New lipstick additions...

If you follow the...lipstick news quite closely, you've probably heard by now that sheer and lightweight formulas are all the rage this summer.
Most likely, many of you own at least one of those lipsticks already, as pretty much every brand out there released their version of this shiny tinted lip-balm formula!

And since lip-balms and lipsticks are the only lip products I'm allowing myself to purchase this year (yep, still going strong on gloss-out people), I, naturally, had to check out what all the fuss was about, right?

So, what started out as a test in the name of blog research, ended in me becoming quite the full-blown sheer lippie convert-who would have thought!

This may seem like a lot to some, but believe me when I say I'd buy more if I could!

Let's take a closer look:

The Dior Addict lipsticks are among the most popular representatives of this trend (along with the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, which I, sadly, didn't have the pleasure to test out yet). They go on very smoothly and feel lightweight and moisturising - very similar to a lip balm. They also add a nice shiny finish to the lips.
I did find, however, that the pigmentation and texture varies:
- 333 Nude, a peachy beige-ish brown, goes on more opaque and reminded me of the Becca Sheer Lip Tints, whereas
- 249 Diorissime, a light wash of baby pink, is a bit more sheer and has the tiniest silver glitter.
They're both beautiful, nonetheless, and that clear-meets-holographic packaging is phenomenal! My only complaint: L.A. and Miami, the two other shades I'm after seem to not have reached this side of the world (hello Greek Dior, wake up pls)!

The little sheer family is completed with:

- Sephora Lip Attitude Glamour in G08 Lilac Lyric. The lovely Mona wore it in a video of hers and the purple goodness looked too pretty to pass on! It is a very cool-toned pinky purple by the way, so beware.
Out of all the lipsticks in this post, this one stands out in more than one ways: it's the sheerest and the glossiest of them all. Actually, it's probably the glossiest lipstick that I own, the finish is almost wet-like (sadly that doesn't translate through the photo). It feels moisturising on the lips, too, and its affordable price makes me want to try a couple of the nude(r) shades as well!

- Korres Mango Butter lipstick in 13 Natural Pink. Natural Pink is exactly what the name suggests, a universally flattering shade of pink - probably a "nude" if you have a darker skintone.
This held a surprise for me: it's marketed as a sheer lipstick, but I found that it was unexpectedly well-pigmented! It also gives a nice shiny finish to the lips, the texture however is thicker and creamier than the others. In fact, I could almost describe it as a bit slippery, which is less than desirable. On the plus side, this one is the only one with SPF.

- Lancome L'Absolu Nu in 302 Voile De Rose. 302 was a magazine freebie (yay for the high-end stuff) and to my knowledge it's a european only, berry-pink shade with a slight pearlescence.
This stands out as well for a few reasons: it's on the pigmented side and feels creamy, however it's not as shiny as all the others in my opinion. It also claims to have a lightweight and translucent formula, but I can't say that I was convinced about either: it's more of a regular lipstick that gives a nice sheen, end of. The intense rosey scent is another thing to be aware of (grannyish would be a better word). All in all, a nice lipstick, yes, but completely mis-advertised in my opinion!

And there you have it, my little sheer experiment! Lancome gets a big miss from me, Korres a questionmark, while Sephora and Dior... will be looked into some more in the future! ;)

What's your experience with the sheer lipsticks so far? Anyone in particular that took your fancy?

What's your opinion?

  1. Going to try out that korress lipstick, I've heard so many great things! I looove Dior's lip colors!

    You'd love YSL's sheer lipsticks if you love Dior's!

  2. Hey Hun! Great pictures of the lip sheers you bought! And you're always up to date with fashion trends :)
    I agree that the Lancome L'Absolu Nu looks like a lipstick - it's quite pigmented! But luckily it was a magazine freebie....oh how I wish Canada (and US) would include freebies with their magazines. None of ours do :( It seems to be only in Europe.
    For me, I either go or BIG TIME shimmers/glitter when it comes to "sheer" colours. But I definitely love blue toned pinks when it comes to lipsticks since it suits my skin tone and hair - so I'm loving the Sephora Lip Attitude Glamour in Go8 on you :) I don't usually buy sheer lipsticks - I either go really pigmented with lipstick or do a gloss.

  3. those dior's look really nice on you--they make your lips look pretty perfect! i haven't tried that sephora one, but i like things that are a bit purple these days.

    i did pick up one of the chanel coco rouge's, and in a bit of an unexpected color. i like them pretty well, but may prefer the dior...still unsure :)

  4. You have picked some lovely shades there. I have still not tried the Lancome L'Absolu Nu ones, I have looked at them but cannot find a shade that I must have. I am really into the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, there are quite a few more shades I want, I just like the lightweight feel and the colours are so wearable and flattering :)

  5. i used to buy dior's makeup but i always found that they are overpriced for the quality you get. Chanel has much better lipsticks :)

  6. Tou korres k to kragion ap t sephora einai teleioooo ! ;)

  7. Those are all beautiful colours on you (and I'm jealous of the Lancome freebie:)
    I have one Dior Addict lipstick in Singuliere and I really like it although the next one I get will be a bit more colourful, Singuliere is quite sheer on me. I also have one Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and I don't like it nearly as much as the Dior but after reading many reviews and posts on Dior vs. Chanel I came to the conclusion that it's just a matter of personal taste, as always, and some prefer the Chanel version and the others Dior.

  8. I have one Dior Lipstick and find it pretty good. It's a little too sheer for me, but like to layer it over top other lip products to create a unique shade. I've wanted to try a korres lip stick because I use the lip butter, but I guess I should go play around with them first lol.

  9. All the colors are so pretty! They all look great on you.

  10. Gia na eimai eilikrinhs den eimai megalh fan twn sheer lipstick giati m'aresoun ta pio opaque..
    Wstoso auta pou exeis fanontai endiaferonta..
    Eidika to nude apo Dior k to allo apo Korres,einai fobera!

  11. I really like those by Dior but if to talk about those balm like lipsticks - YSL are absolutely amazing! x

  12. I think the Korres one really stands out..that and the Sephora Lilac Lyric one look very nice on you :) xx

  13. Great pictures!Great swatches!Great review hun!!I think you made me want some sheer lipsticks for summer!!They all look gorgeous on you and pop out your lips perfectly!!


  14. I want some! I want some! Although I'd rather go with the "affordable" brands than Dior, Ysl and Chanel, as I would go through them so quickly! Ah by the way, I'm loving the glaze finish of Hue, so wish Mac brought out some more ineresting shades in the glaze finish category! The rest of the existing shades are all shimmery and so 80's...


  15. Lovely collection! I am into Chanel Boy Rouge Coco Shine myself!;)

  16. Lovely! I like how the colours are subtle and compliment lips :)

  17. Oh no, what a shame that Lancome was a miss. It looks great in the photo. I love the two Dior colors - they seem to be so light and airy.

  18. Very interesting post. I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of Chanel lipsticks, perfect to me!

  19. Every shade you showed are GORGEOUS! All my type of colors. I will have to check out those Dior ones especially. xx

  20. @BEAUTIFULL: You mean the sheer volupte's or whatever they're called? Yeah, I've been curious to try those tbh!!! ;) Thanks for the recommendation!

    @Karen Law: Thank you hun for your lovely comment (well, they're all lovely and fun to read)! Yes, us beauty bloggers have to keep up with the trends!
    I see what you mean about going for a regular pigmented lipstick or a lipgloss, and if this trend hadn't surfaced, I'd probably be the same! These kinda combine the best of both though in a way, if done right that is!
    Btw, since I know u liked your purply pinks, I'm wondering how would G08 look on you now! :) xxx

    @fantastic: Actually, I looked at the pics once more after your comment and you were right, the Diors did seem to plump up my lips a teenie tiny bit, didn't they?!
    You aint helping with the Dior vs Chanel debate, if anything you're fueling it! Meaning sounds like I'll have to try for myself to make up my mind!!!
    Hope the family is doing great doll!!! xxxxx

    @Replica: If I were you I'd skip the Lancome's alltogether! Like you said, the color range seems kinda "blah" and the formula didn't feel all that special!
    But I guess I'll have to try the Chanel ones, won't I? They sound too good to pass on (although knowing me it would take me ages to decide on a shade)!!! xxx

  21. @glittermeup: It could very well be a matter of...brand preference, some prefer the Chanels over the Diors and vice versa!

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Eidika to exw latrepsei!!! xx

    @Klara: Sounds like you have one of the most popular shades, I can definitely see the appeal of Singuliere! And I agree with you, despite not having tried any of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines: it's just a matter of personal preference, perhaps brand preference as well!!! xx

    @Amanda: To be honest, I didn't layer any of these over a more pigmented/matte lipstick, because I liked these colours straight away, but that's always a great idea to make sth work for you! :)

  22. @Miranda: Thank you so much for that sweet comment dear! :)

    @Artemi: Se katalavainw apolyta, ki egw etsi hmoyn prin...pesw me ta moutra, lol!!! Alla kalo einai na dokimazei kaneis nea pragmata (twra poso kalo einai gia tin...tsepi na soy aresoyn ta Dior einai fysika ena allo thema)!!! :) xxx

    @Marina (Makeup4all): The sheer volupte candy ones huh? You're the second one to recommend them, and I remember your post on them...guess I'll have to try them at some point, won't I? :) xoxo

    @iliana: Thank you sweetie! Yes, I can see why the light pink shade of the Korres one is so popular!!! :) x

  23. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Thank you hunni! In that case I'm sending you many sheer coloured kisses, haha!!! Do give them a try if you get the chance!!! ;) xx

    @cbsg5861: Hmm, yes, that is the only downside of those expensive sheers: you'll be reapplying very often, and soon you'd run out (but you'd be one hell of a stylish chick while doing so, lol)!
    Now that you mentioned Hue..I have to admit I do not own it yet!!! It's the one that got away (for now), lol!!! *Slaps wrist*!!! xxx

    @Argyrousa: Boy, oh Boy, now I'd love to have tried that one!!! ;))))) xx

    @Cel: Yes, this new trend is definitely easily wearable for sure!!!
    Hope you're well dear! Kisses! xx

  24. @Madeline: Thank u sweetie, I'm not really good at writing facts about myself, but I'll try to do it!!! :)

    @Anna:Well, not a complete miss as a lipstick in general, but definitely underwhelming for me!!! I also think the Diors photograph the best out of them all! Thank you for your comment! :)

    @jane: Chanel do know what they're doing as far as lip products go, I'll agree! Too bad I haven't tried their Rouge Coco Shine range yet! :( x

    @makeup merriment: Thanks dear! Yes, I love my sheers when they're light and easily wearable!!! That way you can reapply on the go, without much fear of messing up, lol! ;) xx

  25. Hi Tina, I love all of these, they all look great! I really like the Sephora one! I should have looked into their lipsticks in Paris, but you know the story! :-))

  26. OOOO i just love Dior Addict 333 Nude! Oh roll on payday! kisses

  27. @Yuliya: Hehe, I know that exact feeling, lol!!! :) xx

  28. the Korres lipstick in 13 Natural Pink is one of my staples... i wear it when im not sure what other shade to wear...cause it matches with everything...! maybe because its so "Natural" :))

    plus u can never go wrong with such a moisturizing lipstick..amazing!

  29. @LiLy: Yes, I can definitely see this being a "when-in-doubt..." kind of shade! It would surely match a variety of looks! ;) x


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