In the holiday spirit: Christmas EOTD & NOTD!

Hello everyone!
Hope you've all had the most wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, with lots of food and nice presents! :)

This will be a quick one from me, just to share with you all my festive eye&nail of the day!

So, let's start with the eye look:

In true Christmas spirit, I wanted to create a look using all of the three traditional Christmas colours - gold, red and green. Something which proved to be a bit of a challenge for me, since the only appropriate eyeshadows in my collection that fit that purpose were in pigment form; one which I 'm not really used to working with (so please be gentle in the comments)!

For the look above, I used:
- Illamasqua pigment in Ore for the inner third of the eyelid.
- Barry M dazzledust in Emerald Jewel (sadly discontinued, but any cross between a green and a teal would work just as well) for the outer two thirds.
- Illamasqua medium pencil in Severe for the lower lashline, topped with
- MAC glitter in Reflects Blackened Red.
- Liner is MAC Blacktrack Fluidline and mascara is L'oreal Volume Collagene.

Personally, I 'm fairly happy with the outcome, despite using clashing colours (not to mention using items I already owned).

And now for the NOTD:

Could anything be more fitting than China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa?
I think not!

Mommy Kissing Santa is a shimmery cherry red, quite deep and extremely festive! It goes opaque in two coats and I can imagine it being flattering for both those with pink undertones, as well as those with more olive ones.

So, what do you guys think, is it all too... predictable? Do you wear the classic Christmassy colours on Christmas day?
And how did you spend this Christmas?

What's your opinion?

  1. Xronia polla Tina mou! I like your eye look, it's so festive and glamorous. And the nail color is gorgeous. I don't mind being predictable and using golds, greens and reds. In fact I used all of them on my nails and lots of gold on my eyes. I wouldn't like a dull and dark smokey eye on Christmas day. I hope you had a lovely time yesterday. My best wishes for you and your family!

  2. Love the china glaze polish,so Christmasy :) And the eye look,I must admit it looks really good...Well done for blending all the colours together,they look fab, also really Christmasy :) And talking about Christmas,hope you had a lovely day <3 xoxo

  3. Πανεμορφο το eye makeup καθως κ το μανο!
    Πολλες ευχες για τις γιορτινες μερες!

  4. great eye look. looks a lot like MAC's club which I love. Hope you had a great Christmas.

  5. Xronia polla koukla!Both look Christmassy and oh,so pretty!
    (ps.gia to prohgoumeno post me ta Catrice, einai germanika, alla mporeis na ta breis online h na peis se kapoia allh blogger na sou steilei)

  6. I love your Christmas inspired makeup :) MAC Blackened Red looks like such a pretty colour as does the Barry M Green pigment. The gold looks awesome blended in with the green!
    Love the nail polish! OPI always comes up with the most fitting names
    Yes - I think it's fun to do your makeup along with seasonal themes.
    Ah, just spending the Christmas with family right now :) And pigging out and sleeping in a lot of course haha

  7. LOVE the eyes, they're so glitzy and festive! The nail polish is such a lovely colour and this might be weird but you have the nicest hands!!

  8. Beautiful makeup! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas xxx

  9. @Arietta: Χρονια πολλα κοριτσι! Thank you so much for that amazing comment, I must admit that you supporting and liking my eye makeup looks is one of the things that makes me wanna get better at it, so I really appreciate it!
    And yes, I wouldn't want a smokey eye/nude lip thing either, sometimes it's nice to be literal on these days (well maybe except for the handknitted reindeer jumpers, huh? LOL)! ;) xxx

    @λειντι ντι: Χρονια πολλα κοπελα μου! And thank you! :) xx

    @Glam and Glitter: Awww, thank you Tam, glad you liked this post! Hope you had an amazing time with your loved ones as well! :) xox

    @Artemi: Σ'ευχαριστω πολυ κουκλα! :) Και χρονια πολλα και καλα για σενα και τους δικους σου! xx

  10. @Georgia: Thank you girl, means a lot coming from you! Many holiday greetings! :) xxx

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: Thank you dear! Actually Club would go well with this look if one would want to add a crease colour! ;) xx

    @Ria: Χρονια πολλα Ρια μου! Thank you for your lovely comment! ;) xxx
    PS: Καλα το θυμομουν, δεν θυμαμαι ποια εβλεπα στο ΥΤ και τα ανεφερε κ το ειχα ψαξει προσφατα!

    @Lotus: Thank you! :)

  11. @Karen: Thank you hunni! Guess I 'm slowly improving my skills (from zero level, haha)!
    Hope you had a great day! You didn't tell me what makeup you were wearing! Or was it a makeup free type o day? :) xxx

    @Haribo: Thank you dear, your comment is super sweet! No worries, I don't think you're weird! Now if only the rest of me was as photogenic as my..hands.. ! :DDDD xox

    @LottieB: Thank you so much girl! You too! :) xx

  12. Hey Hun! Oh I didn't wear any makeup when I was with my parents over the Holidays. It's in a city a bit of a ways out from Toronto so I don't have to worry about running into anyone I know haha Yeah, like nobody would recognize me anyways without my makeup except like two of my closest friends maybe :P Plus, I couldn't move my butt from my parent's kitchen as there was so much good food - all I did literally was eat and sleep!
    And yes I totally support you with trying out fake lashes for 2011 :)
    I honestly think Ardell ones are a bit easier to use (as a beginner) than MAC ones because the Ardell band is a bit thicker but not super thick and stiff like some cheap ass Asian ones. And Ardell ones look very natural since it's made of human hair - I don't think you'd be disappointed with quality when it comes to Ardell...maybe the design/cut perhaps if you chose the wrong one. But yeah, the #126 is very natural but looks fab on. Plus, here Ardell is $5.99 at the store vs $15 for a MAC lashes. And through the MadameMadeline website I get Ardell lashes for $2.99 a pair or less. Let me know if you give it a go!

  13. Both eyes and nails look amazing! I really like the shape of the eye makeup, that outer v is just perfect!

  14. Sooo very pretty! I actually really like this look, the green looks almost olive in the pic? Really like it. And that nail polish definitely is the PERFECT Christmas shade! I was really impressed with the China Glaze Christmas collection this year. I picked up a few of the xmas polishes myself..the red and green glitter ones.

  15. I love your Christmasy makeup & nails!! Illamasqua Ore looks so gorgeous! I think I just wore Nars Lola Lola on Christmas so not very exciting haha. Xox

  16. thought i'd already posted on this post? oh well, i LOVE your eye make up and your nails! i actually had my manicure today in a nice and rich beardeau red colour so that'll be my choice for the NYEve!!! XRONIA POLLA! xx

  17. @Karen: Lol, yes, I have a more relaxed approach towards makeup myself, when I'm just with my parents, not much point since noone else sees me! ;)
    Thank you so much for the lash info, Ardell will definitely be my next purchase!!! :) xox

    @Blusherine: Awww, thank you so much dear!!! Comments like this make me want to keep going! :) Happy 2011! xxx

    @ellamarie84: Thank you girl!!! No, the green wasn't as olive in person, I guess the gold pigment and the flash made it appear more neutral than it was..
    China Glaze did an amazing job this year with their holiday collection, I was really impressed as well!
    Happy New Year doll! :) xx

    @CocoBella: Aw, thank you so much love! :) And you may think Lola Lola isn't as exciting, but it's been on my wishlist for absolute ages! So, all's forgiven, hahahaha! :DD Happy 2011 hun! xxx

  18. @fashion written with a lipstick: Thank you so much my dear! Great choice of nail polish, cherry reds or glitters are the best choices for the holidays imo! ;) :) xoxo

  19. Oh wow, I never would have thought red eyeshadow looks so cool on the lower lashline, it pulls the whole look together making it more interesting. Looove it, seriously! Now I'm hoping it's ok to experiment with my red lip pencil and a blush on top, lol!!!

    Χρόνια πολλά, Τίνα!
    Πολλά φιλιά :* :*

  20. The eye look is stunning! Great job! Thanks for sharing : ) xox

  21. @cbsg5861: Thank you so much love, I 'm really happy that you liked that detail, since reds near the eye can be a little tricky!
    Σ'ευχαριστω για τις ευχες, επισης κουκλα!

    @lauren.xo: Thank you so much for that sweet comment! :) xx


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