Lip Products for Nude/Neutral lovers: Rouge Bunny Rouge & Hourglass

Hello guys!

First of all, let me just say a huge "Thank You" to all of you for leaving me such sweet comments on my latest post below. I 'll be sure to make more OOTD/FOTD posts in the future! :)

So, this will be a post entirely dedicated to lip products from a couple of brands that are slightly more prestigious than usual: Rouge Bunny Rouge and Hourglass.
Now, I must admit that even though I don't have a huge experience with these brands, I do feel very confident in buying from them, since they both make products that aim to nourish and protect the skin with their ingredients, as well as offering great colour ranges.

Lip products are a safe way to approach any brand imo (well, anything from a brand's colour range for that matter), and me being the nude lip afficionado that I am, well, my choices were pretty obvious(fret not though, no corpsey lips in sight):

Swatches from left to right are: 1. RBR Lip Balm, 2. RBR lipstick in "The Plot Thickens", 3. RBR lipgloss in "Birthday Suit" and 4. Hourglass lipgloss in "Eden".

Let's start with lipcare:

1. Rouge Bunny Rouge "Kiss Elixir" Lip Balm. This product deserves a swatch of its own if only for its glossiness! It's probably even glossier than clear lipgloss, it's crazy! "Kiss Elixir" is a slightly yellowy lip balm, that goes on basically clear when applied and has a liquid consistency, similar to that of a sheer lipgloss.
What I first noticed when I applied it (well despite the extreme glossiness), was the intense honey scent, that was surprisingly not an artificial one! Personally, I like the scent of honey, but I can see that for some it could be slightly irritating, as it's quite strong.
After a few seconds, I could feel a tingling sensation on my lips (apparently the lip balm contains mint), but I can't say I understand what the point of that is (ok, it feels refreshing, but it's not what I look for in a lip balm).
Another thing worth mentioning is that this lip balm is extremely sticky. Of course, this does mean that it stays on for hours, but if stickiness is a factor in your lip product purchases, then you should take note of that.
So... does it actually work?
Yes and no. It's a nice enough product, but (and it's a big but) only if you don't have very dry lips. I found that if I used it as a preventive treatment, it would work nicely, but I couldn't rely on it to soften the dry bits, so that they 'd go away easier. And, since it's so sticky and glossy, it's completely inappropriate for priming your lips before lipstick/lipgloss application.
Of course, this could double as a lipgloss itself, which would be my main recommended use for this product; a night-time treatment would be my other one, neither of these two uses, however, make it a must-have item in my eyes.

2. Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick in 012 - The Plot Thickens. As you can see from the swatch, this lipstick is a wearable pinky nude, definitely not one that would
give you scary concealer lips. It has good pigmentation (my little scar compared to the lip balm photo is not obvious) and goes on creamy.
Apparently, this is described as a satin finish, but it's definitely not like the satin finish lipsticks by MAC; I 'd say that it gives a very flattering sheen, without it being obnoxiously frosty.

3. Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipgloss in 029 - Birthday Suit. This lipgloss is a light caramel beige with a hint of copper, infused with superfine gold and pink shimmer. What impressed me about the shimmer particles is that they were densely packed within the lipgloss, meaning they wouldn't spread out so easily, so it's less likely to end up with sparkly bits around your mouth after a few hours of wearing this. It has medium/medium+ pigmentation and while it's not annoyingly sticky on the lips (actually bearable by my standards), you wouldn't want your hair flying towards your lips on a windy day, so... yeah.

What's also worth saying about those RBR products (the lipstick&lipgloss), is that:
a. they make a good combination (evidence below) and
b. they 're not just for the lighter skintones. I could easily picture someone with a tanned or medium complexion wearing these and rocking them, however if you 're way too tanned or dark, then these may not be your cup of tea.

And lastly:

4. Hourglass Lipgloss in Eden. I know I 'm not the first to review the Hourglass Prodigy range lipglosses, but not many have reviewed this shade (from my small research that is). Eden is described as a neutral beige, and even though I 'd say it's slightly warmer than that, it's still definitely in the nude family. I 'm not entirely sure that my lip swatch is accurate, so I included a photo of the Hourglass model (love her red hair btw, completely off-topic) wearing it, as it's a pretty accurate depiction.
This lipgloss contains small flecks of pink and gold shimmer, but it doesn't rely on them to reflect light, since it's very glossy itself (my first hand swatch shows that the best). It's not sticky and it applies evenly and smoothly, you can definitely tell that this is a luxurious product on your lips.
Its only downside is that it's not very pigmented, but it certainly gives a nice definition. I 've never used this phrase before, but I 'd definitely classify this as a "my lips but better" - type product (I mean, come on, look at the model).
As for the packaging, I don't have much to say about it: yeah, maybe the square shape fits clutches and small bags better (maaaybe), but I seriously doubt I could get all of the product out once it starts to run out (I can see the edges collecting a lot of the product and why would I have to squeeze it like a toothpaste?). Also, you have to be a bit careful when putting the cap back on, not very convenient when in a hurry. The way I see it, they put a great lipgloss in impractical packaging.

So, that was it for my reviews, but I feel the need to say a few more words before I hit publish.

These products were purchased through the Zuneta website, a website I was very reluctant to shop from again, due to their insane shipping charges. However, I was very pleased to discover that things changed not long after my first order (and ranty post).
European shipping now is a reasonable 6-7 pounds, (not sure how much international shipping is, I think it's around 12-15), meaning that frequent orders is actually an option now.
And a "thank you" to Zu Rafalat, for taking my initial opinion into consideration and improving Zuneta's customer service, and also, for being extremely honest with me.
No, this is not a sponsored "thank you" or whatever, a website improved their customer service, and this is something worth mentioning.
I 'd love to see more websites/companies actually bother doing something to prevent a future customer from a negative experience, it would mean that they're taking their business seriously.

So, guys, let me know what you think about these products?
Have you tried them/would you? :)

And have you ever felt that your opinion as a consumer/customer can actually make a difference?

What's your opinion?

  1. Excellent post! Great swatches and very thorough review! I haven't tried any of these products,but you made me want to try them :P The combo of the lipstick and the gloss in particular looks amazing! I feel it really suits your colors. Again,excellent post tina! :)
    Tonia xx

  2. You have a very careful and honest eye on the products you buy- that's very helpful! I totally see why you wonder how to get the last bits out of the hourglass packaging! You would probably need to cut it open and put it into another container, yikes!
    I order from Zuneta, too, they do come across very nice.
    Do you live in Greece?! How come your English is so perfect, I'm speechless!

  3. Wow! Great post! Really informative! Thank you!

  4. You are the best in terms of reviewing!!Great post but havent try them yet!!Hugs

  5. Great reviews Hun! That's good that Zuneta has more reasonable shipping costs now and that you got a response to your customer service improvement suggestion. Yes, I find that companies are getting better at responding and listening to customer service complaints/suggestions. It would be wise on the part of the company to do so anyways because nowadays there's so much competition on the market that it's too easy to lose a good customer. I got a partial refund on my last online order for fake eye lashes because the company screwed up my order.
    The products you reviewed sound good for the most part and I love the colours of #1 & #2. I haven't come across a lip balm quite as shiny as the RBR Kiss Elixir Lip balm - I can totally see myself doubling up on it as a lipgloss ;) I agree the packaging for #4 is a bit of a pain...but I guess they want to be unique. I haven't tried any RBR or Hourglass products although the Hourglass eye shadow palettes have amazing quality when I have tested them at Sephora! Quite a bit on the pricey side though :(
    Have a lovely weekend Hun!

  6. Great post! I love Hourglass and Rouge Bunny Rouge products so it's always nice to see more swatches and reviews. I really like the look of The Plot Thickens and Eden.

    I think Zuneta is a great etailer. I've first hand experience of their Customer Services and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. It's great that Zu took your comments on board and you were able to return for a more positive shopping experience.
    Jane x

  7. @Tonia: Thank you darling! :) I 'm pretty sure you 'd enjoy these products too, I think they 'd work well with your skintone as well! :) xxx

    @Sam: Thank you so much, your comment means a lot. Yes, I think it's very important for any blogger to show the pros and cons of any product (otherwise what's the point, it wouldn't be much different from an advertisement) and I 'm definitely trying to do that on my blog.
    Thanx for seeing what I meant about the Hourglass packaging, you 're right, you 'd prob have to cut it open, but it would be so much hassle... plus really, it's a wide product (with a hard back) and it does take space in clutches (if anything it makes them more bulky), surely a regular tube of lipgloss at the bottom of a clutch doesn't take THAT much space...!
    Yes, I 'm Greek! :) I 've been fairly fluent in English, but I guess all that reading/listening/writing in English for over a year now has helped a lot too! :) xxx

    @Catanya: Thank you dear, I 'm glad you found it helpful! Hope you 're well, thx for stopping by! :) xx

    @Blushingloves: You 're so sweet love, you 're making me blush, lol! xoxo

  8. @Karen: Thank you Karen! :) Yes, it was a nice surprise to find that someone was actually willing to improve their service and take a blogger's opinion into consideration! We surely can make a difference, I was just reading earlier that UDPP is being repackaged into a squeezable tube, halleluiah, lol!
    Personally, I think that all of those lip products would work on you, I love that they do look pretty natural on!
    I 'll be looking into Hourglass more, perhaps those eyeshadows... I agree it's pricey, so they would be more of a treat, but I 'm very happy so far and many makeup artists seem to use Hourglass as well...! xoxoxo

    @ModestyBrown: Thank you dear, it was nice to post something other than MAC MAC MAC for a change, lol!
    I 'd get those products if I were you, they 're lovely on!
    And you 're right about Zuneta's CS - I was completely disappointed at first, but they made major improvements not long after! I 'd recommend them too now! xx

  9. Thank you for your throughout answer on my comment and the nice conversation yesterday! I totally get you on the lip gloss tube concern, it's annoying!
    In the meantime I'm trying to improve my English - one year it takes, you say?! But it's gonna be worth it.
    I've really got the feeling that you do everything the right way. Please keep it going!

  10. Thats a killer combo...Everytime I am tempted to buy HOURGLASS lipgloss, esp for that cute container..But its expensive...Sephora shud hve sale often..

  11. Ooo the plot thickens + birthday suit is kind of amazing! I admit I must be out of the loop because I've never heard of RBR before..I like the looks of it! I've always wanted to try Hourglass stuff. I do agree that the packaging seems a bit on the impractical side :) I guess they're trying to be unique!

    Random but I just want to say that I love reading your posts. You're very eloquent and informative! I like your style! xoxox ~Holly

  12. Great swatches!! Love my nudes.

    On a more geekier note. Also upon discovering your blog I love how you display your images using Lightbox. Well done. I want to do this too but find its a hassle to use a separate server for the files and reuploading all my pics. If you have any advice on that please let me know.

    Keep it up.
    KK xoxo

  13. Oh neat! I didn't know UDPP is coming out in a squeezable tube. Thanks for sharing Hun :) I haven't used UDPP in probably half a year since I switched over to MAC paint pots. They do the job just as well for me as the UDPP did and I think for a better price :\ But I'll look out for the new packaging in Sephora ;)

  14. @Sam: You have no idea how big a smile your comment had put on my face when I first read it!!! :) I try to blog staying true to myself and respecting my readers and fellow bloggers, but that can sometimes cause conflict! But I promise to focus on the positive aspects of it from now on! :)
    Take your time with the language - oh and btw you 're doing great already!
    You 'll see that the more you use it, reading, writing and listening to YT videos, the quicker your skills will improve! ;) xxx

    @resham: So, true, Hourglass is one of the pricey ones, but so far I think it's worth it! Not to mention I 've got my eyes on one of their regular packaged! :) xoxoxo

    @ellamarie84: Well, I think it's nice to mix it up and try to find new brands, I know I 'm fed up with MAC MAC MAC all the time!
    Yes, the packaging is slightly impractical and I think it ends up taking more space than normal ones, but the actual product is really nice... eh, win some, loose some! :)
    Thanks for the support Hol, you 're a sweetheart! xoxxx

    @Rakhshanda: Thank you dear, hope you get a chance to try some of them! :)

  15. @GiveMeFashionNow: Thank you dear!

    @Kei Kei: Thank you for your lovely comment, I 'm glad you liked my post!
    As for lightbox, I don't use a different server for my photos, I just use the regular blogger uploader, all the pics are uploaded to your picasa web google page. Of course there's a 1GB limit, but it's not a cause for concern for me atm (only using 2% of it this far)! Let me know if you have any other questions, I 'd be happy to help (assuming I did now)! xx

    @Karen: I 'm really not sure when they 'll release the new UDPP, I 'm hoping it's soon (although with all their palette talk I doubt they 're focusing on shipping the newly packaged UDPP as well). I 've been hearing good things about the NARS eyeshadow primer too, those that 've tried it say it's better than UDPP! Would love to test that myself at some point! xxxx

    @Fashion-rocks: Thank you! :)

  16. Great post. I love what you got.. I think that lipstick looks amazing on you and now youve made me want the elixir as i neeed honey in my life!! xx

  17. @Tali: Thank you hun! It really is a great lipstick and it's always one I usually wear when in a lipstick dilemma, lol! :) Well, if you love anything honey scented, then I strongly suggest the lip balm, it's one of the strongest honey scented products I 've ever come across!!! ;)


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