Jewellery shopping: the usual boho...and a touch of glam!

Admit it! You too are guilty of the spontaneous accessory shopping spree, right? And why wouldn't you be, especially when that's in the form of affordable jewellery!

Well, as you can see, I should be found guilty on multiple occassions. But I can't help it. In the words of Miranda, cynic extraordinaire: "I love it. It's my thing. Let it go".

And what have I been shopping? Well, knowing me, there had to be some of the usual boho oriented bits&bobs:

  • Accessorize multicoloured bracelet. I found this one on sale and it was the closest I came this summer to the bright (call me neon) bracelet trend. Works well as an accent on simpler looks!
  • House of Harlow 1960 14ct yellow gold plated thin bangle. My very first HoH piece (and most certainly not the last)! It's wonderful on its own or paired with other bracelets! I'll surely get a lot of wear out of this!
  • Angel wing necklace with faceted glass stone. Simple and cute, purchased on etsy (seller's name is bluevelvetdesigns).
  • Decenarios rosary bracelets. I got these on ebay, for dirt-cheap. These rosary bracelets have been quite a big trend over the past year and are used as good luck charms. Naturally, as a closeted superstitious person, I had to indulge!

But this time around, I decided to make a couple of more glamorous and elegant purchases too:

  • Beaded bracelets from a local accessories shop. Their light reflecting properties is what caught my attention! I love that they look a lot more expensive than they are (2 euros each! Shhhhh!) - hey, maybe Accessorize can take a few notes as far as pricing goes!
  • However overpriced Accessorize is though, I do like their sterling silver line and that's where this crystal encrusted ring is from (big yay for rings that don't turn your fingers blue)!
  • Lastly, 3 little pairs of simple crystal stud earrings. I'll be getting another pair of earlobe piercings soon, and I wanted the 3 different sized studs. Again, from a local accessories shop (these are sterling silver too).

Bottom line: there's always cute and affordable options around!

So, have you been doing any jewellery shopping lately?
What is on your wishlists?

What's your opinion?

  1. I have bought a few bits of jewllery this month, mainly from accessorize. So naughty i know, but you got to treat yourself sometimes :) x

  2. These are all really cute finds :) xx

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  3. Lovely finds! Lately I'm obsessed with the side cross gold necklace I first saw on Lollipop26- I think I might ask it from my boyfriend as an early Christmas present! tehehe


  4. I think I need to get on the accessory shopping :) Your peices look lovely! Can't wait to see more OOTD

  5. Hi Tina! I love the simple crystal stud earrings and your crystal ring as well :) I always love bling!
    The House of Harlow gold bangle is really pretty. It would look great on its own or layered with other pieces.
    And I love the angel wing pendant you got. I recently got an angel wing ring and I wear it out a lot :)
    Hmmm, I don't have too much on my wishlist at the moment but the one thing I've been trying to find lately is this Caboodle makeup train case. I bought one a couple of years ago and it's running out of space now. I got in it the States so I'm hoping to find another one in a week and a half when I'm back in the States again :)

  6. Thats some lovely jewellery you got there!!Even though i tend to buy more cute-girly and 'glamorous' stuff your boho find have got me hooked :) xx

  7. Ahh I love going on jewelry shopping trips! They are possibly my favorite, besides makeup and home decor lol. Recently I have been going to flea markets to find cool, unique jewelry.

  8. That Angel wing necklace blows my miiiiind!!! :)

  9. You got some lovely stuff there. I've been obsessed with stacking my bracelets lately so I also want to buy lots of different styles and wear them mixed and matched. I love the rosary bracelets too. Gonna try ebay and hope they bring me some good luck! ;)

  10. You've got some great picks! I've been really good and not splurged on any jewellery lately!

    p.s Finally joined Planet Twitter!!/ABritGreek

  11. Yes yes, I am guilty! :D I love spontaneous shopping, it's so much fun! I love everything you got, especially that feather necklace - so dainty and pretty <3 Also majorly jealous about the House of Harlow bangle, I love everything from that line!

  12. I'm with ladyb...I think I need to do some accessory shopping now. I like those natural fibers ones ...esp the rosary bracelets. Google here I come! Xx

  13. @Gemma: Hehe, I know what you mean, I'm guilty of...treating myself toooo often!!! ;) Accessorize does seem to have a few nice pieces lately, so can't say I blame you (I mean, obviously)!!! xx

    @TheOtherSideofCool: Thank you girl! :)

    @cbsg5861; Oooh, that would be pretty, I know it would look lovely on you!!! Good luck with the...persuasion! ;) xxx

    @ladyb: Thank you so much doll! Will try to add a bew OOTD soon! ;) xx

  14. @Karen Law: For all I know your gorgeous glittery pumps could be the ones to blame for my recent sparkly jewellery shopping, hahahaha!!!
    Since you mentioned the makeup train case, is that what you use to store everything? I'd love to see your current makeup storage setup!!!

    @fashion written with a lipstick:'s too short for one accesories style alone, lol!!! I wouldn't normally go for the blingy stuff, but I guess anything can work with some more careful layering!!! xx

    @Vida: You must have discovered some true gems on those trips! Lately I've gotten into vintage clothes and only now do I appreciate the allure! You do have to go through a ton of stuff though to find the one that makes it worthwhile!!! :) x

    @Алёна: Thank you girl, welcome! :)

  15. @Athina: Lol, was SO affordable too! Score!!! PS One of these days I will reply to your email, I havent forgotten about it (ante gt to xw..*mpiiip*)!!! Filia k ntysouuuuuu!!!! xxx

    @Arietta: Ah...all of those fashion bloggers and their perfect arm candy... I'm always super jealous... they've pretty much turned the whole thing to an art!!! We can only start somewhere and practice (oh and a Pamela Love wouldn't hurt either)!!! :D xxx

    @A BRIT GREEK: Hehe, which to me translates as "I already have a nice well-rounded collection" and I'm sure I'm not that far off missy! ;) xx

    @Summer: I see we have a similar taste then, with that boho vibe going on! Thank you! :) x

  16. @fantastic: Or some semi-precious stones... I'm sure etsy would b a good place for the less popular stuff (btw try krisnations too, that's my go to place for ogling jewellery I cannot order here)!!! xxx

  17. Hi Tina! I hope all is well with you Hun :)
    Yes, the makeup train case I have is where I currently stash most of my costume jewelry. I do have a couple of other jewelry boxes but they're stuffed! LOL The makeup train case I get is the Caboodles branded one in a style called "Goddess" - it's the biggest and most affordable heavy duty train case around and I get it in the USA in either Walmart or Target :)
    Haha, I just toss my eyeshadows into little zipblock bags depending on the colour (like, greens into one bag, purples in another) and toss those zipblock bags into a CD storage rack (minus the CD slots)! Eeek, it's kinda embarrassing but it works for now. For sure! I can do a post on my makeup stash if you'd like to see :)

  18. kristnations? okay..going there now!

  19. These are greatt! :D Nice purchases!

  20. i prefer the glam touch , goodmorning have a great week !

  21. OIIIIII tinamou hello? where is your blog????

  22. megiaaa! einai ola panemorfa! kisses

  23. @Karen Law: Ah, I feel you, my makeup collection used to be all over the place, like literally, in 2 separate rooms... I finally managed to place it all in one Ikea bookcase, but it still looks a bit cramped and untidy, especially when compared to those fancy shmancy YT makeup collection videos!!! xx

    @fantastic: Apologies for the late reply... I think that store is close to your style, I know I would get a few pieces from there myself ...! How's things over there btw? xxx

    @priincess emily: Thank you so much dear! :) x

    @Mairyliscious: Yes, now that the weather is colder, I opt less and less for the beachy/bohemian pieces! After all, we all need some sparkle in this cooler weather, right?! :PP xxx

  24. @Tali: Thank you. And...I mean it! *TIGHT HUGZZZZ* Lol! xxx

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Σ'ευχαριστω κοριτσι!!! Φιλια πολλα! xxx

  25. δε φοραω γενικα κοσμηματα γιατι εχω αλλεργια σε οοοολα τα υλικα, αλλα αυτα τα βραχιολακια στη δευτερη φωτο με το δαχτυλιδι θα τα φορουσα πολυ ανετα! μ'αρεσουν παρα πολυ τετοιου ειδους βραχιολακια!

  26. @ElenaKat: Πραγματι, κατι τετοιες αγορες απο ασχετα accesso-ραδικα λενε. Κανεις την πλακα σου και δειχνουν κ ακριβοτερα απ' ο,τι ειναι!!! xxx

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