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Hello everyone! Hope you had a great Easter!

This post will be all about skincare: what I'm using at the moment, my philosophy behind it, plus a few thoughts on changes that I need to make. At this point, I should say that my skintype is the very definition of combination (dry&normal areas meet an oily t-zone), (severely) acne-prone and lightly sensitive. A pain, in other words.

So, let me take you through my current skincare routine:

First stop is cleansing.
- For the heavy duty daily makeup removal, I trust MAC Cleanse Off Oil completely. It melts off the makeup that I've piled on within a few seconds. I use it as is, without adding any water for maximum results.
- I don't use it to remove my eye makeup too though: for that, I use the Garnier (Fresh?) Essentials Eye Make-Up Remover. It doesn't sting or irritate my eyes at all, which is a huge deal for a contact lense wearer like myself. It removes all of my eyeshadow and if I leave it on my eyelashes for a while with the help of a soaked cotton pad, it will take off a good 70-80% of my mascara (I pile it on like nobody's business). I may repeat at the end of my cleansing routine to remove all mascara traces if needed. The reason that I use a cheaper eye makeup remover is that I don't see the point of splurging on sth that I need to repurchase that often. That said, I must admit I am curious to try the fancy Lancome Bi-Facil one.
- Last step is a liquid cleanser, usually a gel one. Right now it's the L'oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash for normal&combination skin (review to come soon). Usually it's the Garnier Pure Foam Wash. However, I'm starting to think that neither actually meets my needs: I always seem to have the best skin when I'm using the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (which is super gentle as it cleanses effectively without lathering at all). A change (*) is definitely needed here.

Moisturising and nighttime treatments.
- So, after I've removed all of my makeup, I'll apply the Effaclar Duo Anti-Imperfection treatment on areas that are broken out. It's a nice product, definitely better than the Vichy Normaderm moisturiser, but it's no miracle worker. However, I will continue to repurchase as it seems to work, is affordable and its serum formula allows me to layer it under another product.
- moisturiser: the YSL Hydra Feel (the gel version instead of the cream), Holy Grail material for sure: it quenches and plumps up my dry skin immediately and it locks in the moisture for hours on end! The feeling that you get once you apply this is that of relieved and healthy skin. I use it day and night, all year long and it's never too much or inadequate.
- As for the eyes, I've only recently started to explore the numerous options out there. So, I'm testing out the Chanel Beaute Initiale Eye Energising Multi-Protection Eye Gel, which is supposed to work against puffiness and dark circles. Does it work? Not that much differently from the Garnier Nutritionist Eye Roll On I think. Still undecided though - so any effective eye treatment (*) recommendations are well welcome!

Weekly treatments.
- Two times a week I'll give my face a good scrub using the Korres Pomegranate Cleansing Scrub (the Apivita one with Olive is lovely as well) or the completely homemade oil&sugar special scrub mix. My conclusion: nothing beats sugar when we're talking about exfoliation!
- As for masks, I'm a huge fan of the Apivita Express Mask satchets with the Revitalizing and Radiance Mask with pomegranate and the Moisturizing and Nourishing Mask with honey being my favourites. They go on smoothly, are light and gentle on the skin and they do restore the moisture and shine of a dry and dull complexion.

As you can see, my approach is pretty basic and simple and favours the more natural and gentle products when possible. I think that works best for my skin - I remember trying out my mother's Lancaster (or was it Clinique?) hydrating mask once and it turned my face red within minutes! :/
But I'm still far from being happy with my routine. Along with finding a good cleanser and eye treatment, I feel like it's time to add an anti-wrinkle product into my routine as well. I know that the Korres Quercetin&Oak Night Cream actually works (rarely has a skincare product impressed me this much), but I don't really want to change my trusted Hydra Feel for anything else. So it would probably have to be a serum. I've tested the Caudalie Vinexpert one and quite enjoyed it, now I'm using the Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir serum - not that majorly impressed, we shall see how that goes.

Obviously coming up with a good skincare routine is equal to solving a puzzle!!!
If you've tried any of these products or have some to recommend for my skintype, please comment below! I'd love to read that, plus your thoughts on skincare!
How do you choose the products to suit your needs?

What's your opinion?

  1. Finding a good skincare routine is near impossible. Especially since your skin needs different things at different points in the year. My skin is kind of similar to yours, so the cleanser I work may help you out. It's the Nivea Visage Gentle Cleanser. It's so nice, and really helps keep my skin clean and fresh. I don't bother with the toner though, too much hassle. Its not expensive at all, so I would defintely recommend trying it out!

    I"m in the same boat though- still can't find a good eye cream. I got one from l"occitane, but it completely dried out my skin. I was so disappointed, considering how much I paid for it.

  2. What an interesting post. You have reminded me that I am intrigued to try the Cetaphil sometime. The Hydra Feel sounds rather lovely too.

    I've just bought a new eye makeup remover and I went for the Boots Botanics one that so many seem to recommend in the UK. Apparently it's like Bi-facils only a fraction of the price. I shall have to report back on how I get on. I've been hooked on The Body Shop Waterproof one for years but it's struggling a bit these days under the weight of all my mascara and liner!

    I hope you've had a lovely weekend,
    Jane x

  3. I love the apivita face masks too, i have like 100 haha.

  4. @Deema: Thank you so much for the recommendation, I'll be sure to check it out!!! Hopefully it will work (as much as I love the Cetaphil it's not available here in Greece)!!!
    I'll be sure to update in the future if I find any good eye creams that work!!! Good luck with your skincare search too! :) x

    @ModestyBrown: Thanks Jane, glad you liked this - I think skincare posts can be very boring yet very educational if one has the patience to read them, lol! Btw, now that you mentioned the Boots eye makeup remover, you've reminded me that I have a sample of Sephora's own two-phase eye makeup remover hidden somewhere which looks like Bi-Facil, I should dig it out and test it!!!
    Hope u had a lovely Easter too! xxx

    @EllysMakeupbag: Haha, yep! I need to go get the cucumber one and the grape one soon! :)

  5. I think my "needs" change so often, that I just change skincare along with it. The problem though, is that I end up with several bottles of unused items--so now I'm trying to just finish many of those bottles down to the end...while I admit, i have my eye on another whole line of skincare!

    I haven't tried that MAC cleansing oil, and keep meaning to. I do enjoy cleansing oils, but for whatever reason have always skipped this one!

  6. I have the orange one with the exfoliant particles in it and im not a big fan of it! I also find it quite drying on the skin and dont even think about accidentally getting it into your eyes! x x

  7. I love Garnier eye makeup removers but I prefer the "clear" line. I'm using different removers atm but I'll go back to it!! I'm also using a L'oreal cleanser with the sponge thing and I love it so far!

  8. Hallo!!!Xronia polla! Xristos Anesth!
    I have an issue with skincare as well myself! I've found a good cleanser in "Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream Deep Cleansing Gentle Exfoliant" and a pretty well night serum from Estee Lauder the Advanced Night Repair. but I am still looking for a trusty eye cream - thinking of trying Clinique's All About Eyes- and daily moisturiser-also thinking of getting the Vichy Aqualia Antiox one... xx be well!

  9. I agree...Nothing Beats Sugar when it comes to exfoliation. These days I am using Argan Oil as Moisturizer for night...

  10. I enjoyed this post so much! I'm a skincare w***e deep inside!

    My approach on skincare is to use gentle formulas, too. It practically took me years to learn that by experience! I'm in love with the Apivita masks, they're unbeatable. I'm also intrigued to try out the Effaclar moisturiser, as I'm having no luck with my Korres wild rose crea :( Made me break out so bad! :(

    Lovely post, hun!

  11. Oh I should have read this post first! I see that you actually picked up on the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and might pick it up. I like to use that one in the mornings when I wake up. But in the shower or before bedtime, I like to use the Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser which is still gentle but it lathers a bit and seems to leave my skin with a more "clean" feel whereas the Gentle cleanser seems to just add moisture more so than anything if that makes sense. Plus half the time I use the Cetaphil Gentle cleanser I wipe it off and leave a bit of the residue on my skin (you don't need water to use that one). I think you'd like the Oily Skin version more since you said you have an oily T-zone.....
    My skin is definitely sensitive - esp on my face. So how I chose my products is pretty easy - whatever has not dried out my skin or broken me out in a rash is a keeper LOL And I pretty much stay loyal to my skincare products over years and years because whenever I get a face rash it's pretty bad for 1.5-2 weeks and it's just not good. Plus I think my skincare routine now works pretty well for the most part....
    Oh and for eye makeup remover I use baby oil and have done so for years. It takes away all my eye makeup 100% every time. It's super affordable too and strangely enough it doesn't give me the "hazzy" eye effect like the MAC cleansing oil does.

  12. @fantastic: Well, the MAC cleansing oil was an easy option for me, much easier to find than the Shu one (practically unavailable here) and had good reviews, so it's a pretty fail-proof option imo! ;)
    As for hoarding skincare...bottles and samples (makeup is clearly another sad story), I'm pretty much the same - I need to work my way through my stash before buying new products, takes a while but can be very rewarding in the process! ;) xxx

    @Joanna Louise: Oh, I won't be trying anything from this line again, this blue one was enough for me!!!!
    Thank you for commenting dear! :) x

    @Natalie: I've used the "clear" Garnier eye makeup remover too at some point, when they'd ran out of the green one, worked great as far as I can remember! Always nice when a "drugstore" product does the job, huh? ;) x

    @Argyro: Xronia polla, estw kai kathysterhmena!
    Thank you for your input, now I'm really curious to try the Dr Hauschka cleanser!!! Can you please review it in the future??? I'd love to know how it works, what skintype it would match the best and how gentle it is! Been meaning to try some Dr Hauschka products and this would be a great start! :) xx

  13. @resham: It's definitely sth about exfoliating with beads that's so..satisfying, isn't it?? :)
    I've actually thought about moisturising with an oil as an "emergency moisturising session", but as I've been slowly trying to fix the condition of my skin for months now, I thought I'd leave any big experiments for later!!!
    Do you find that your skin's greasy in the morning? Or has it absorbed the oil?

    @cbsg5861: Lol, I'm turning just like you, skincare is SO important, it is after all the very base of our looks!
    And I too think that gentle products is the way to go, especially if one's skin is acne prone or sensitive or tends to be a bit...moody, lol!!! Glad you enjoyed this post love! :))))) xxx

    @Karen Law: Hey hunni! I actually love that the Cetaphil gentle cleanser doesn't lather, yet it still seems to clean my skin effectively whenever I use it! I don't suffer from major breakouts and my skin seems to be on its best behaviour whenever I use it, so the gentle the cleanser the better it is for me!
    Baby Oil is a known secret for removing eye makeup, for me its...good old olive oil (yep from the kitchen) - works like a treat! :)
    And I completely & totally agree with you: if a product doesn't dry us out or cause any breakouts, it's a huge winner (then why do we keep looking for the next best thing..? Lol)!!! :) ;) xxxx

  14. the best thing about this is that it moisturize your skin an the proper way. Compared to other moisturizer were in it's not capable of maintaining the firmness and texture.
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  15. @hilary austin: I'm a huge believer that all skintypes need moisturising according to their needs! :)


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