Latest favourites!

It's been a while since my last "monthly favourites" post - I 'm so bad at keeping up with these!

But, it's time I did one! So, if you 'd like to learn about the products that I 've been mostly using recently (i.e. in the last month or so), please read on:

1. The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter. I 've been taking a break from the Korres body butters that I use almost religiously and currently using up this one instead. I adore the rich coconut scent (which Korres lacks in their body butter line and should probably fix that), but not quite feeling the same about the quality: I find the TBS body butters to be a little tacky after the application. I guess, however, that now that it's winter and I 'm covered up completely, it's not that big of an issue.

2. NARS Orgasm blush. I had a little fall out with this one around September/October, probably due to my summer tan fading - I could not get it to look anything other than muddy. However, a paler-than-pale skin plus a light hand plus an application that focuses on the outer part of the cheeks seem to work wonders at the moment! :) Swatches and mini review can be found here.

3. MAC The Faerie Glen lipstick. From the recent Tartan Tale collection, The Faerie Glen is an extremely wearable and non-offensive nude shade; I 'd describe it as a pink based brown nude. It's a lustre finish, but I think it's a little more pigmented than the average lustre. Personally, I 'm in love and I think that any nude lipstick lover that's looking for a more wearable alternative should own this!

4. OPI Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees. This is an oldie (fall '09) but a goodie. Almost black from a distance, it's actually a deep greyish blue, think blue chinese ink mixed with charcoal and you have this shade. I 've been wearing it almost non stop, which something I rarely do with nail polish, that's how much I 've been loving this recently!

5. MUFE Aqua Cream in 13 Warm Beige. It swatches true to the photo above, beautiful colour for daytime! I love that I can get about 7 hours of wear without it creasing on me (without a primer)! I just apply a small amount with my finger, blend a bit and out the door!

Also, keep in mind that Orgasm, The Faerie Glen and the Aqua Cream in Warm Beige make a really nice romantic makeup look - if any of you have these products or at least two of them, you might want to wear them together, you'll see what I 'm talking about! ;)

So, what products have you been using lately?
Any new or old discoveries? :) Let me know below!

What's your opinion?

  1. Love love love TBS body butters, my HG is Shea, I use it all winter time for years. I find Coconut's scent too strong for my taste, sometimes it makes me nauseous!
    That l/s looks sooo pretty, it's from the Holiday collection?

  2. I'd love to try every single one of your favorites. I'm not very much into the favorites thing because I like lots of things for different reasons and uses. But I could say that my recent purchases were very good: (all Kryolan products) angled brush No10, lipshine circle, satin powder in No4 and Perfect matt face primer. xxx

  3. That lipstick looks totally different on you than it does on me!! Love the way it looks on you.. very much suits! <3 xxx

  4. will the mac lipstick be in permanent collection?

  5. I love the body shop body butters too, i want all of their scents haha! My love lately has been my new YSL lipstick in rouge volupte, i love this range.

  6. I love romanitc make up looks!and I have to get Nars orgasm!its in my wish list!enjoyed your favorites so much girlie!!!and love the way you are writting!!!

  7. MAC The Faerie Glen looks like such a pretty colour - I honestly have been avoiding makeup stores the past few months as I need to work my way through my stash a bit hehe
    And I love the scent of TBS Body Butters! I just got a Mango one today - probably my favourite scented body butter...although it doesn't beat TBS Vanilla Lotion in my books (have you tried TBS Vanilla lotion?). I know what you mean about the quality. That's why I just before applying it my skin, I mix 50% scented lotion/body butter with 50% Aveeno Daily Moisturizer - my HG skin moisturizer.
    Hmmm....products I've been loving lately....well, I've loved MAC Corduroy and MAC Soft Brown so much I've been wearing it almost everyday since Springtime LOL And I love Armani Code perfume. My skincare is the same - I've been pretty loyal to my Aveeno and Cetaphil skincare stuff for years :)

  8. I really love the TBS body butters, i remember when they first came out and i think Mango was the one i kept using for ages esp. in summer for glistening legs! But i do know what you mean about how it feels after the application if that's not what you're going for! The smells are incredible though.

    That shade of lippy looks gorgeous on you!

  9. What I love about the Body Shop body butters is that they come in a variety of scents, as well as different formulas for various skin types- so there's no way you won't find your favourite among the range. Really clever of them... I was a massive fan of the Almond body butter, that until they discontinued it. They always discontinue the best ones :(

    Pretty lippie!!! I've been thinking of trying out a lustre or a satin, especially Lustering or Pink Nouveau ;)

  10. I need to check out that aqua cream. I love their aqua creams but haven't seen that colour before.

  11. Nice selection! I'm loving the lipstick shade, it's very pretty and quite easy to wear with many looks I think.

    Ahhhhh the Body Shop body butters, I love them. I am currently using the lemon one :)

  12. That lipstick looks lovely! I really like the sound of the Aqua Creme, Orgasm and Faerie Glen worn together. Thanks for sharing x

  13. that faerie glen was an absolute must! you truly love your nudes, and can point out great new ones all the time :) it looks great on you! x

  14. @SophiaPeaches: Yes, the lipstick was from the Tartan Tale collection, I doubt it still being available...
    I know what you mean about the TBS body butters, sometimes the coconut scent is just too creme-y (if that makes sense), shea is always a classic choice! ;) xxx

    @Arietta: Well favourites is just another way of talking about most used products at any given time really...
    You're definitely making me want to try Kryolan products! Would my n00b-ness be able to make good use of them though or would they be useless in my hands? Lol! xxxx

    @Tali: I had to look back at your post to see what you meant: wow, huge difference, both in tone, as well as our descriptions of it! Amazing how much skintone can play a role, huh (see, now u can't complain that you're pale, hehe!)? xox

    @evi: I don't think so, this is probably one of their LE shades... Sorry I can't help you more (however I think a pink based nude layered with sth like Blankety would give a similar effect...)! x

  15. @EllysMakeupbag: Sounds like u have great taste in general! ;) Yes, don't you just love the creaminess of the Rouge Voluptes? :) x

    @Blushingloves: Thank you doll, your comment made me smile (once again)! :) Needless to say that the same thing happens to me when I read your posts too, from the writing to the content! ;) xxxxx

    @Karen: I 've been trying to cut down on makeup purchases too lately, in fact I feel I need to set some ground rules for the next year!
    I know what you mean about Mango, I used to LOVE it a couple of summers ago and after the sexy shea and the exotic coconut it's my favourite body butter scent from TBS!
    Okies, so, Vanilla lotion, Corduroy and Soft Brown are musts, I must remember when the sales start! ;)
    Thank you so much for sharing doll! xxx

    @A BRIT GREEK: Mango scent plus summer equals bliss, I agree! However, having tried Korres, I think they make slightly superior body butters (only in consistency, they do lack in the scent department, like you said)! Eh, win some lose some I guess...!
    And thank you! ;) xxx

  16. @cbsg5861: Omg, yes, thank you, why the hell do they always always always discontinue the products that you like the most?
    I remember one SA at the TBS once, she wanted to sell me some new seasonal product, I was like "no thanks, who knows if you haven't discontinued it by the time I want to repurchase", lol!
    Lustering swatches so pretty! As for Pink Nouveau, wish I could pull it off, way too cool for me...! xxx

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: The aqua creams are great products, I 've covered the basic neutrals, but now I want the purple, lol! I 'll be reviewing them some time in the future, they're really lovely eyeshadows! xx

    @Cel: Yes, I 'm all for easy-to-pair non-fussy lip products, especially since you usually have to re-apply them during the day! Lemon sounds really fresh, maybe I should stop at TBS tomorrow! Hmm! :) xx

    @ModestyBrown: Aw, glad you liked my post dear! :) xxx

  17. @fantastic: Hehe, yep, you know my love for nudes by now! ;) And now I 'm eyeing a L'oreal one (god knows I don't need more lipsticks...)! Help! Haha! xxxx

  18. lovely faves! although i do have to say that the coconut body butter is not my favourite scent from BS. I have the coconut shimmer bb and the lotion and tbh i don't like it. Its scent is too artificial. However my favourite scent is Moringa which is aimed at normal/dry skin as the cocunut one does and for when i'm drier i use the almond one. I see where you're coming from when it comes to greasyness i noticed that too having used 4 BS body butters so far but i find that this happens when they're of thicker consistency like aimed at drier skin? I mean i didn't noticed anything like that when i used the rasberry one which was aimed at normal skin... anyway WHAT a ramble..xD

    i would highly recommend going to hondos center and getting the Corpus coconut body milk, it's extremely cheap, smells DIVINE, almost like you poured coconut milk in it and is very moisturising for a milk and that comes from a girl who's got dry PATCHEs of skin during the winter months.

    anyway, sorry you had to read that :) xx

  19. How did I miss that Tartan Tale Lipstick? Its lovely!
    I need to buy at least one MUFE Aqua cream...2011 LIST BEGINS....


  20. @fashion written with a lipstick: Yes, you're right, the drier the skin the body butters are aimed at, the higher the chances of a thick and tacky consistency, however, on me, all TBS body butters behave like that!!!
    I 'll try the Corpus one, sounds divine! Thank you for the recommendation doll! And happy new year! xxx

    @resham: Hehe, when do those lists ever end, that would be the real question! ;)
    Happy 2011 girl, may it make your wishes come true! :) xxx

  21. I've been so out of the MAC collection loop, I didn't even notice that gorgeous lipstick! It is SO beautiful on you! Now I want it too...uh oh.

    I've never bought a MUFE Aqua Cream, but have heard such great reviews! That shade looks perfect, something I would def. go for myself!

    p.s. sorry for my commenting spree on your blog, teehee! I just needed to catch up!

  22. @ellamarie84: No worries about the comments, keep em coming hehe!
    Btw, as far as Aqua Creams go, I 've actually become quite the fan, I 've covered the basic shades and now thinking of sth more...colourful! Do check them out and swatch them if you get the chance! ;) xxxx


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