New Year, New Beauty Goals!

Hello everyone! I hope that 2012 found you healthy and happy and that it will fill your lives with joy, creativity, strength and prosperity each and every day of it!

Since this is my first post of the year, I thought I'd share with you my beauty goals for 2012, my resolutions if you will.

So, for this year, I want to:

1. Continue project Glossout in 2012.
Yes, I'm still going strong on Glossout 2011 (having not bought any new ones and using up what I've got - post to come in the future), but since I still have a lot of lipgloss to go through, I think it's only sensible to keep going. I will allow myself, however, to purchase two new shades this year, if I think they're special enough; after all, a 2yr ban can be a bit tiring and restraining.

2. Stop buying dupes. 
A pretty self-explanatory resolution. There's no need for yet another peachy pink blush or a dark brown eyeshadow, especially since I'm not making any dents to those I already own. For 2012 I plan to check with my collection first, before I pledge to buy anything new.

3. Get rid of all the unflattering shades.
Saint Germain lipstick, I'm looking at you! In the past few years, I bought a fair number of products simply because they were the "it" colours that everyone was wearing and talking about. Nevermind if they made me look like a corpse or an oompah loompah. So, in 2012, I want to give away (or even host a blog sale if you were interested) all of those items that realistically don't suit my colours. Instead, I want to:

4. Find out exactly what works for me.
Because so far I only know that cooler tones work better on me and that's as far as it goes. I'd like to experiment more with colour and finally nail the combinations that enhance my features. Hopefully by this time next year I'll be able to report more than "I look good with a pink blush and an ashy brown smokey eye".

5. Shop Greek.
Korres, Apivita, Mastic Spa, Fresh Line, Seventeen and Erre Due, to name a few, are all Greek based beauty and makeup brands that make wonderful products. It's a real shame that, despite being a Greek beauty blogger, I haven't explored these in depth, so in the new year I want to become more knowledgeable of them, while supporting our local economy.

6. Get more technical.
Last year I wanted to master the application of fake lashes, and, to an extent, I achieved it. For 2012 I want to get even more technical when it comes to makeup, ie layer different formulas, find out which brush works best with what product, learn more eyeshadow application techniques etc. You got the idea. No, I'm not saying I want to become a makeup artist, but since my makeup collection is...collecting dust at the moment (pun intended), I might as well put it to good use!

And there you have my 2012 beauty resolutions! Pretty ambitious, but I'd rather aim high than low!

What are your beauty resolutions for 2012? What do you want to change or improve?

What's your opinion?

  1. I like your resolutions! Your #1 and #2 are simple but inspiring - good directions for me to downsize too!

    Definitely support #5! I want want to learn more about your local brands/products!

    Mine are on my blog already - check them out!

    Happy New Year from Hong Kong!

    1. Thank you girl!!!
      Yes, I think it's wise to stop buying so much of what we already have and focus on using what we already own in more, new, and different ways!!!
      Off to check yours now! :)

  2. Happy new year doll!! I like your beauty resolutions, especially the project Glossout. I have too many lippies, I need to use them instead of buying new ones!

    1. Καλη χρονια κοριτσι, εστω και με καποια καθυστερηση!!!
      Yes, you can join me with your version of a 2012 "Lipstick-Out"!!!
      It's just that we have way too much makeup - it's a pity to let it all go bad before we have a chance to show them some love!

  3. You're so right on setting beauty goals for 2012! I may not be on a lipgloss ban this year but I agree with everything else on yur list. It's best to shop wisely these days and enjoy what we already own! xx

    1. Yes, it's not really a classic "resolutions" list for me, I see it more of an opportunity to start fresh with my spending habits! After all this time reading and shopping makeup, I cannot justify buying the "it" shades anymore or yet another peachy pink anything, just because of the hype!!! xxx

  4. Your makeup/product resolutions sound like what I've been putting into practice the last several months. Like yourself, when I first started watching youtube tutorials about 3 years ago, I got really caught onto the "It' makeup item and purchased it despite it looking bad or just okay on me. But sometime in the past year and a half, I found what works best for my skintone/hair colour and what I find most flattering on me and have just stuck to that. Since then, I've hardly watched any youtube videos anymore....and I've hardly bought any makeup since I do the same FOTD everyday now :)
    I think that's great to support more Greek products Tina. Similarly, I like to support Canadian companies that make great products.

    1. Yes, I think it's important to make smarter choices when it comes to shopping for makeup! Now, I'm not saying that I'll stop being influenced by other bloggers and YT-ers, but I'll like it to be more in a sense of "what else could work for me", instead of "everyone's got it, I have to have it"! It's pretty much why I haven't bought any of the Naked palettes, I have already too much neutrals as it is!!!


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