So who won the TBS Sweet Lemon Body Butter and the Korres eyeshadow...?

No excuses or apologies for my recent long hiatus from blogger; this time there were real reasons behind it, like, the important stuff.
Needless to say that reading and talking about beauty products got automatically moved to the bottom of my priorities' list... and things aren't stellar at the moment either, but at least I've thankfully passed the point of constant shaking.

I won't go into further detail, as it's really not my own personal detail to openly share. However, I really need to thank some close friends on Twitter for their support: Suka And Spice, Arietta, CBSG5861, Tali, Blushingloves, and Never_e_gloss, as well as those who put a smile on my face by remembering me in their #followfriday's. Thank you guys, you helped calm me down more than you know.

So, on to the exciting stuff!!!!

The winner of my giveaway is....


Congratulations girl! The Sweet Lemon Body Butter and a Korres eyeshadow of your choice will be shipped to you just as soon as we sort the details! :)

To those of you that didn't win, don't worry, there will be at least one more giveaway on here before Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled! ;)

Take care everyone until I pop up with some beauty chatter next time!

What's your opinion?

  1. Congrats on the winner honey!and you know life is up and down..dont worry about anything just υγεια πανω απ ολα!!φιλακια and miss you!!!!


  2. <3 you Tina mou.. life is full of ups and downs. It happens to us all. And also thanks for being there for me so much the last week. xoxox

  3. Good to have you back sweetie! Life can be hard sometimes on all of us, I know it may mean nothing when I say it but things will only get better! xx xx

  4. Congrats to Peggyilia!
    Awww Tina, I wish I could give you a hug Hun :( I'm glad you've managed to calm down since.
    Definitely, take care and time for yourself to deal with life's priorities. We'll be here for you when you come back to blogging x

  5. I hope everything is well hun and if it isn't I hope you are coping with everything.Life is hard most of the time ,unfortunately,and "she" likes to test us to see how we cope with things(a bit sadistic, if you ask me). Needless to say we missed you and we are glad you're back.
    Lots of love! :)

  6. Congrats to the winner! don't worry ,everything is gonna be Ok! :D
    we are here! :)

  7. Hope everything is ok now! An congrats to the winner :)

  8. I'm glad to see you're back doll and I love the new layout! I hope to see you sometime around Christmas. Kisses!!! xxx

  9. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: You're right... it's just that it all came at me at the same time.. still wondering how this years holidays will turn out!!! Kai se sena filia k panta ygeia, gt to kourasate fetos me tis arrwsties, lol! xxx

    @Tali: Absolutely, we have to be prepared for every turn, and every new page... Take the good and the bad I guess...! Don't mention it, thank U as well, you've cheered me up when I most needed it! xxx

    @cbsg5861: Thank you for the support hunni!!! :))) Hope this time I'll stick to some more regular posting! ;) ;) And I'll keep my fingers crossed!!! xoxox

    @Karen Law: It's been a bit of a whirlwind, but I've managed to try and stay calm for the most part... Stressing out uncontrolably never helped anyone, I'm sure!!! Thanx for your support and your lovely comments! <3 Karen! xxx

  10. @Athina: Thank you my dear! You have a way with words and what you say always hits home. You're right, it seems like things are a test, more often than not, so we just have to be as calm and prepared as possible, otherwise we'd have failed before we tried...! Thanks for the support! xxx

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Thank you hun! :) xx

    @skippysays: Thank you dear...getting there eventually...! x

    @Arietta: Thankies ma cherie! :)) I was just thinking abt u, I need to email u and arrange the details!!! ;) Lots of love! xxx


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