Mountain/Spa trip and spa packing tips!!!

Hello guys!!!

I know it's been a while since my previous update, but what can I say, sometimes an unintentional break is just what you need! Safe to say that I'm back in full blogging mode now, with many exciting posts coming up (exciting for me to make - hopefully you'll find them just as exciting too)!

One of the things I did during this month, was to take a small trip to the mountains; honestly, a weekend away from the city should be mandatory every now and then!
I visited the Zagorohoria villages in Epirus, that are famous for their natural beauty and distintive architecture. And to make the trip even more special (not to mention rejuvenating, which was my main goal), I decided to stay in one of the best hotels in the area, which offers a satisfying variety of spa facilities. But more on that on the next post! ;)

For now I'll just leave you with the outfits I sported, along with a few packing tips that might come in handy if you're planning a similar vacation (and, if not, you should in my humble opinion).

Excuse the awkward pose and smile - this was taken literally after we arrived and I hadn't been feeling well earlier that morning!
Wearing: Zara jacket/Boohoo vest/random scarf/Longchamp bag/Zara jeans/ebay boots.

Second OOTD was taken somewhere on the road between the Aristi and Papigo villages, the beauty of that place was truly breathtaking(do not miss if you're ever going that way)!!!
Wearing: Zara jacket/scarf gifted/Bershka sweater (same from previous post)/Longchamp bag/Zara jeans/Ugg style boots.

Now, if you're ever planning a similar trip to a spa retreat in the mountains (combined perhaps with other activites such as skiing, hiking or just exploring), here's a few things to keep in mind when packing (besides any extra activity gear, that is):

Mountain/Spa packing tips
- You want to be warm & comfortable at all times, so pack accordingly. Clothes and shoes that fit badly or too tight are out of the question.
- Your shoes should be cozy, yet non-slippery and able to take a beating or too, not to mention a little bit of dirt.
Personally, I didn't take my ugg-style boots off all throughout the trip. They were so comfortable and their rubber sole (probably more durable than classic uggs) made exploring (even hiking for a bit) an easy task!
- You'll need an outfit for the spa. Unless of course you want to make the walk to and from the spa facilities in your bathrobe in the winter (didn't think so). Go for sweatpants and a zipper cardigan or hoodie - velour keeps you warm and feels luxurious too. You'll want sth warm enough to cover your probably still wet bathing suit once you're done.
- If you have longer hair, don't forget to take a couple of hair ties with you (you dont want your hair flying around and neither does the pool).
- Don't bother with slippers or toiletries such as shampoo and showergel, those are usually provided.
- Don't forget your moisturisers!!! Your skin will lose a lot of its moisture in the spa (hello sauna), so you'll need some heavy duty moisturisers to lock it back in!
- Lastly, when it comes to makeup, keep it simple. One blush, one e/s quad, one black eye khol, a lipstick and a lipgloss is all I needed for a couple of days, and all I used too. And I do consider myself on the high-maintenance side!

Hopefully that was helpful for someone! Surely I'm no expert, but from what I saw online before packing, there was nothing on this!

I'll leave you with a view from our room for now. More spa/beauty talk very soon! :)
Let me know how you've all been in the comments!

What's your opinion?

  1. you look (and sound) as though you had a wonderful time! how beautiful the area is! i've been trying to plan a little getaway myself...we'll see how successful I end up being x

  2. That view is to die for! You look so warm and cozy in both of your outfit photos, and I love your Longchamp bag! x

  3. εισαι πανεμορφη ! ημουν παπιγκο το δεκεμβρη !!! απλα υπεροχααααααααααααααααα

  4. Πρωτη φορα σε βλεπω ''ολοκληρη''!!
    Κ μ'αρεσουν πολυ κ τα 2 outfits..

    Ποσο δικιο εχεις..
    Πρεπει να θεσπιστει ενας νομος να πηγαινουμε 2ημερα ταξιδακια καθε 2μηνο τουλαχτιστον!

    Πολυ χρησιμες ολες οι συμβουλες,ως travel junkie τις εκτιμω ιδιαιτερα!

    Πολλα φιλια

  5. You look beautiful on the photos and it looks like nice place to visit x

  6. mountain trip, AMAZING! Looking lovely, and the place behind you looks amazing...i envy you hehehehe <3 xoxo

  7. Wow you look beautiful in those photos! the mountains look stunning! Your such a lucky girl! xx :o)

  8. Wow doll you look breathtaking in both pictures!First time I see you and I must admit love the view...not only the place view!!!Both outfits gorgeous and thanks for the trips!!When a little trip happens to me ...hope soon... I'll follow them religiously!!!


  9. @fantastic: Oh I did, and had no idea how badly I needed it until after I was back!!! Turns out some things are more...needs than luxuries with our busy lifestyles!!! Hope you manage to arrange something!!! ;) xxx

    @Tiffany: Thank you darling!!! :))) xxx

    @Mairyliscious: Ετσι! ;) Eιναι πανεμορφα τα Ζαγοροχωρια, ειδικα ανοιξη λογικα, πιο μαλακος o καιρος!!! Ευχομαι να πας παλι συντομα, οι εκδρομουλες ειναι ο,τι καλυτερο!!! xxx

    @Artemi: Lol, ε ναι, ειπα κι εγω να με δειτε σε full εκδοση, χαχα! Χαιρομαι πολυ που σου αρεσε το post κουκλα!!! Αντε, τωρα σειρα σου για εκδρομουλα (να παρουμε κι εμεις ιδεες για μερη)! ;) xxx

  10. @Marina: Thank you girl!!! Yes, I was lucky to visit such a lovely part of the country - but all trips and getaways are good in my book! ;) xx

    @Tamara: Said the girl who just came back from...Rome!!! Lol! Who's envious of who? Hehehehe!!! More trips for 2011 for everyone!!! :)) xoxo

    @Lulu B: Thank you for that lovely comment dear, really appreciated!!! :) xx

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Awww, you're exaggerating, but thanks, lol!!! Hope you can arrange sth (ορεινη Αρκαδια πχ ?, τα μερη μου, βασικα του μπαμπα)? Φιλιααα! xxx

  11. I love the pictures from your trip! It looks like you had a well deserved break. I am in need of one myself, but can't even think of planning one until the summer.

    Love that you've come up with a process for organizing for your trip, it seems to be a major project on my end every time I need to go somewhere :)

  12. Wow, your style and surroundings on the pictures just blew me away!! Good on you, girl, for pampering yourself that way! I would love to book the same trip for next week :-)

  13. Otan kanw valitses, PANTA pairnw lathos pragmata. Panta. Ta tips kathe eidous einai xrhsima kathe fora.

  14. Hi Tina! This is such a nice post and the scenery is absolutely stunning - especially the last picture with the mountains in the background and flowers in the foreground.
    I totally agree with you that if we can, we should all try to relax as often as possible and go on a mini retreat.
    You're very lucky to stay at a top hotel with many spa facilities. I'm looking forward to reading more about your trip and spa.
    You look gorgeous in the pictures Hun :) And the turquoise colour stream behind you in the Aristi/Papigo villages looks so beautiful too.
    I totally agree about packing comfortable clothes, shoes and hair ties - those are on my travel to-pack list.
    I hope all is well :)

  15. What a lovely post hun! this was for the 25th right?
    Looking forward to the next post and you look absolutely godsmacking beautiful in the pictures :) xx

  16. Finally a post yay!!! Fabulous outfits, I think they are perfect for travelling. And omg, you went to one of my fabourite places in Greece. I need to visit there again asap! Sometimes we are so obsessed with travelling overseas that we tend to forget all the beauties of our own country and it's a shame!

  17. I haven't been to Zahorochoria in years! Love the little villages around there!!Very nice photos girly! :)

  18. Finally an outfit post! You look gorgeous and you'd better continue those outfit posts, people (including me) will definitely want to see more of you and your style. The photos are beautiful and the scenery is just amazing. I've never been to Zagorohoria but I've heard about the beauty of the place.
    The hardest part for me is to pack for trips that involve walking and site seeing, because I hate sportswear and I loathe flats. I have a trip planned for Easter and I'm already trying to figure out how to combine being comfortable and fashionable at the same time!!!

  19. I've never been to Zagorohoria, shame on me... That view is sooo relaxing, I wish I was there! Hmmm, maybe I'll plan a weekend away with my boyfriend during Easter, that would be fun ;)

    You look lovely in the OOTD pics! I agree with you, comfortable clothing and shoes is the most important thing when packing for a winter getaway trip. Same goes for packing little make-up to take with you. There's no point carrying 5-6 lip products and a dozen of eyeshadows- been there, done that, never doing it again!

  20. love the pose and the background. what an amazing place. looking forward to hearing the spa stuff now!!!! faster please :)

  21. @ladyb: Thank you girl, yes, I think we all need a break from time to time, at least it motivates us and helps the time pass a little quicker until then! ;) xx

    @Sam: Thank you hunni!!! Yess, I would strongly suggest to treat yourself a bit, for sure! ;) xxx

    @Froso M.: Lol, ναι, εννοειται οτι υποφερω απο το ιδιο συμπτωμα, ιδιως οταν πακεταρω μες στον πανικο!!! Βοηθαει καπως μια προ-προετοιμασια! ;) x

    @Karen Law: Aww, thank you so much for that lovely comment sweetie! Yes, I was surely lucky to have been able to visit such a scenic place and make it a pampering couple of days too while I was at it!!! Now the only downside is that I have "relaxing weekend" withdrawal, so I need to plan the next excursion, lol!!!! xxx

  22. @fashion written with a lipstick: Awww, you're truly making me blush, thank you for that sweet comment! Actually that was before the 25th, the 25th was fully booked weeks in advance if you can believe it!!! xxx

    @Cel: I know, I feel the same way, which is why I try to explore the area near me first and then plan trips further away...not that I'd say no to a trip abroad, hehe!!! Thanx for the comment dear! xx

    @Athina: Thank you chicka!!! I think you should definitely plan a little trip there, you'd certainly recharge those batteries, but be warned, it can be addictive, lol! ;) :) xxx

    @Arietta: Thank you so much Arietta mou, I'll try to keep up with these, hopefully there will be more in the future, since I'm gonna finally have someone to play photographer for me, lol! ;)
    And I totally understand your packing dilemma!!! Just lay everything on your bed and create those outfits before you pack, it helps having already picked the clothes and accessories beforehand! ;) Hope you're doing well!!! xoxo

  23. @cbsg5861: Oh, most definitely, I totally urge you to, I'm sure you guys will have a wonderful time!!!
    And I'm on the same page with you regarding makeup, it only adds weight and you're never gonna use this much any way, so what's the point really..? Sometimes less is more after all! ;) xxx

    @λειντι ντι: Thank you girl, glad you enjoyed this post! :))) x

  24. Love your outfits! This is exactly what I had in mind when we were tweeting about your potential outfits!! :) You look and sound like you had a nice little, relaxing getaway! The color of the water looks gorgeous! I hope I have the chance to visit one day too :)

  25. @Ebru: Lol, well, great minds and all..! I followed your advice and went down the jeans route, you can't beat comfort after all! :)
    Hope you manage to have a nice little getaway soon hun! xx

  26. The picture near that tree is like the ones we see at Vogue...hehe! Esp that water...

  27. @resham: Aw, that's so sweet of you to say - I guess it was fortunate that the surroundings were this pretty (cos any resemblance stops there, haha)! :DDD xx


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