Gossip Girl: sneak peek into Season 4 fashion!

I 'm sure that all of you Gossip Girl fans out there know that Season 4 premieres next Monday, right?

Well, here are some collages that I made featuring some of the outfits on the first episodes of the season.

(original pics from people.com and gossipgirlfashion.net)
And here's a little behind the scenes sneak peek:

Will you be tuning in for season 4?

What's your opinion?

  1. I love Gossip Girl - but it's a guilty pleasure. My boyfriend was stuck abroad for 2 weeks during the ash cloud and I watched all 3 seasons whilst he was away! I love the fashions so much - Blair is my fave! xx

  2. Will definatly be watching!! I only just saw the last couple of season 3's episodes last weekend so im kind of excited to see what happens next now

  3. Yay! When is it airing over here though babe?

    I stupidly left you another comment on the wrong post - see neon nails post, saw some cool polish that you'd like!

  4. I love Gossip girl. I watched all 3 seasons again this summer and I was so obsessed I called my friend Blair (her name is Claire!). I can't wait for season 4 although it might take a while before it gets here. My favorite style is Serena's, and she's gorgeous too!

  5. Of course I'll be tuning in! I don't love Gossip Girl as much as I used to (90210 has stolen my heart!! And Little J annoys me with her broodishness..hahaha) but I LOVE love love the wardrobe on this show! Vanessa is hands down my favorite..she has boho-chic down to a T!

  6. I'm really the only person that doesn't watch TV :P Seriously....I watch the occassional movie but that's it. I haven't tuned into any Sex in the City or Gossip Girl episode. My wardrobe is probably outdated because of it LOL

  7. I sooo Love Gossip Girl! ;) I can't wait for the next season!

  8. absof****glutely :)It's crisp, lively, witty and I just love the actor playing Chuck Bas, he's brilliant! Is it going to be broadcasted from the same Greek channel or what?

  9. @TheBristolBeautyBlog: Yep, agreed, it's a must-watch, if only for the fashion! Admittedly, season 3 was weaker plot-wise, I hope they pick up this season! xx

    @Gemma: Hehe, sounds like you 've done a little revision, lol! I 'd love to watch some of the older episodes again before catching up on season 4, but with exams this months, I doubt I 'll even have time for the new episodes...! :( xoxo

    @A BRIT GREEK: Season 4 on Star channel u mean? Um, maybe in a year or two..? Lol! Online is the only way to keep up with all those shows (I mean, I watch IT crowd, who would have EVER aired it here, LOL)! xxx

    @Pasiphae: I love Serena's style the most too, with a slight touch of Vanessa's and Jenny's.. of course I lack Blake Lively's boobs and long legs, so yeah, that's a problem, haha! :) xx

  10. @ellamarie84: 90210 has THE best storylines around... I love all of the characters on 90210, whereas GG, they tend to be predictable instead of evolving... Fashion-wise though, they're still number 1! ;) xxx

    @Karen: No SATC??? You have to start asap, haha! :) I was hooked when I discovered it, give it a try, if only for its cult status! ;) xxx

    @✿Lady.Mitchelli✿: Well, the wait is almost over! xx

    @Pink_Fish: I know, Ed Westwick is kinda (or a lot) hot, haha! Lucky girl that Szohr! I have no idea what Star does with GG, but it's definitely going to be a yr or more from now until we see season 4 episodes here.. online is my solution to the problem! :) xx

  11. @tina_mbc: Hi Hun! For sure, I'll even youtube an episode (or a portion of one) and let you know :) I could definitely use the fashion tips!
    I hope you're having a lovely day :)

  12. GG is an enless source of style inspiration! I am not really into the plot, but the clothes are to die for! Polla filia!

  13. i just finished watching episode 2 today...i loved Chuck's styling in this one...

    But then, it may be that I love Chuck in whatever he's wearing..he's my favorite!

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  15. Hey Lovely blog sweetie!! Love your look of the week.

  16. Love love love looooove gossip girl
    omg so perfect
    and also love your blog
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  17. @Froso: Yes, agreed! The plot is turning into soap-opera-ish lately (although I 'm already loving season 4 more than season 3), but the clothes....! Ah, they always have amazing outfits that one can steal ideas from! ;) xxx

    @fantastic: I know, I loved the James Dean thing a LOT too... too bad they didn't keep it though, but then again, it seems they 're going towards a different direction lately as opposed to the very loud collars and scarfs he used to wear in the past... We shall see! ;) xxx

    @Rakhshanda: Thank you so much dear! :) Ah, the look of the week needs to be changed, I just hadn't had the time! :) x

    @heroine temptation: Thank you for your lovely comment! xx


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