Coming out of my shell? FOTD & OOTD!

Hello everyone! Hope you 're all doing well!

So this is a triple first for me: the first post for the month of July, the first official FOTD post and the first OOTD post!!!

Reason why I haven't done these you may ask? Well, if you 're a fellow blogger, you know that trying to take one flattering shot among 100 others is not the easiest task (unless a. you 're drop dead gorgeous, b. you have a professional photographer or c.both if you're a lucky bastard), so the frustration during the process may be a little overwhelming (especially if you 're a stress masochist like moi).

This FOTD however was requested from my recent "May Favourites" post, so I did my best to deliver! And why not add a little OOTD as well! :)

This was pretty much my go-to look for the most of May: very daytime appropriate grey for the eyes and bright coral for the lips. I liked the subtle contrast of this look, so ended up wearing it quite a lot!

Face: Benefit Erase Paste (which I forgot to include in the pic)in no.1, YSL Perfect Touch foundation in 1, MAC MSFN in Light Medium, NARS Laguna, MAC Instant Chic.

Eyes: UDPP, MAC Vex all over the lid, MAC Copperplate for crease&outer V, New CID Flutter mascara (honestly, don't bother). No liner or highlighter, I wanted to keep the eyes as simple as possible.

Lips: MAC Ever Hip lipstick, MAC Pink Lemonade lipglass.

And, as promised, today's OOTD:

T-Shirt: asos (old)
Pants: Zara (few seasons ago)
Sandals & Bag:ebay

I truly hope you enjoyed this one!

And also a huge "THANK YOU" to all of my 500+ followers!!!
I 'm hugely appreciative of the fact that you seem to find my posts interesting enough to keep reading and commenting! I wouldn't be here without you! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Gorgeous. I am loving the grey coral combination, it's such a nice daytime look on you :) xx

  2. I agree and I'm going to try this grey/coral combo tomorrow!


  3. You look stunning! i love the coral lips! :)

  4. Gorgeous look, dear! Loving the coral on you ♥

  5. What brand watch are you wearing?
    Vex and Copperplate...need to try that...
    I always have trouble combining VEX..

  6. You look amazing!

    I will also have to try that Vex and Copperplate combo.

  7. Love the look! Face AND outfit - you look lovely - i would never think to pair grey and coral together, it's great x

  8. Corals really suits you girl!!! Love your white watch btw!!!

  9. You are so cute and pretty i just want to hug you! lol

    I LOVE THOSE PANTS!! I am loving that white watch and the make-up is perfect! Your eyes look so colorful in contrast to the more neutral shadow! Also it means your lips pop out more! Fab work hon.. perfect look for summer. CAsual but still appropriate for so many things!!

    How is erase paste.. how do you use it.. is it thick? I saw it the other day and it looked a bit pinky to me! But i like the name so i was tempted to buy it (awful I know!)


  10. Sooooo pretty! I love the coral and grey, great combo! You're so beautiful and have such great style, you must do more FOTD/OOTD's! There's no reason for you to be shy :) But I do understand the frustration of taking 100 pics and not one looks good..happens to me often! LOVE those pants on you!

  11. Omg LOVE the lips, totally gorgeous!

  12. You look beautiful! Really making me want Ever Hip lipstick! Hopefully Jazzed really is the same as it looks lovely on you xxx

  13. you are a very beautiful lady, you know that?:)
    i'm loooving your FOTD i might as well try that tomorrow :)


  14. Beautiful makeup hun!! Glossy eyes next.. :D x

  15. you look gorgeous! i find it very hard to take flattering photos also! but ive kinda just given up, and just take a few and post regardless! :)

  16. i love those pants on you! i always think about whether i could pull them off, and i don't think i'd stand a chance..but on you, they're great! xxx

  17. Hello beautiful! You should def do my Ootd posts too girl! Have to agree with there on taking a few gazillion shots b4 getting 'the shot'!

    Love the eye make up and the trousers you're wearin'.

    Have a fab weekend sweetie!

  18. Thank you all for your sweet and kind comments!!!!

    @Jo: Thank you dear, I 'm sure that it would look very flattering on you as well! :) xxx

    @WarPaintGuru: Well, it's really dark/smokey meets spring summer, and it somehow worked! :)
    Did you get the chance to try it out? xx

    @Superficialgirl: Aww, thank you so much sweetie! I don't think anyone can go wrong with coral lips in the summer! Have you tried Pink Lemonade lipglass? I 'm sure you 'd really like it! :) xoxo

    @maya: Thank you so much girl, glad you liked it! :) xxx

  19. @resham: Lol, nothing fancy I can assure you, the watch is from asos' finest, haha!
    Vex is very pretty, but quite different from the warmer toned eyeshadows we all use most of the time... I think that a grey or perhaps an eggplant shade would work with it the best! xxxx

    @Lipstick Rules: Thank you so much!!! Do try that combination and let me know what you think! xxxx

    @Saskia the Salsa Fairy: Thank you girl!!! The outfit is just a casual one to get me started with those ootd's, nth fancy (yet anyway)! Grey and coral seem to work surprisingly well with each other, huh? Lol! Thanx for your comment! xx

    @SophiaPeaches: Thank you sweetie!!! Yeah, corals is a great way to get out of the habit of wearing those nudes and light pinks, especially for the summer time! The watch is from asos, was very inexpensive! Mwah! xxxx

  20. @Tali: So, I 'm hug-able? Haha! :D Aw, thank you for your sweet words regarding the outfit and the makeup: it was really a natural progression for me, trying to add some summery colours to a more muted look... The colours show up well, as I took the photo in natural light in front of a window! ;) And yeah, it can be jazzed up for nighttime too, I mean, I 'm not using any liner here and only one coat of mascara!
    Erase Paste is very thick (although its become creamier now in the summer, lol)! My photos were taken around 5 hrs after application, so you can see how it performs.. personally I think it's ok for daytime, but barely adequate for nighttime, as I don't think its "brightening" claim works in artificial lighting/flash etc... it also needs a small amount, otherwise it can crease. Let me know what you think if you pick it up! :) xoxo

    @ellamarie84: Awww hunni, your comment made me smile!!! I honestly think that the cameras hate me, haha! I 'll try to make more of these posts in the future, for sure, hopefully everyone will enjoy them as much as this one - you, I think you 'll like them, esp if I incorporate some cute shoes and accessories into those looks! ;) If only my camera agrees with me, hehe!
    Btw, I love your new avatar, you look gorgeous! <333 xxxx

    @Muhsine: Thank you Muhsine! Ever Hip is made for Pink Lemonade and vice versa! :) xx

    @Lydia: Thank you my love! :) Well, I 've seen swatches of that Jazzed one, and I can barely see a difference from Ever Hip, haven't swatched it in store though.. but I bet they 're very very similar! :) xoxo

  21. @fashion written with a lipstick: You 're super sweet doll, thank you! :)
    I 'm sure that these colours are gonna be super pretty on you too, especially with your stunning eyes and lips! :) xoxo

    @Georgia: Lol, thanks sweetie! Well, it's in my to-do list, but it's a bit more...technical for me for the time being... it needs a bit more practice (I 'm a complete novice when new different fomulas are involved)... I 'll surely post about it if I find a way to get it to work for me! ;) xxx

    @Lorien BeautyLove: Thank you hun! Yes, I think that that's the best way to go about it, cos the more you try to plan it or think it, the worst they end up being, lol!!! :) xxx

    @fantastic: Thank you girlie!!! :))) Yeah, the pants are in the harem style, but not quite so, pity they don't show well in the photo: they don't have a drop crotch, they just crossover at the front, so the rear looks very defined, lol, it's just the front that appears loose! Personally I think that the genuine drop-crotch looks weird and very few ppl can pull it off! Smart design by ZARA (hmmm, I wonder they ripped off this time, lol)! :DD xxxx

  22. @A Brit Greek: Yes, lol, the photo thing is so common on many bloggers... and after you decide which ones are cool enough (correction: the least unflattering) to post, there's the editing part that takes forever, lol!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and glad you liked this post! I 'll try to make these more often! :) xxxx

  23. I LOVE your OOTD Hun! You've got to do more of these - you have great taste in fashion from all those shopping haul posts you do :)
    You look beautiful with simple makeup - the grey really compliments the blue in your eyes and coral is such a pretty lip and nail colour for summer :)
    Have a lovely day!

  24. Yay for your first OOTD, you look like such a little rock chick- i love it!! :) The coral lips look lovely too, i think i am going to have to buy a coral lipstick as it looks fab for summer days. The grey shadow goes so well as well!

  25. great blog x

  26. Hi sweetie! aww u look gorgeous :D love the makeup, the lips are fab. I also really like your T-shirt and the cool watch <3

  27. @Karen: Lol, thank you so much honey!!! And noted - I 'll definitely make more of these posts in the future, if the camera is nice to you, they 're not so hard to make, lol! Thanx for your sweet comment! xxx

    @Gemma: Thank you honey, yes, it worked well! And yeah, you definitely need a more coral lipstick, bet you 're gonna love it all summer! ;) And you 're right, the feel of that day was more rock chick than anything else, guess it was that t-shirt, lol! :) xxx

    @Charleston: Thank you! :)

    @Delance Fashion: Awww... thank you SO much love, that was a super sweet comment! :) xoxo


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