Dr Hauschka Skincare reviews, Beautyworks shopping and a...beauty haul!

As promised from a few posts ago, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on a couple of skincare itemss that I purchased fairly recently, both from Dr. Hauschka.

If you're not familiar with this brand yet, let me just outline the basics for you: Dr. Hauschka is a German brand, that creates skincare products, which aim to nurture the skin and bring balance to specific skin conditions (or skintypes), while ensuring that their methods are environmentally friendly. What's striking to me, is that this brand actually grows plants to later use their ingredients in their products, meaning that their "holistic approach" claims are actually well-founded.

The products that I was mostly curious about lately were their body oils, and taking advantage of a recent "buy one, get one as a gift" promo from Beautyworks (a greek online store, details in a sec), I decided it was time to pick one.

I opted for the Dr Hauschka Almond St. John'swort Body Oil, one that's suited to dry and sensitive skin, like my own.
This is a "dry" body oil, that absorbs easily into the skin, leaving it silky and supple. You only need a few drops of this to cover a larger area, so don't go overboard. I enjoy that it leaves my skin moisturised for many hours, without any annoying greasiness. I also love that it really calms my skin down, now I don't suffer from eczema, but if my skin gets itchy or irritated for any reason, this product does sooth it instantly. What I could have done without, is the scent: while I initially liked the bitter almond part, everyone around me seemed to hate it for being too.."oily", and after repeated use, I can see where they're coming from.

The second product-slash-gift that came with my order was the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask. What that is, is basically a jar of clay in powder form. You prepare the mask yourself by mixing it with water to a creamy consistency. What you end up with, is actually...mud and once you've applied it, it looks like you fell flat on your face into a mud pile after the rain: same color, same scent. When you rinse it off though, you're left with soft, clean skin. The feeling is kind of hard to explain, it's unlike any other mask or cleanser I've ever tried. More like a cleansing treatment if that makes sense. It contains witch hazel and Indian cress, and claims to exfoliate the skin and reduce the appearance of blackheads and blemishes, but I can't say that I noticed any of that - the skin though does feel nurtured, clean and smooth afterwards.

All in all, I'm very pleased with both items and will be repurchasing. Well, the body oil, I'll try it in a different scent and the clay mask, while it's not a must-have item (more like a special pampering product), I enjoyed using it and would like to see if it benefits my skin some more over time.

Beautyworks online shopping experience
As pleased as I was though with my items, I cannot say the same for the store from which I purchased them. For starters, I asked if I could pick the gift product myself, an email which never got replied, either with a yes or a no. The product I was sent was completely their choice, but the annoying part is that they sent me an item they were trying to get rid of: the clay mask expires in August, as in 2 months after I placed the order!!!
Now, I'd like to believe that an online store that takes pride in being a niche product retailer, would actually know better than to leave emails unanswered and to just push leftover stock, but apparently that is wishful thinking.

They did however send a crapload of samples to make it up (for everything else?), which was generous, but not exactly the service I was looking for:

And to close this post on a different note, let me just share with you my small beauty haul. I'll be off for a few days on a beach vacation soon and I needed a couple of stuff:

1. Mascara, because I've run out of a black one,
2. Nail polish (Art Deco 225) - Ok, I didn't need that, but the shimmery metallic olive green with a hint of a blue duochrome looked too pretty to pass on, and
3. a shimmery oil, like the Hei Poa one, a little miracle in a bottle, that will double as a hair-end moisturiser and a leg skin enhancer on those nights out! ;)

I'm grateful to you if you've made it this far!

So, do let me know, have you tried Dr. Hauschka? Any bad online shopping experiences?
And what beauty items have you added to your collection?

What's your opinion?

  1. Hi Tina! No I haven't tried any of Dr. Hauschka's products before. I think that's super neat that they plant some of their own ingredients. I've tried numerous body oils as an all over body moisturizer after my showers and it's always too oily for me - once in a while I'll try a new oil but same thing. And with oils I find they don't absorb as well as my moisturizers even though I apply it on damp skin :S Maybe I'm using too much since you said you only use a few drops for a large area of skin whereas I'm just free pouring LOL
    The cleansing clay mask looks neat. The only clay mask I've used that you mix in your own liquid is the Burt's Bees French Clay Mask. I mix that with toner instead of water and find it pretty good! I'm glad you like yours :)
    That's unfortunate about the customer service for Beautyworks. I agree that all companies should respond to inquiries and questions - hopefully in a prompt manner. Thanks for letting us know about that.
    Hmmm, I can't say I've had many bad online shopping experiences because I only make online purchases from big companies like Sephora which have great customer service....I have been sent the wrong item or have had items missing but always got a refund thankfully.
    Have an awesome time at the beach Hun! You'll have to take lots of pictures for us and make posts on your wonderful vacation :)

  2. I've only tried their cleansing cream I think.. The one with almonds etc.. It gently exfoliates.. But it doesn't remove makeup.. It does leave my skin feelin lovely though..

    I'm enjoying their lip balm stick.. Very hydrating

  3. πως σου φαινεται το hei poa? μυριζει ωραια ? ειναι καλο ? σκεφτομαι να το αγορασω ! τιμουλα?

  4. Tina next time order from lookfantastic.com, κλασσική ελληνική νοοτροπία να πλασάρουν οτι λήγει νωρίς, κ ετσι οπως το πάνε το'χουν σίγουρο το κλείσιμο!!
    Let me know how you like the Loreal mascara. I love Max Factor's False Lash Effect but it's too damn expensive right now, they don't have an offer, and I need a mascara, this one from Loreal is the cheapest one I can find from the "drugstore" brands.

  5. Thank you so much for the review on dr hauschka!! I am thinking of buying some of their products and your descriptions really helped me out :-)
    cheers, sam xx

  6. Can't wait to read your Hei Poa review. I really want to try this brand, but I would go for a Frangipani scent.
    Elemis Frangipani Monoi Melt is one of my favourite beauty products ever so I would like to try something similar x

  7. Κατ' αρχάς ας κοιτάξουν την ορθογραφία στο site τους τα Beautyworks και μετά να κάνουν και κατάστημα. Ένα proοfreading ρε παιδιά πριν το βγάλετε live online το μαγαζί, κάτι.

    Όσο για τη μάσκα, νταξ, απαράδεκτο, αλλά μη σε νοιάζει πολύ, οργανική σκόνη είναι, τίποτα δε θα πάθει.

  8. asos has been the worst shopping experiance for me , even though they have great items, i could never get a hold of anyone neither a reply . Hei Poa looks really tempting xo

  9. Λοιπόν θέλω κι εγώ εδώ και καιρό να δοκιμάσω κάτι απο τη σειρά του Dr. Hauschka. Θα ρίξω μια ματιά στο site του Beautyworks αν και νομίζω ότι σε άλλα ξένα sites μπορεί να είναι πιο φθηνά. Επίσης θέλω να δοκιμάσω το Hi Poa. Ρώτησα πρόσφατα στο Hondos Center για αυτά και μου είπαν ότι θα κυκλοφορήσει ολόκληρη σειρά με νέα προϊόντα. Επίσης η κοπελιά στο stand μου είπε ότι αυτό το λάδι (που πήρες), έχει μέσα ΙΡΙΔΙΖΟΝ ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΑ!!! Χαχαχα, αυτό το έρημο το "ιριδίζον" κανείς δεν ξέρει να το κλίνει; Μια άλλη μου είχε πει ότι "αυτή η σκιά είναι ιριδίζον"!!! "Ιριδίζουσα" μαντάμ!!! Σόρυ για το άσχετο, απλά μου ήρθε στο μυαλό βλέποντας το Hei Poa. Φιλάκια!

  10. oh i must give this stuff a go x

  11. ok the mask was not the gift you'd expect ..it sounds really good though and the oil!Have to try some products form Dr. Hauschka ...I'm so interesting in their day moisturizer for sencitive skins..thanks for the review sugar and BeautyWorks need to chenge some attitude in online sales apparently and take more care on new customers!!


  12. Ah I have some of this brand but havent used it yet. Thanks for your post :)xx

  13. @Karen Law: Hey sweetie!!! Yes, it sounds like you're using too much product at one go! I find I only need a few drops for each area, after all it is an...oil! Lol!
    And I'm on the same page as u are regarding those online retailers, the bigger ones are definitely more organised, but then again, if they smaller or newer ones aren't as organised, then how the hell do they expect to become bigger and attract more customers??? Beats me!!!
    Will try to update soon with a more summery post!!!
    Take care sweets!!! xxx

    @Delyteful Speaks: Thanks so much for the feedback and the recommendations dear, I'll look those products up as soon as I can! Actually I do have a sample of the cleansing milk that I still need to test out, although I'm guessing you're talking about a different product alltogether? xxx

    @Mairyliscious:Γενικα ειμαι fan των Ηei Poa, το συγκεκριμενο ειναι καλο, αλλα θα το προτεινα σαν all over shimmering body oil! Η μυρωδια ειναι χαρακτηριστικη του tiare flower που χρησιμοποιουν, σαν γαρδενια με γιασεμι καπως (αρκετα λουλουδε δλδ, τουλ ετσι την εκλαμβανει η δικια μου μυτογκα)! Για πρωτη αγορα, θα προτεινα το κλασσικο λαδι (χωρις shimmer), που ειναι κορυφαιο και για τα μαλλια και που βγαινει και σε αλλες μυρωδιες! Η τιμουλα βεβαια τσιμπημενη, το συγκεκριμενο εκανε γυρω στα 15-16, εχε χαρη που δεν ειχα την πολυτελεια να περιμενω να κανω αγορα online (μου βγαινει 12-13 συνηθως)!!! xxx

    @SophiaPeaches: Απαραδεκτοι πραγματικα!!! Απορω πως το περηφανευονται κιολας οτι ειναι high μαγαζι κλπ κλπ με τετοιο customer service!!!
    H mascara τολμω να πω οτι μου αρεσει πολυ, και δεν το περιμενα για τα λεφτα της!!! Σιγουρα θα την επελεγα και παλι!!! xxx

  14. @Sam: You're most welcome sweetie, glad if I helped u!!! :) xxx

    @Marina(Makeup4all): Actually, I've only tried their most...classic scents: the tiare and the coconut! But would love to try out something new for sure!
    As for a review, I've already reviewed the classic Hei Poa oil in an older post here, perhaps this will help u for the time being (http://allthevanity.blogspot.com/2010/08/hei-poa-little-bit-of-tahitian-beauty.html). xxx

    @Anonymous: Πραγματι, ευτυχως που ειναι σε μορφη πουδρας το προιον και μπορω να το χρησιμοποιησω και μετα την αναγραφομενη ημερομηνια! Οχι οτι αυτο δικαιολογει την εταιρεια φυσικα!!!

    @glittermeup: Really? Asos usually has decent service, if an item goes missing, or a whole order even, they usually replace it!!! Hope u have better luck in the future!!! xx

  15. @Arietta: Χαχαχαχα, καλα παραλιγο να πνιγω με αυτο το ιριδιζον!!!!! Βρε λες να νομιζουν οτι ειναι ξενη λεξη? LOL!!! Kαλα, οσο για ενημερωμενες πωλητριες, μην το ψαχνεις, εγω για να βρω το συγκεκριμενο...ιριδιζον ρωτησα 4 πωλητριες στον ιδιο Hondo!!!! Oσο για Dr Hauschka, μονο απο ξενο site πλεον, κριμα δλδ για το customer service τους, γτ αν το ειχαν προσεξει περισσοτερο θα προτιμουσα να στηριξω ενα ελληνικο site, αλλα... ας προσεχαν!!!
    Ελπιζω να μου εισαι καλα κοριτσι!!! Φιλιααααα!!!! xxx

    @kirstyb: Thx girl, hope you do! :) x

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: We can only hope that Beautyworks improves their customer service after this... if not, I'm pretty sure they won't be sticking around for that long!!!
    You've now made me curious abt the Dr Hauschka moisturiser!!! I need to hunt for a sample!!! xxx

    @Computergirl: You're welcome hun, happy if it helped u at all! Let me know which products you have and what u think of them, I'd love to know (on here on on twitter)! ;) xoxo

  16. That clay sounds very impressive especially for those who have a sensitive skin and are prone to eczema and such skin diseases.

  17. Loving this haul!! Dr. Hauschka's stuff seems quite good when I pass by the counter but I have never purchased anything. That clay mask looks super interesting. Let us know how it works out for you! :)

  18. @organic lipstick: To be fairly honest, I'm not entirely sure that clay masks are best suited for extremely sensitive skins or for those with special skin conditions: the principle that they're based on is that they draw out the skin's impurities and that can sometimes be too harsh! However, a combination - type skin that's mildly sensitive (like my own) could surely try it without any fear! :)

    @Athina: Thank you doll! Yes, Dr Hauschka is definitely overlooked! We need bigger variety when it comes to skincare (and well, makeup too)! ;) xxxx

  19. Χμμ... Όλα καλά με τα 2 Dr Hauschka, ντροπή για το beautyworks! Το άριστο customer service είναι το Α και το Ω στα online shops, πολύ κρίμα που οι ελληνικές προσπάθειες δεν το αντιμετωπίζουν τόσο σοβαρά! Φτου τους :P

  20. @cbsg5861: Ζητω συγγνωμη κουκλα, νομιζα οτι ειχα απαντησει στο comment σου, guess not..! :(
    Συμφωνω απολυτα με οσα λες... καλο ειναι σε τετοιους καιρους ειδικα, να δειχνουν ενα αλφα ενδιαφερον για τον πελατη τους... ασχετως αν τελικα μπορουν οντως να ικανοποιησουν τις αναγκες του (αν κ εδω που τα λεμε, αν δεν μπορουν, σιγουρα θα μπορει καποιος αλλος)!


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