Luxury Nailcare: Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files

My first encounter with a glass nail file occured a little while back: I was perusing the nail product isles in one of my frequent beauty shopping trips and I spotted some mini Bourjois glass nail files sitting in a corner.
I figured Bourjois is a respectable brand, so, naturally, I picked one, only to find out that I had made one of the worst beauty purchases ever: the nail file lost the roughness of its filing surfaces after only 3 (!) uses. I threw it to the bin and swore off glass nail files there and then.

But when a Czech company called Mont Bleu contacted me to review their glass nail files, I thought I'd give them another chance - I was still curious as to why so many people were recommending glass nail files instead of the regular emery ones, on twitter and other beauty sites. Perhaps they knew something I didn't?

Apparently they did, because after a few weeks of testing out this product, I only have the best things to say about it!

For starters, the filing surfaces have remained intact after all this time - I inspect them closely after each use, but they're still as good as new! It's biggest advantage though is how gentle it is to my nail: the filing is sharp and precise and the tip of the nail feels a lot stronger afterwards in comparison to a classic emery board. I've also noticed that it benefits my brittlest nails too, since the peeling hasn't progressed any further as it normally would! Score!

Yep, this little item is a regular in my nailcare routine and I'd be mildly devastated if I dropped it or mishandled it in any way (the site claims that they're almost unbreakable, but I wouldn't wanna find out regardless)!

But I wouldn't be doing it justice if I didn't talk about its lovely design, now, would I?

I'm sure you've noticed the beautiful Swarovski detailing on one end: it screams "luxury"! The design of my file is the W-M no. 5 but if you take a look through their online store, I'm sure you'll spot many designs to suit your taste!

What's more, Mont Bleu states that the polishing surfaces have a life-long guarantee, without you having to take any special care of them: you can clean them by washing them, putting them under a uv lamp, even boiling them!

Overall impression?
A beautiful product of excellent quality, what more can you ask for? It would make a lovely little present too imo, since I don't think Swarovski encrusted nail files are that easy to come by!

So, have you tried glass nail files yet and what do you think of them? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I remember a long time ago I read about a glass file on makeupalley (had never heard of one before)..everyone was raving about it! Needless to say I'd since forgotten all about glass files until this lovely post of yours! I definitely need one in my life now :) And the one you have is beautiful!

  2. Your first encounter with a glass nail file sounds just like mine :P Mine was given to me as a gift a few years back - the novelty of it never grew on me so I just put it away.....and I only saw it last week when I was packing away my stuff and getting rid of things since I'm moving. Your post has inspired me to to take my glass nail file out again and give it a second chance (not that I gave it much of a first chance I suppose). Yours is very pretty though with all the crystals on the handle ;) But I do agree with you - it does seem like it could break if I dropped mine a few times by accident :S

  3. oooh, exciting stuff. I haven't tried them yet,as i had't found a good brand who made them.

    I know you're a fan of make up, so i'm sure you've hear the latest Yiannis Marketakis news about Make Up Lab?

    Deets on my last post girl.

  4. Πριν ενα χρονο περιπου μου εφερε η μαμα μου μια γυαλινη λιμα,οχι τοσο ομορφη οσο η δικη σου αλλα ειναι κ αυτη χαριτωμενη..
    Απο τοτε λοιπον δεν εω χρησιμοποιησει αλλη,ειναι κλασης ανωτερη απο τις κλασσικες!

    P.S Τι ομορφα νυχια που εχεις! Κ τελειο χρωμα το βερνικι,ποιο ειναι?

  5. I am so addicted to glass nail files! I have a blue/silver one from Hondos :P Love your nails! Which nail polish do you have on ?

    kisses :D

  6. I have tried some and like them to be honest!!This one loooks so special!!Thanks for the review hun!Going to check!!


  7. they look fab and very glamorous xo

  8. I like glass nail files, I have a mini one from Essence and works great. This one looks so luxurious, lovely!!

  9. @ellamarie84: Thanx so much for the lovely comment sweetie and thank you for usually being one of the first to comment on here - much appreciated!!! Hope u're well & glad this post helped u!!! xoxo

    @Karen Law: Yes, they do look fragile, don't they? Well, even if they're not, I certainly wouldn't be willing to test them to find out, hahaha!!! Hope your second time around trying your glass nail file will be marked a success - if not, you probably need one of better quality, like I did (they do work I tell u)!!! Hope u're well hunni! Mwahz!!! xxx

    @A BRIT GREEK: Well, I can definitely recommend these, mine is still going strong and I'm being ruthless with it! :)
    Yes, I've heard about Marketakis's new endeavours, good news for ppl that want to get more involved with makeup artistry for sure! xx

    @Shoe FREEk: Thank you!

  10. @Artemi: Κι εγω τωρα καταλαβαινω τους ενθουσιασμενους με τις γυαλινες λιμες - they were right!!! Το βερνικι ειναι το Van D' Go της Εssie!
    Φιλια κουκλα, thanks for the comment! xxx

    @Anastasia: Thank you love! I'm so glad I finally jumped on the glass nail file wagon too! ;)
    The nail polish is Essie's Van D' Go! Kisses! xx

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Honestly, they're HEAPS better than the classic emery ones, especially for shaping nails, I love em and wouldn't trade them for anything!!! xxx

    @glittermeup: Definitely!!! One of the most luxurious nailcare items I own!!! xx

  11. @NatalieDouka: Oh, I didn't know that Essence made them too! Glad to hear that they work better than the Bourjois ones, hahaha!!! :P


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