Late favourites and Breast Cancer Awareness talk!

Hi guys!

Hope you're all well and staying warm (well, obviously that last part doesn't count for those of you in the warmer climates, you lucky ones)! :)

So, as the title suggests, this will be another (late) monthly favourites post for the month of September. Now, September is a classic exam month here in Greece (anywhere else too?), so be prepared for my boring, uni-approved makeup choices!

1. The mid-tone brown eyeshadow from the Sleek Safari palette.
Nothing spectacular here, just a very basic neutral eyeshadow, that gives the eyes some definition. I love its ashy shade and that it has a satin finish, meaning it would most likely make an excellent choice for a sculpted eye look. Now, yes, it does contain some super tiny and sparse bits of glitter, but none of it will show on the eyes once applied and blended.

2. Becca Sheer Lip Tint in Estella.
Already talked about here, Estella is a lovely wearable nude that adds just a hint of colour on my lips. It's perfect for any "I 'm not wearing makeup" makeup look, hence why it made it on this list.

3. The Body Shop Baked blush in 02. Coral.
Now, this is a product I 've been dying to try since this last June/July, but sadly I don't think this particular shade even made it here, all TBS stores I tried seemed to only carry the other baked one. But, after trying my luck on ebay, I managed to get my hands on it and I 'm very glad I did - it's a beautiful warm rosey coral shade, buildable and really flattering on the cheeks! I 've swatched the two tones separately to give you a better idea of the shades, but I use them both mixed together.

4. Seventeen* nail polish in 95.
It's cheap, it's nude, it's appropriate for oral exams. Unfortunately, it is a bit streaky, so I wouldn't really recommend it, however, it does the job. Best used for a diy french manicure.
*Seventeen is a greek "drugstore" brand.

5. Benefit Erase Paste in #1.
Another product that's already been discussed here in the past and very well loved. I do trust on this little pot to erase my tough dark circles and it's never failed me. There's still a ton of product left in my jar, but I 'll be surely repurchasing in the future.

So, that was it for my September favourites, told you it was nothing exciting!

But before I hit publish, please allow me to talk about something very important - it will only take a few minutes of your time!

As you all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I 'm sure you 've heard of this a million times by now and have been bombarded with a fair share of pink ribbons over the past 20 days.
Pink ribbons are good and all, but somehow I think we 've been missing the point, which is becoming more knowledgeable about this disease and what we can do in order to help others and also, help ourselves.

I 'm not going to focus on the charity aspect here, however it would be unfair to not mention that there's numerous beauty brands out there that show their support by offering portions of their sales to research: Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Avon, OPI, Palmers and Darphin, to name a few. In that sense, it would be worth checking out your favourite brand for pink ribbon products (some do jewellery too) and making a beauty buy, while supporting a good cause.

But awareness is also about prevention, which I feel often gets neglected.

- It is *extremely* important to know that lifestyle plays a huge role: don't underestimate the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet and also be conservative with your alcohol consumption.
- Do start your routine mammograms at the age of 40 and do remind your forgetful relatives and friends. Goes without saying, that if you have a family history of breast cancer, those should be more often or begin at an earlier age (sth to discuss with your doctor).
- Do remember to self-examine your breasts. Here's a quick how-to:

After a week or so from your last period, stand in front of a mirror. Inspect for any changes in the texture of the skin, the shape of the nipple and for possible discharge.
✓ Put your hand behind your head and use the pads of your 3 middle fingers to feel the breast tissue, alternating the pressure to make sure that you've examined everything from the surface to the parts closer to your ribcage. Move your fingers slowly in small circles. You can use a lengthwise strip pattern or a spiral pattern (as shown above), just make sure you've covered the whole breast.
✓ Don't forget to examine the upper outer areas that extend into your armpit.
Do remember that breast cancer is curable, if detected in an early stage. That said, I truly hope that you and your loved ones will never have to deal with this disease (or any types of cancer for that matter) in your lifetime! :)

Thank you for making it this far, next post will be about sth more interesting, I promise!

What's your opinion?

  1. Why didn't I know of this lovely Sleek palette?! And I love your Becca lip tints. But as for erase paste I don't like it so much. It may be give a good coverage but it creases enormously! I prefer Benefit's booing.
    Brest cancer is something that all women must take seriously and you are right to bring this up. And although our blogs are meant for fun and nice things, it doesn't hurt to talk about something serious and important every once and a while!

  2. I love the look of that body shop blush!!

    Im one person who is always on the fence with sleek. In some respects they are great but I find in one palette too many inconsistent shades (texture wise) and i find them hard to blend or apply without getting them over my face. On the other hand the colors are fantastic! I just feel that they have too much hype. I dont know.. I have 3 of them and never use them even when i want too because of the mess!!


  3. This post hun was so interesting!!
    Hope nobody have to deal with any cancer too tho is so ordinary those days to hear about that!
    Thank you so much for the self-examine tips!!
    And last to cheer a little bit,loved the Body Shop Baked blush!It looks so pretty!!
    Hugs and kisses!!

  4. Great post darling, Breast Cancer is such a yucky thing to talk about, but it's so important us women check ourselves out regularly!!!

    Eye spy with my little eye the green colour on the palette - yum!!!

  5. Lovely favorites! :) I'm dying to try Sleek palettes!!

    As for cancer (and not just breast cancer), we should all get check-ups regularly, because it's a disease that can be cured if it's diagnozed in an early stage! My grandma and my best friend's mother died from cancer, so I'm extra sensitive when it comes to this subject!


    (not shouting, I just wanted to emphasize what I'm saying)


  6. great post for awareness and great sept favourites :)

  7. I have heard so many people talk good about sleek Palettes. they sure look pigmented!

    I agree, early detection is important. Often many of us neglect to check ourselves. It hits us only when somebody we know suffers from Breast Cancer.

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  9. I think breast cancer awareness month is a great thing! But, I agree, I associate it with pink, pink, pink everywhere more so than the actual practical implications of early detection and self examination. More emphasis should be placed on the prevention part, completely agree!

    I think I need that Becca lip tint in my life! Love the look of TBS blush too, those colors are beautiful!

  10. i love that you posted this mama's a survivor! great weekday makeup too--i use one of the shades from a sleek palette during the week, but agree with tali that a lot of the shades have fallout. otherwise the colors are beautiful! xx

  11. I'm about to get my first Sleek palette and it'll either be this or the Chaos one.
    Thank God exams are over.
    Thanks a lot for the information.Also there are some tests that can be done, since B.C. is also genetic, so if a female relative has it, there's more of a chance that someone might have the "bad" gene.
    Also...Which tbs stores did you check?I think I saw it in Kifisia.

  12. Great post Hun! I couldn't have said it better myself about breast or even general cancer awareness and lifestyle change.
    I love that mid tone brown from the Sleek Safari palette. I don't own any sleek palettes but the shade you chose reminds me of MAC Corduroy which is one of my all time favourite eye shadow shades at the moment. I've been consistently wearing that eye shadow for a few months straight now and I just back-2-mac'ed a new one yesterday :)
    I've heard quite a bit about the benefit erase paste. I find that my concealers last me eons though.
    September was always the start of school for us in Canada so we didn't have exams that month. Although October was mid-terms month :S

  13. @Pasiphae: Well, from my experience Sleek palettes are very convenient to have, but there's always gonna be the odd one that has a lot of fallout or is prone to creasing or is poorly pigmented... there are a few nice shades in each palette, but the rest...not so good... however I do find myself taking these with me when traveling instead of my MAC ones (cos what of sth happened to them? Haha)!
    Yes, I know what you mean about Erase Paste, it does tend to crease, but that usually means there's too much product there. Perhaps it's one for younger women?

    @Tali: Try to find the blush if you can, it's not the finest consistency you've ever tried, but the colour is oh-so-pretty! :)
    Yes, I 'm totally with you on the Sleek palettes, they ARE largely overhyped! I have 3 as well and only use maybe less than half of the shadows in each one!!!

    @Blushingloves: Yes, it's is alarming that it's becoming so often hearing about ppl getting this nasty disease!!!
    But since health goes hand in hand with beauty, I thought it made sense talking about it here! Thank you for the feedback! :) xoxo

    @A BRIT GREEK: Thank you so much and glad you liked this post! :)
    Yes, that Sleek palette does have some nice greens! Hehe! ;) xxx

  14. @Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover: Yes, sadly, everyone has ppl in their family or a friend that has gone through a similar experience and you 're right, we shouldn't neglect getting out regular check ups and looking for anything out of the norm! Our health is too important! xx

    @A Certain Vintage: Thank you, happy that you liked this post! x

    @resham: Well, the thing about those palettes is that they 're an odd mix of good and bad shadows quality-wise! They're nice to have though, and handy if you 're on the go!
    And yes, sad that we only remember about our health when sm1 else is already ill... we should all motivate each other to get regular check ups etc! xxx

  15. @ellamarie84: Those are my feelings exactly!!! It's all about pink ribbons and not so much about the health aspect of it, which should be the point, no?
    Lol, love the Becca lip tints, can't recommend them enough! xxxx

    @fantastic: Thank you and very very happy that your mom has overcome this! She's a trooper (and also very lucky)! :)
    Which Sleek palette do you use? xoxo

    @Ria: I find Safari to be much more wearable than say Chaos or Acid, but I didn't spot it on their website? Guess it's discontinued! :(
    Regarding breast cancer, yes, women with a family history should definitely look into it, goes without saying! xx

    @Karen: Corduroy is a brown? Why did I always think it was a grey? I'm probably thinking of another shadow now, oh boy, lol!
    Omg, eons is absolutely accurate when it comes to concealer, it's impossible to finish up one!!! :)

  16. I totally agree with you on the Benefit Erase Paste, it's my all time favorite concealer and it's the only one which really conceals without drying my skin out!

  17. @Blusherine: I actually tested Erase Paste again against a less thick concealer and I noticed that it DOES have a slight brightening effect! : xx

  18. Hi great post very interesting from your newest fan x bless

  19. @RIVIERA FLAIR: Hi there! Thank you dear! :) And welcome! x


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