Kiehl's "Save the Donkeys" event!

Guess who lost their blogging mojo lately... yep, that would be me - but I can assure you ladies that this blogger is back in full swing, and attending events while she's at it!!!

So, last night Kiehl's put together a lovely event at Hondos Center in Glifada, launching their new "Save the Donkeys" campaign! Kiehl's is a brand, that's quite well known for their humanitarian and eco-friendly initiatives in the countries that they are active in and this event was a prime example. Along with ΕΣΠΙ (Hellenic Society for Equine Welfare), they are raising awareness of the abuse that these lovely creatures are often subject to in our country.

A beauty brand for a good cause? No reason not to attend, right?
Especially when I learned that two lovely fellow bloggers, Evi from CBSG5861 and Arietta from Stripes and Scarlets were also going to attend! :)

The event was really fun, the girls and I strolled around, joked about the event model, Mr. Skeleton (who's wearing a t-shirt designed by Orsalia Parthenis for the event - Deux Hommes also contributed their designs) and... hit the buffet, where there were tasty carrot-based "Donkita" cocktails and carrot cupcakes to be had!

From a beauty bloggers' point of view... omg, it wasn't far from heaven: we learned about a ton of products, had the chance to try them on and even left with a couple of custom-chosen samples; all thanks to Giota, who was more than willing to help us out and answer all of our questions!!! I can now say that I left even more intrigued by this brand, seeing what goes into their products and familiarising myself with their philosophy.

Me and Evi in front of what should be our...natural habitat!

Me, Arietta and Evi.

Before I close this, let me mention a couple of words about the cause. Donkeys and small horses have long taken part in our agricultural history as patient animals, more than helpful in everyday life. Nowadays, their population has drastically decreased, and often the remaining animals are destined to be killed for their meat or abused in a number of tourist attractions. It's important to put a stop to this abuse and care for their living conditions. If you'd like to learn about ways you can help, you can visit EΣΠΙ's site:

All in all, we had a wonderful time!!! For more pics and celebrity sightings, as well as our...OOTD's, you can check out Patricia's blog, Fashion &Art, as well as Evi's and Arietta's posts!!!

***A huge thank you to Arietta for kindly sharing her pics with us, I really appreciate that doll!

See you all soon!

What's your opinion?

  1. Hi Tina! It's great to see an update on your blog :) I'm glad you're back into blogging mode!
    You look gorgeous in your pictures at the Kiehl's event! That's great that Kiehl's was promoting humane treatment to donkeys. It's sad that many animals get abused. I think we have to stand against that and I think (at least in Canada) that we need to have tougher laws passed to punish people who have abused animals. It's absolutely cruel and breaks my heart to read about stories like that :(
    On the upside, omigosh....carrot cake cupcakes?!! Omigosh good thing I wasn't there or the whole platter would be inhaled by me LOL I love carrot cake too much for my own good :P
    Ooo that's so nice that you got to take home a few custom-chosen samples. Kiehl's has some great products. I've only bought their hand cream thus far, but like yourself I am interested in trying out some of their other products.

  2. You are welcome for the photos doll. You look so beautiful in the pics and even more in real life! I really enjoyed attending this event with you guys! Can't wait for more... xoxoxo!

  3. Wow! Can't believe I missed this especially as I live right round the corner!

    Maria xx

  4. It was so nice seeing you girl!!!

    I had such an amazing time and you know what, as you say I'm now much more intrigued by the brand and can't wait to try out the samples we got! If only the whipped Creme de Corps came in a smaller tub (and a frendlier price), I'd be all over it! Not that I'm not considering it as an early Christmas gift to myself, tehehe


  5. You all look gorgeous!!And yey girls for attending the good cause event!!Glad you had an amazing time!But I can see it anyway from the lovely pictures!!!


  6. i'm glad you girlies had a good time :) wish i could have been there :) what samples did you get? xx

  7. You all look so beautiful!!
    Lovely event for a great cause..
    I wish i was there,maybe next time :)

  8. @Karen Law: Hey sweetie! It's nice to finally be back in business! :) Yes, I agree, we all need to learn more about what goes on around us, so that we can push our governments to make stricter laws! For instance, there's a whole window as far as the...donkey legislation goes, meaning that their owners can treat them however they like, without punishment!
    Lol regarding the carrot cupcakes, to be honest, I didn't try them myself, but I hear they were delish - me I tried the Donkita cocktails, very fruity and light! :)
    And you'll probably read more about some Kiehl's products in the future, I already have my eyes set on a couple of things!!! :) xxx

    @Arietta: Thank you love!!! And I couldn't agree more, I think these events should become mandatory every few weeks, hahaha!!! :PPP xxx

    @Maria: Aw, sorry to hear... Hope you have better luck next time! :) x

    @cbsg5861: Yep yep, I hear you, those huge lush tubs have been haunting me 2 days now...! *Sigh*! Oh well, one...product at a time, and I'm sure we'll get there..hehehe! :DDD xoxo

  9. @Blushingloves:Thank you hunni! We truly had an amazing time, and it would have been even more amazing if you could have been there to join us!!! ;) Next time though, I'm sure!!! ;) xxxx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: I know doll, hopefully the next one will be closer to you! :) As for samples, I got the Eye Brightening concentrate, the Acai damage correcting moisturiser and the yummy scented Creme de Corps! Can't wait to use them!!!! xx

    @Artemi: Thank you much girl!!! Yes, I know, but there will surely be many more opportunities in the future! We need a bigger blogger turnout next time!!! :D xx

    @Marina (Makeup4all): Omg, really? Thank you, although you should probably know that I was operating with minimal sleep after a 7 hr bus drive!!! Guess the makeup and the lights did their job, hahaha!!! Thanx for commenting Marina! xxx

  10. OOO this looked like a great event... i love those carrot cupcakes

  11. ποοοοσο ομορφες φαινεστε και οι δυο στην πρωτη φωτογραφια! και στην δευτερη φυσικα, αλλα ειδα την πανω πρωτη και αυτη μου κολλησε! κουκλιτσες!

  12. @ElenaKat: Nα ναι καλα το makeup κ ο φακος της Αριεττας που δεν βγηκα σαν το τερας με τα 2 κεφαλια!!! LOL! Thank you κοριτσι!! Αντε, να τα πουμε κ απο κοντα εφετο! Χαχα! xx


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