Cheap jewellery makes me happy!

Hello guys!

So, I have a little confession to make: even though I have lots and lots of costume jewellery (you 'd literally laugh out loud with some of the pieces I own - crystal poodle earrings anyone?), I can never ever resist a few more purchases... and the cheaper the better for me, even though that may entail a little more research! :)

Obviously good ol' ebay (or evil-bay as I like to call it) is a good place to scout some fashionable pieces that won't break the bank. That might be time consuming, I know, but you can't beat a couple of dollars/pounds worth of jewellery, now can you? I certainly can't!

I present you with my new additions, a mishmash of styles really:

- A new rosary made by maroon wooden beads, featuring an artistic-looking crucifix. I 've been looking for one with wooden beads almost a year now and this is just perfect. The deep red shade is another huge plus, as it looks almost black from a distance, but not that harsh.

- Bird skull necklace. I love jewellery with a bit of a gothic twist (Pamela Love pieces are a gorgeous example, but expensive), so this is no surprise. The bird skull pendant on this necklace is small and subtle, so I 'm sure that this piece would look lovely when layered as well.

- Peacock earrings. Not sure if I 'll be able to pull those off, but I 've imagined wearing them with a white vest and no other jewellery, I think I can make them work!

- Sun disk necklace. Über-long. Über 70's feel. Über stolen design, but I 'm afraid I can't afford the prettiness of House of Harlow at the moment, so these will have to suffice.

Over to you guys: what have you been buying lately jewellery-wise?

And do you go through countless ebay or etsy pages to find the pieces you 're looking for too? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I'm in LOOVE with that house of harlow-esque necklace! So beautiful. And don't worry because you CAN totally rock the feather earrings, I bet you look hot with them on!

    I've been on the lookout for a tiny gold ring with a horseshoe on it :)

  2. the earrings will look great against your hair coloring. i love peacock feathers! nd the 70's necklace is such a great design. great eye, tina! ebay can be a lot to search through, but you find good treasures!

  3. OMG!! I have the exact same jewelry!if u go back on my posts u will find it!!!

  4. I bought peacock feather earrings off ebay too. They are pretty weareable with a simple outfit i think :)

  5. I love the peacock earrings! I usually wear faux jewelry and I love them! From boho earrings and indian chockers to more flashy bling bling night pieces. I have bought some nice stuff off ebay mostly for gifts and now that you reminded me I might take another look. Do you have any sellers to recommend?

  6. @ellamarie84: Lol, I 'll definitely try! The earrings and the HoH inspired necklace are pretty large statement pieces, so it would take a little more effort than usual! ;)
    The horseshoe ring sounds so classic, I have a gold horseshoe necklace, very Carrie Bradshaw! Lol! :)))

    @fantastic: Thank you babes! :) Funny though, cos when I had first seen peacock feather earrings I thought "now that's sth that only brunettes can pull off"! But, with the right hairstyle...! ;) Lol!
    Yes, ebay and etsy can be a bit overwhelming, but with the right keywords and some luck, one can find cute pieces! :) xoxo

    @Nells: The peacock feather earrings, right? They 're almost identical! Does Accessorize still make these? I haven't been to Accessorize in absolute ages!!! xxx

    @Gemma: Yes, my thoughts exactly! :) They 'd flatter any simple outfit, I think a white tank top for starters is a good way to go! ;) xxxx

  7. @Lorien BeautyLove: I love them too, but who would have thought that finding decent wooden ones would be so hard? Lol! :) xx

    @Viva La Fashion: Thank you dear! :) xx

    @Pasiphae: I 'm exactly like that too, I love variety and different styles to match the look you 're going for each time, like nicer and blingier for nighttime and more boho for the day!
    Sadly I don't have any seller in particular to recommend, I just type (very specific usually) keywords and take it from there! But, I do love the variety on, they 're reasonably priced and carry many styles!
    Wish I could help more hun! Filia! xoxo

  8. Hey Hun! I love the peacock feather earrings - soooo pretty :) I love anything with a bit of bling - silver based (well can't afford white gold/platinum yet LOL) with crystals/cubic zirconia in them (wish they were diamonds though!!). I don't stray far from that when it comes to jewelry. Um, the latest piece of jewelry I got was a Hello Kitty necklace last week. It was a gift actually. I know, it's so childish LOL
    No I don't shop on ebay at all. But I did buy my computer speakers from the local Toronto Police via ebay! That was a few years back - great bargain I must say!

  9. oh, I've spend sooo many hours looking through jewellery on Etsy:) Nice haul, I buy that kind of jewellery also on H&M here in Greece, you can find great cheap treasures!

  10. I love the peacock earrings!

  11. The rosary rules! I wear it very often.

    Unfortunately, I haven't bought any jewellery lately...
    But I got as a present the Philips-Swarovski Heart Beat USB stick(you can wear it as a necklace too). Does this count?! ;)

  12. I love picking up bits of costume jewellerytoo. Over here in the UK it tends to be from Primark as they are so cheap. Love that House of Harlow-looking necklace, so gorgeous!


  13. I love buying jewellery and my boyfriend always reminds me I don't need anymore, but I can't seem to realise that myself! :) Love the peacock earrings! :) xx

  14. Hi! I have just discovered your blog! I'm Fotini and I'm from Greece too! I use to make my own jewellery! I am obsessed about making handmade accessories. Have a look at my blog at tell me your opinion. Also find me on Facebook(there's my badge on my blog)

  15. haha I sell almost the same earrings in my webshop (it opens again on Monday, so I can't show you them now), but how ironical!

    on Monday check it out

    hugs :)

  16. @Karen: Your taste in jewellery is pretty classic, pieces like these match almost all styles and outfits! ;)
    Funny you mentioned a HK necklace, I have one stashed somewhere in my jewellery collection, it is definitely not the most grown-up jewellery I own, but it always makes me happy when I wear it, lol! ;) :))) xoxoxo

    @Pink_Fish: Yes, Etsy is such an addiction... some excellent pieces there! I was just browsing its pages earlier looking for a sterling silver turquoise ring..! H&M is an excellent option as well, sadly there's no H&M where I am, but if I manage to visit one, I almost always come out with some new jewellery, lol! ;) xxx

    @katerina: Thank you dear! xx

    @This Is Me: Are you kidding me, OFC it counts!!!! Blingy, aaand practical? Hello, I 'm sold, lol! Lucky girl! One day I will convince sm1 to buyt it for me as a present, lol! ;) xxx

  17. @Melissa: Thank you dear! You UK ladies are very lucky, you have shops like Primark, etc, for a spur of the moment guilt-free spree, not to mention you 're like a drugstore makeup shopping heaven, lol! :) xxx

    @veronicaa: Thank you so much for your sweet comment girl! xxx

    @Olivia: Lol, I guess they don't get that it's not about "needing" things... hehe! And thank you! :) xx

    @Φωτεινή: Cute stuff! Do you sell your jewellery too?

  18. @Niki Asimakidis: You 're not gonna believe this, I 've stumbled across your site before (there was a cretan inspired necklace I was eyeing, but never ordered)! Great stuff! xx


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