Someone's been sales shopping...

...and scored pretty good deals too!!!

Now, all of this wasn't purchased in one go, but rather piece by piece - you see, I'm all for planning your fashion purchases beforehand, thus keeping a balance between things that the wardrobe is lacking and pieces that fall more into the "hipster" category (I refuse to use the word "trendy" - ugh, I just did)!

So, if you'd like to take a closer look:

Clockwise from top left:
- Dark eggplant cowl neck sweater from Bershka. 3.99. Yes, you read that correctly. Huge steal! Now, this wasn't a necessity per se, but I need a break from my black and grey knits, so this slouchy piece is going to add some colour to my outfits, while still being dark enough for my liking!
- Bershka scarves. The ikat print one was 3.99 too, and would be perfect for adding a spring touch to my outfits! The animal print one is from their new collection and is more versatile than a classic leopard print in my opinion, since there isn't much brown in it.
- Zara shirt from their new spring line. I can't remember how much it was (sth around 25 I think, but I plan to live in it this spring/summer, so all's well. Love simple and clean cut basicwear like this!
- Faux leather shorts from Bershka, another 3.99 find (Greek ladies, run to Bershka, there's huge steals to be found atm in the clearance section). I've been looking for a nice, not too tight pair of faux leather shorts for quite some time now, so when I spotted those, at that price, I couldn't resist. Yes, they are (and feel) very fake, but it was probably wiser that I didn't pick a more expensive version; this is more of a going-out type piece for me and probably won't get a lot of wear anyways.
- Tan lace-up ankle boots from Those were half off when I got them, great deal as well (I think these particular ones are sold out by now).
- Talullah Tu necklace. This UK based jewellery e-tailer has my heart! They make gorgeous statement pieces, like the one above: a multi-chain woven design with intertwined rows of crystals. Channels rock as well as...Gossip Girl in equal parts! :)

I left the bracelet for last, to show you a better picture of it:

It was another discounted purchase from (Greek) online store Great quality (much better than say Accessorize) and beautiful design! It will add the perfect ethnic flair to my summer look!

As you can see, my style lately is more mixed up than usual: there's pieces here that would fit a huge variety of different styles, something that you wouldn't see me do in the past.
At the moment, I'm dreaming of 70's pieces: flared jeans, maxi skirts and sheer outerwear, even though I haven't quite spotted the pieces that would make me fall in love with them!

So, have you been sales shopping?
And what do you plan on getting for spring/summer? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. nice :)

  2. Ooo I like what you got Tina! The lace up booties are nice (OMG I've been waiting for my size shoe for this one lace up bootie I keep looking at online but my size is sold out. Fingers crossed they get new shipment!) and I love the necklace! I cannot resist crystals :) And I love white button shirts - or pretty much any nicely cut button down shirt for that matter. Great with jeans, a pencil skirt etc Ah, I wish I could pull off those faux leather shorts. If I had the legs I would wear bootie shorts and high heels out all the time.

  3. Lovely purchases my friend. Bershka had some really nice bargains. I got some nice things from there too and I even saw the faux leather shorts you bought but unfortunately not in my size. I am dreaming of 70's pieces just like you but I will not be buying any spring pieces just yet. Not until spring is actually here at least! xxx

  4. Great scores girl!
    I cannot get over how the sale is still on here... it's insane! But great! I tried so hard to not buy anything in the sales, as I only want to buy classic pieces that will add oomph to my wardrobe, but i did give in to some pieces at Accessorize and ASOS spring sale.
    I'm already armed with maxis and my wide legs flares from yonks ago! So glad fashion is cyclical!

  5. wow i love the bracelet! its amazing ! there are great sales on asos , up to 70% i just made my order !
    hope you enjoy what you bought :)

  6. Nice haul! I really like the bracelet ^_^
    I'm trying to avoid shopping as much as I can this year because if I start I just cannot stop XD

  7. beautiful bracelet! and the tallulah tu..i've been to their site a couple of times but have yet to pick out anything. spring and summer is asking for dresses (well, i am limited in my options right now lol). sales shopping is the best this time of year in the southern hemisphere...i need to make a visit, because i always get great deals as the south pacific is preparing for fall/winter! xx

  8. Great sales haul sweetheart!!I need a pair just like the shoes you got!!
    Love the bracelet also!!And I did some sales shopping random..well I love sales just like you I see!!

  9. Gorgeous goodies , you got some really good deals :) xxx

  10. i really love leather shorts!! <3

    kisses doll!

  11. OMG Tina, those shorts are some hot stuff!!! love sales,great buys....mwah xoxo

  12. Hi Tina, I'v been meaning to tell you, your English is sooo good!! Do you study English or have you been abroad for a while or are you simply a straight A student? I really enjoy reading your posts!

  13. @Christy Exclusive: Thank you! :)

    @Karen: Ok, I'm not gonna argue with you, but I think you definitely have the legs for short shorts!!! Especially over tights and with a classic pump!!! ;)
    Hope you manage to get the laced up pair you've been so badly trying to find!!!
    Thanx for sharing babe! xxxx

    @Arietta: Hehe, great (shopping) minds think alike! I, too, will be waiting a while for those 70's pieces. You're right, it is too early and most stores haven't received their complete spring stock yet, so it would be a little premature to go shopping at this point! ;) xoxo

    @A BRIT GREEK: Sounds like you're ready for this season then!!!! I find good 70's style pieces are always hard to find, since we're talking ready-to-wear here (now vintage is different, but sadly not so popular here)...
    Funny you mentioned Accessorize, I popped in a couple of days ago, they already have bikinis, anklets and kaftans for sale! Now that's even more insane!!! Lol! xx

  14. @Anastasia: Thank you dear! Yes, asos is a good place to shop lately, plus they offer free shipping!!! Hope your order arrives quickly! :) x

    @Cel: Thank you doll! Yes, I know what you mean, τι κακο κι αυτο!! Οσο πιο λιγα λεφτα εχω, τοσο πιο πολυ θελω να ψωνιζω, craaazy!!! Lol! xxx

    @fantastic: Well, you're a lucky gal, you get to make the best of both sales seasons!!! I'd stock up like craaazy if I were you, hahaha! xxxx

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Well, I hadn't shopped much in the past months, so now was an amazing opportunity, there were such great deals I'd be crazy to pass on!!! But, I'm afraid that was it for now, we gotta wait for the next sales (and I need some sunglasses)!!! xxx

  15. @LottieB: Thank you sweetie! And yes, I was more than lucky this time!!! xxx

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Yep, that's my girl... of course, then there's leather jackets...leather leggings...*sigh*!!! One day!!! :))) xx

    @Tamara: Thank you gorgeous!!! Have yet to wear them out, can't wait!!! xoxo

    @Signorina Christina: ;) ;)

  16. @Blusherine: Thank you. Um, to answer your question, neither really, I was just fortunate enough to begin at a younger age than most (I was 7 or 8 at the time) and with a native english speaker. I was watching the educational tv programmes for kids though even before that. However, I still make a lot of mistakes (I notice that when I read my tweets after I've posted them-fail). But I guess watching YT videos and browsing online, is a good way to brush up my forgotten knowledge!!! :)

    @Tali: A bit ethnic and summery no? ;) Ah, summer....!!! xxxx

  17. Loove the bracelet!!! Good purchases! ;)

  18. Good for you! Youtube videos are definitely a source of knowledge for me too!

  19. Gosh, the prices you mention seem unreal... It must have been a looong time since my last visit to Bershka and the likes :(

    That greek online shop, I love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Great choices girl! Twra stis ekprtwseis kalo einai na stokaroume tis ntoulapes mas me kommatia pou foriountai kai tis epomenes sezon!

  21. Have just come across your blog... love it!
    I must check out this jewelery site!!


  22. Hi Tina :) How is everything?! I hope you are well. No I haven't been able to find the lace up booties *sigh* but I think because of it I bought like five other pairs of shoes hoping to fill that void LOL This is too much my shoe craze! Oh I blame Dale for sure haha ;)

  23. Uh nice shopping! Love the faux leather shorts and tan lace-ups, so cool! I've been sale shopping a bit too, dresses, cardigans and shoes ^_^

  24. Good choices!The leather shorts is gorgeous.
    Silver MLM

  25. @Argyro: Thank you girl! :) x

    @Blusherine: Yep, anything helps - movies and songs are a good way to brush up your skills too! ;) xxx

    @cbsg5861: You're welcome doll!!! Yes, the prices were insane, I doubt I've ever been this lucky before - sales shopping can be either a huge hit or a huge miss!!! xxxx

    @Froso M.: Συμφωνω απολυτα!!! Και συνηθως οι χειμερινες κρυβουν περισσοτερες προσφορες (μποτες/παλτα κλπ)! Αν και στις καλοκαιρινες δεν θα πω οχι!!! Lol!!! xx

  26. @Miss Ray Ray: Thank you so much dear!!! And welcome! :) x

    @Karen Law: Lol, you and your shoes!!! :))) Nope woman, you cant blame Dale, that's all your doing, ahahaha!!! Things r good here, planning my blogging comeback! ;) xoxo

    @Delance Fashion: Thanks Emilie!!! I know how it is, I can't resist a good bargain either!!! :) xx

    @Melissa: Thank you Melissa!

  27. Great finds! All clean and stylish!
    Kisses from

  28. Love your haul! Can you do OOTD- you have great style...would love to get some inspiration:)

  29. @Gabri est là: Thank you so much dear! :) x

    @Lotus: Thank you dear for that sweet comment!!! I've already updated with a couple of OOTD's!! Hope you like them! x


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