Marietta needs no introduction, but this list wouldn't be complete without her! Love her blog, there's definitely something for everyone here!

Fashion Written With A Lipstick.
Sophie has been around for quite a while now! She's got amazing eyes and makes beautiful FOTD's and eye looks!

Lovely Violet.
Can't believe I wasn't following this girl already! Rest assured, I 'm gonna be a loyal reader from now on, she's got a great blog...and a YT channel!

Pasiphae Makeup Art.
Pasiphae definitely knows how to work some magic with her brushes, check her YT channel for further proof!

All of these ladies put a great amount of effort into what they 're doing, so please do check them out!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Have a great Monday everyone and talk to you soon! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. How sweet of you to do a shoutout for your fellow greek beauty bloggers! I will def check them out! xox

  2. What a great post :) Great recommendations too...I love Lovely Violet!

  3. have to check your recs. out!!

  4. Tina thank you soooo much for doing this! You're so sweet :) I appreciate it hun!
    Tonia xxx

  5. awww, so sweet of you to do this :)
    i'm actually smiling whilst writing this

  6. Awww, thanks so much for the shout-out! I really appreciate it :* :* :*

  7. What a lovely post :) Will definitely check out the bloggers :) xx

  8. Thank you so much Tina for doing this and defnitely checked those girls blogs you told!Its hard indeed here but we can make the diferrence!You are so sweet and keep doing the fabulous work!

  9. Such a kind gesture...
    Will surely check these pretty people...thank you..:)

  10. Kali mou Tina, that's so nice of you!
    I always trust your opinion since with previous posts like that I've discovered some special beauty bloggers!
    Good thing that we can share our beauty product obsession with each other since (at least for me) there aren't many people around with the same interest!
    Lots of love , xxx

  11. Hey there, just popping over from Battered Couture.

    1st time reader & commenter - great beauty blog going on girl! Love the shades of polish testing! Saves me doing it for sure! I'll be checking out the others listed this week!

    Having moved over here i CANNOT believe how pricey make up/beauty is here! It's shocking! I actually wrote to the good folks at Barry M and Rimmel to see if they would export here - i'd do it online if need be! The response i got was somewhat disappointing. :(

    When i'm in London i literally do a must bulk-buy list and bring back - nuts right?

    Anyhow, Thanks for sharing you love for beauty!


  12. No matter where you are from. You are just great as you are!


  13. OMG I am so honored and so ashamed that I've neglected my poor blog so much! Thank you Tina for the shoutout, you are so sweet! This just motivates me to start again and be more consistent with beauty blogging! S' euxaristw poly koritsara!!! Filakia!

  14. pps. Here's looking at you kid - blog love:


  15. aww thanx :) long time no see! I love what u have done with all the vanity! Keep it up! Maybe u can answer this question for me?! I saw some lame' gold nail polish on a site recently but didnt know the maker of such a u have idea where I could get said polish? :)

  16. Thanks for pointing me to some new blogs. I'm always happy to find new ones!

    Greece is such a beautiful place, you're very lucky to live there :)


  17. Awww that's very nice of you to share with us some fellow bloggers from Greece :)
    I didn't even think that writing in English would be a challenge for you. Yes of course now that I think of it, I would say English is probably not your first language but you write so well that it appears to be so!
    How is your week coming along Hun?

  18. I am totally with you, the same thing is with Greek fashion bloggers, but what the hell, we can make it! I love all those girls featured above, plus you, because I am not so good at make up stuff and you make my life easier! Kisses!

  19. Tonia, fashion written with a lipstick, cbsg5861, lovelyviolet5(if you 're reading this), Marietta and Pasiphae : You 're most welcome ladies!!! You 've been doing such a great job that I could not NOT share my love for your amazing effort!
    Please keep it up, you 're all so amazingly talented at what you 're doing!
    Much love!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  20. @ ellamarie84,



    Make-up Addict,


    Ladies, thank you all SO much for taking the time to read my post and check my recommendations! It really means a lot! xxxxx

  21. @A Brit Greek: Hello and thank you for stopping by!
    Ah, I don't know how you 've managed to do it, there's many wrongs here that can drive us insane, on a daily basis!!!
    Almost everything is overpriced, not just makeup!!! But I know what you 're saying, it's extremely difficult to shop from the higher-end makeup brands, and if one can afford them, it's usually a special treat! Also, unlike the UK, our "drugstore" makeup is very pricey too, there's "drugstore" items that cost pretty much the same as, say, MAC, so, you 're hardly saving any money...!
    So, next time you 're in the UK better stock up on everything lol! :)))
    Thank you so much for the award as well! xxxx

    @O'Style: You 're super sweet girl, thx! xoxo

    @Jules: Thank you sweetie, I 'm trying...! :)
    As for the nail polish, Chanel came out with the Noir et Or collection recently, and they make a nail polish called Gold Lame, could that be what you 're looking for?
    I also know that Illamasqua makes a great gold, called "Victory". Other than that there's the Sephora by OPI "Charge It!", I 've been meaning to get that for ages! Hope this helps a bit! xoxoxo

    @Melissa: Thank you for checking out my recommendations dear!
    And Greece is ok I suppose, but it's mainly cos of the weather/Greek summer, lol! :) xx

  22. @Karen: Aw, thank you, glad I 've managed to fool you, even a bit! :) I 'm fairly fluent, bit it's never the same writing in another language! I do try though and it helps that the blogging/YT-ing and tweeting community communicate in English! :)
    My week has been...blah really! Hope I can go to the beach for a swim next week, it will be a mini-day trip before exams start in 10 days!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend babe! xoxoxo

    @Froso: Thank you Froso, your comment made me smile! :)))
    You fashion-blogging ladies are the bomb, really! You all have such an amazing eye for style and I think that you already have a solid following!
    It's always a pleasant surprise to discover Greek bloggers in general, and yes, we can most certainly do it! ;) Filia! xxx

  23. Now I'm following them all!Euxaristw polu! :D

  24. @Ria: Parakalw dear! :) Glad you enjoyed my recommendations and thx for commenting! :) xxx

  25. Aw, love your little flag (thats my favourite liner and colour as well!)


  26. @Girl With The Golden Touch: Aw, thank you girl! :) See, our favourite shades/products have more uses than we could ever imagine, lol! :DDD xoxo


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