L'oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash (normal&combination skin): Review

I deliberately skipped mentioning my thoughts on the L'oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash on my previous post, as I wanted to talk about it in a little more detail.

So, this cleanser is aimed at normal and combination skins and if used along with the detachable "cleanPod" (aka the "scrublet" among the beauty crowd), it's supposed to cleanse the pores, remove impurities and provide a smooth and soft result.

I've been using this cleanser a while now on its own and honestly, I can't see myself ever repurchasing it.
For one, it's quite a harsh cleanser. Not as harsh as to make your face feel tight though, but almost there. So, thinking that everything was a-ok, I kept on using it only to realise that my dry areas were progressively becoming even drier with time. I should add here that it does contain salicylic acid, but so does the Garnier Pure Foam Wash and I've used that for a long time without any problems.

Now in theory, it makes sense that an oily/combination skintype (even though this is for normal/combination skin) would need a stonger cleanser, but that doesn't actually work when put to the test: the stronger the cleanser, the more it will strip off the skin of its oils, causing it to produce even more oil to fight the unexpected dryness. In other words it fuels the imbalance instead of working against it.

As for the scrublet, I can only say one thing: hello gimmick! The rubber bristles are too flexible to provide a decent exfoliation, so even though you're rubbing something against your skin, you don't really see any results. Maybe it would work against dry skin as a "brushing" tool, but that's not something I'd be willing to do.

Luckily, I've almost finished this now (I use it as a body wash on occasion too). My next purchase will definitely be something much more gentle! Funny because I never thought that a cleanser that you rinse off after a few minutes can affect your skin that much. Clearly, I was wrong.

So what's your (foam) cleanser of choice?
What are your thoughts on this one if you've tried it?

What's your opinion?

  1. i've never picked up this cleanser (it's packaged just slightly differently here) because of the reviews. i was looking for the scrublet sold separately because i had only heard good things!

    my favorite foaming cleanser is probably that by Shiseido--the pink pacakaging. Second, would be Biore's Marshmallow cleanser which I just finished up!

  2. I had the exact same problem when I tried this product!! I couldn't figure out why my usual normal/oily skin was being so dry and this was why, i wouldn't buy it again either!! My boyfriend ended up using mine :-)

    Im using The Body Shop Vitamin E cleanser and an old fashioned clean and clear face wash

    x x

  3. Never tried this cleanser. To be honest, I just can't take L'oreal seriously in terms of skincare.

    Judging from the sounds of this, just as well I never picked it up!

    At the moment I'm using Nude's Cleansing Oil at night and in the morning, I'll use Skin Doctor's Accelarating Cleanser. xo

  4. I tried the orange one and hated it!! It didnt wash off the make up, it kinda itch my skin, and I didnt like it...

    I love the garnier anti-dull skinone, and clinique normal facewash.
    GOod to read your posts again.filakia xoxo

  5. I like this product and I would pick it up again, I love the little scrublet as well! x

  6. i thought it was nothing special as well, a complete waste of money tbh, i only liked the scrublet which works great with any cleanser.
    (sorry about the email delay i've been hacked so i couldnt sign in to hotmail, i'm sending my reply tommorow!i didnt forget :))

  7. Thanks for this post, I was thinking about this product, now I will stay away!

  8. i've seen many gurus raving about this cleanser. To be honest i wouldn't buy it either way, just because l'oreal tests on animals. My favorite cleanser right now is the Clinique cleanser for oily skin,which is part of the 3step system.

  9. toso xalia telika?? se ksirenei to derma toso polu>? giati skeftomoun entona na t agorasw! egw xrhsimopoiw ts Vichy to prasino mpoukalaki,dn 8umamai pws legetai alla einai kalo,k apo panw vazw tn benefit total moisture k einai TELEIOOOO ! ;)

    kisses xx

  10. Έχω κι εγώ ένα της L'oreal αλλά όχι το ίδιο, έχει άσπρο μπουκάλι, λες να είναι για ευαίσθητη επιδερμίδα; Γιατί δεν ξηραίνει καθόλου. Αντίθετα, μου αρέσει πολύ! Και το βουρτσάκι μου αρέσει, το μόνο μειονέκτημα που βρίσκω είναι ότι λερώνεται αν φοράς μεικ απ και το χρησιμοποιήσεις.

  11. Thanks for the review doll!!I was watching it at the super(you know)and I wasthinking of geting it!But after that no thanks!I already have some dry parts I dont need more!!


  12. I haven't tried this cleanser; as I trust your opinion, this product won't be heading its way into my skincare routine any time soon!

    Now that I think of it, it's been a while since I last used a gel cleanser! I'm currently using a bar of soap, and before that I was using those foam liquids with the pumping action by TBS- which were completely useless! I can't think of a decent gel cleanser I've tried, that clearly shows I must update my skincare routine! Thanks for this post ;)

  13. Hi Tina!! How's everything?
    Great review Hun. I don't think I've tried many L'oreal skincare products to be honest....I've only stuck with their mascaras over the years! But this is good to know.
    I remember you said you're a huge fan of the MAC Cleanse Off Oil and you know, it's becoming a staple for me especially during my travels now because I don't have to carry a face cleanser + makeup remover since it does both for me. I know it still gives me that "hazzy" effect when I remove my eye makeup with it but I just deal with it now if I'm on my travels.
    But one cleanser that has been my HG for years is by Cetaphil - I love both the Gentle cleanser and the Oily skin cleanser. Cetaphil was a brand recommended to me by my dermatologist like a decade ago (okay, more than 10 years ago) and their cleanser + lotion changed my skin. Even though I use other brands for skincare, I always have Cetaphil at hand too. Neither of the Cetaphil cleansers really foam up much - the gentle cleanser doesn't foam at all actually. But for foaming I guess the MAC Foaming Face Cleansing is pretty good since I keep repurchasing it the past year. And it does remove quite a bit of eye makeup too (and all face makeup).

  14. @fantastic: Well the scrublet isn't abrasive enough to work imo (but then again I do have dry skin), it rubs instead of scrubbing if that makes any sense!!!
    Thank you for the cleanser recommendations, with these two posts my cleanser "wishlist" has gotten so long! :) xx

    @Jen: Yep, same here, my skin got drier with progressive use!!!
    Might check out the TBS one, thank you for your recommendation and comment! :) x

    @DesignerSpray: Lol, yes, I know what you mean abt L'oreal, and I find the same thing happens to me when I hear abt MAC or NARS skincare products (I go "really?")!
    Well, at least I saved you the hassle! ;) xx

    @Tamara: Thanx for your input, honestly I've yet to hear someone say good things about this line of cleansers.. we've all tried them and wont ever repurchase! They should just remove them alltogether!!! Kisses doll!! xx

  15. @Carlito86: You are the first person to say that!!! I mean, clearly, it has to work for some people, otherwise they wouldn't keep selling it, lol! Wish I was as lucky as you though! xxx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: No worries hun!
    Do you feel like the scrublet works for you? Cos my dry patches are still dry & obvious after I use it! I could see this working for oilier/normal skintones, sadly it doesn't make much of a difference on me...! xoxo

    @Supergirl: Just save your money and get another cleanser alltogether would be my advice...! x

    @Anastasia: Clinique is a either a huge hit or a huge miss imo... I've tried the 3step system, but I've tried all of the products combined - it broke me out in 1-2 days. I think it's way too harsh for me, cleanser included, so I won't be experimenting again, that's for sure!!! xx

  16. @FashionSugarBubbles: Stick to Vichyyy!!! To θυμαμαι πιο λες, απειρως καλυτερο απ το L'Oreal, το οποιο παρεπιπτοντως θα σου φαινοταν οκει για αρχη, αλλα σταδιακα θα σου δημιουργουσε ξηροτητα!!! Better safe than sorry!!! :) xxx

    @Natalie: Δεν ξερω σε ποια δερματα απευθυνεται το ασπρο που λες - παντως δεν σκοπευω να το ψαξω περισσοτερο με τη συγκεκριμενη εταιρεια! Αρκετα πειραματιστηκα, ωρα για κατι πιο απαλο! :)

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: You're welcome doll! Just try out sth milder and gentler (if I find a good alternative I'll make sure to let you know)! ;) xxxx

    @cbsg5861: Oh, actually a bar of soap would be much better than this (I'm thinking even Dettol antibacterial soap - no joke- would be milder than this one, lol)!! And so the cleanser search continues!!!
    Thanx for commenting sweetie! xxx

  17. @Karen Law: Yes, like another commenter mentioned, L'oreal is much more a makeup brand than anything else!!!
    Funny that you mentioned MAC Cleanse Off Oil in conjuction with the Cetaphil gentle cleanser, that's seems to be the best combination for my skin, no breakouts when I use that!!! I should find sth similar to the Cetaphil asap or resort to sth just as gentle - no more harsh gel cleansers for me!!!
    Glad to see you back sweetie! Mwahz! xxx

  18. I have dry/sensitive skin and it works good for me. I use it with Neutrogena's 2in1 wash and sometimes along with Johnson;s cleanser.
    But i genuinely love the result it gives after using it with neautrogena's wash! you could try that, but if that doesnt work for you either, well we're all dofferent arent we? ;) xx

  19. @fashion written with a lipstick: Hmm, I would think that your combination probably gives your skin a break, could be why it's not as harsh on you as it is on me! But yeah, of course skincare is a very personal matter, we all have different needs! :) xoxo

  20. i finally picked up a scrublet. it's pretty good (although it's not the l'oreal one--it's a random japanese one), but for the same reason, i can't use it daily. maybe once every other day or every three days--for the same reasons that you mentioned. it just doesn't feel as clean as when i use the clarisonic or a plain washcloth.

  21. im a cleanser user and after all this years of using the product I am very much satisfied of what it has done to me.

    Elite Eye Serum

  22. @fantastic: Glad that I made sense to someone, lol! I didn't really see much results on my dry areas, but then again what did I expect from rubber bristles really? I think it works in enhancing circulation though, so perhaps not all is lost..?


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