Becca Sheer Lip Tints: review and swatches!

Hello everyone! :)

Today's post will be on a product that I think falls under the radar (for the most part) within the beauty blogosphere: Becca's Sheer Lip Tints.

Now, these aren't your average lipsticks, in fact they're advertised as hydrating lip colours, that protect and nourish your lips. And with ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, honey and vitamin E, they do just that: their moisturising properties are immediately noticeable once applied on the lips!

The texture of these lip tints is very lightweight, in fact I 'd say that they 're pretty much halfway between a lipstick and a lip balm.
Of course, by biggest concern when ordering these, was that they weren't going to provide any coverage at all, knowing that they are sheer and moisturising lip products. Thankfully, that wasn't the case:

From what you can see on the photo above, they 're not as sheer as one would have thought and even though you can dab them on lightly, you can also get a lot more colour from a heavier application. I 'd say the coverage varies between sheer and medium, depending on the way you apply them on your lips.

Here's the lip swatches of the shades I went for (pretty safe choices, as usual):

- Estella is a beigey pink nude shade,
- Gisella is a neutral dusty pink, perfect all around the clock,
- Vendela is a lovely rose shade, and
- Laelia is a light brick colour (the perfect balance between an orange and a brown).

Their finish, as shown on the swatches, is not frosty at all (none of them contains any shimmer btw), but not matte either: they leave your lips with a very subtle sheen, sophisticated enough to satisfy those that detest any hint of frost on their lips!
Sadly, that subtle shine doesn't stay on for very long, the colour, however, would last on your lips for a good few hours (it passed my grilled cheese sandwich/water bottle test), without settling into those finer lines.

A couple more things worth mentioning are: a. the packaging: silver, sleek and heavy (nth like the...garish rouge volupte's), with a screw top that makes sure the lipstick won't accidentally open, and b. the pleasant scent, which is a mix of caramel, vanilla and cocoa butter.

Unfortunately, these products are not on the cheaper end of the spectrum (keep in mind that prices vary hugely from one e-tailer to another), but from my experience so far, they 're worth it!

Hope this post was of some help to someone (especially since the crappy swatches on the Becca website are more confusing than anything else)!

So, have you tried these sheer lip tints or any other sheer lip products/alternative to lipsticks?

What's your opinion?

  1. Pretty colours! I love Estella on you...such a pretty neutral colour:)

  2. These look great, really wanting Vendela now!

  3. These are beautiful! They all look great on you! Especially Estella and Laelia! xx

  4. I love the colors you chose and I like the fact that they have a nice sheen to them. I've never tried anything from Becca so far but I'd like to. Did you get then from

  5. 1&2 gorgeous!!! Actually all are gorgeous but i love those 2 the most!!!!!!xxx

  6. They look very interesting, will have to check these out. Thanks for the heads up ;) x

  7. I have Estella, of course, the safest of the bunch!! I like it a lot, but now that I see your lip swatches I have to say I really like the look of Vendela (though I'd probably end up buying Gisella, knowing me!). I agree with you, these are nicely moisturizing and provide a good amount of colour despite their name, definitely a great product! I have a similar kind of product by Italian brand Royal Effem, don' know if you have it in Greece (not a great name for a make up brand, but it does some make good things! Royalkia Effemkia...hahaha! No, I'm taking it too far!!! Did Ancient Greek at uni, unfortunately I have no real knowledge of modern Greek! I can just about read the ingredients' list on products :) ) xx

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  9. Good to see these shades on lips- you're right, the color swatches on the web-side are pretty useless.
    Great choice, I adore the shine of the lip tints!!

  10. Great review Hun :)
    I don't think I have any lipsticks with a screw you pointed out that would come in handy since often my lipstick caps do come off in my purse or makeup bag :\
    The last lip tint I had was the Burt's Bees and I didn't repurchase it because it was more like a shimmer lip balm than anything - which is fine for people who like it but I like matte pigmented lipsticks :)
    As you said, Becca is on the pricier side so I'm glad these lived up to your expectations! And your swatches are always helpful since I know, website swatches are often soooooo far from reality.

  11. Great review hun!!And the swatches!!They all look fabulous on you!!Havent try them but love the way they look(as seen)!!!I'm going to check them!!!Hugs

  12. Estella looks pretty, will surely include this in my wishlist.

    Found you blog today and Im your new follower.

    Hope you can check out mine too. Thanks :)


  13. Love the review sweets! I really wanna try Estella and Laelia :D fab colours <3

  14. Mmmm, Becca! They all look so pretty and "healthy", especially #2!

    Haven't heard of the brand before though, now I have to check out the website ;)

    Great, informative post!


  15. these are so pretty! once you find a formula you like, you've really got to pick up all the you did ;) i'll check these out!

  16. I have never even heard of these but they sound like exactly what I look for in a lip product! Love estella and gisella! The other two colors are beautiful as well!! Great review as always, you're the best reviewer around ;)

    Oh, and I'm craving grilled cheese, thanks to you! xoxox

  17. @Lotus: Thank you my dear! Yes, Estella is a very "safe" nude, nth concealer-ish about it, lol! :) xx

    @3ate4: I 've been dying to wear this on a night out, it would look amazing! Hope you can score it, I don't think you 'd be disappointed! :) x

    @CocoBella: Thank you darling! And... your taste agrees 100% with mine, those two are the ones I wear the most! :) xxx

    @Pasiphae: Well, I thought I 'd play it safe, especially since they 're a lot more vibrant than the website swatches, I don't think the darker mauvier ones would look good on me (I am tempted though, must admit, haha)! Yes, I got all of mine from, it's a good option for us europeans (no customs charges etc)! xxx

  18. @Tali: And I could totally imagine you wearing both of these, especially knowing that you love anything, well, glossy, lol! :) xoxo

    @Georgia: You 're welcome koukla, just doing my "job" as a beauty blogger! All jokes aside, these are some pretty good lip products! xxx

    @Anna: Well, we start on the safer side and then go wild! Lol! Meaning I really wanna try out a bolder shade, but the websites swatches are so far off, I could end up like a clown, lol! Yes, their formula is amazing, and they actually do colour the lips, sth I was afraid they wouldn't!
    Lol@ your name suggestion, that would be... interesting to say the least! Sadly, I don't think we get that here..! :( Thanks for the lovely comment! :) xxxx

    @Sam: This is when blogging comes in handy (to help the purchases of fellow beauty addicts that is, lol)! Yes, they're lovely on the lips, wish the sheen would last a liiiittle more, but, eh, what can you do! xx

  19. @Karen: Exactly, practical and sleek, and not at all gimmicky (*ahem, Hourglass lipgloss), what more can you ask for! I really really wanna try Burt's Bees, the regular lip balm range, but I have 3 (!) lip balms/moisturisers to go through, so I can't justify another! And yep, I know you like your lipsticks on the pigmented side, so I don't believe these would be for you... just curious, do u get Becca there? xxx

    @Blushingloves: Thank you doll! Do check them out! I know they 're expensive (ok, clearly not your average lipstick purchase), but so worth it in my opinion! Do keep us updated if u get any! <3 <3 <3 Makia! xxx

    @ilvoeshopping: Glad you enjoyed this post dear! And welcome! :) x

    @Delance Fashion: Hey Emilie! :) Grab some and come here for vacation round 2, I can assure u they 'll keep your lips moisturised in the heat (these past 2-3 days feels like summer all over again)! :DDD Hope you 're well doll! xxx

  20. @cbsg5861: "Mmmm" is spot on, they smell delish as well, haha! Thanks hun! xxxx

    @fantastic: Guilty as charged!!! Will I ever learn? Will I? I bought more storage drawers today, so I 'm guessing not, haha! xoxoxo

    @ellamarie84: Only with cream cheese and oregano (or thyme), plain grilled cheese is just vile! Lol!
    Your comment made my day you know, you 're SOOO sweet! Thanks my love! xxxx

  21. That website for Gossip Girl is cool...I am enjoying reading it a lot...SERENA is my fav...She is GORGEOUS, SEXY AND STYLISH!!

  22. That website for Gossip Girl is cool...I am enjoying reading it a lot...SERENA is my fav...She is GORGEOUS, SEXY AND STYLISH!!

  23. @reshamn: Finally, sm1 who likes Serena's style more than Blair's.. I swear, I dont get it when ppl say Blair is their favourite, surely, I get she's classy and all that, but isn't that look it a little OTT for a girl in her twenties...? Although, I suppose Blake Lively and her boobage thing is sometimes a little more than one would ask for.. hmmm! xx

  24. Vendela looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I love how glossy it is!

  25. @Blusherine: Thank you dear! Yep, they 're all fairly glossy, I love that about them! And Vendela is the more.. grown-up shade of the bunch! :) xox


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