How to look like a Victoria's Secret Angel!

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The title says it all. 
Now, before some of you start to think "yeah, right, like there's any other trick apart from having those gorgeous model genes", let me assure you that that isn't the case: even the prettiest of them get a little help from a team of experts (with a few aces up their sleeves) in order to achieve that elusive siren look the rest of us are left to admire (naturally the genes are a given, but let's not focus on that too much now, shall we?)!

The VS Angels' look is almost always a variation of the same theme: glowing, sexy, natural and youthful makeup, that accentuates the girls' beautiful features. So, after watching many a VS fashion show, I thought I'd put together a small list of the key aspects of that look:

Tips & Tricks on looking like a VS Angel

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. All of the girls have lovely skin and I think that skin is one of the criteria defining whether a girl makes the cut or not; think about it: it would be impossible to make a dry and dull skin achieve that "lit-from-within" glow, regardless of the products used! So, remember to drink plenty of water, exfoliate often and moisturise your skin daily.

2. Get a tan. All of the VS Angels sport a good few layers of a golden tan. Now, as we're not models posing for some calendar in Mauritius or wherever 90% of our time, a bottle- or a spray-tan is the next best thing to get that radiant "Californian beach babe" glow, that the Angels are known for.

3. Keep it neutral. I've yet to see a VS model with a dark vampy lip or a vibrant purple eyeshadow. The colour palette is neutral and the focus of the look is the eyes and the healthy looking complexion.
- Face: Bronzer and highlighter are obviously essential, and more important than blush. And as we're speaking of blush, I've noticed that in all of the VS looks lately (runway and ads) the blush is always a light pink toned one - unlike the peachy corals one would expect. 
- Eyes: A bronzed look or a subtle smokey eye is usually what the Angels have on. I believe that any girl that owns a couple of basic neutral eyeshadows and an eye kohl can easily duplicate their look; don't forget to curl your lashes and add plenty layers of mascara!
- Lips: Never the focus, they're always toned down, but with a bit of definition. No nude lips here, think a "my-lips-but-better-shade" with a light pink lipgloss on top.

4. Body Glow. The girls use many products to help them get that airbrushed look (including body makeup); all you'll need is a shimmering body lotion (or any product to that effect) to do the trick!

5. Don't forget the hair. Hair masks and oils are essential to make your coif look silky-shiny. A few subtle highlights would also dupe some sun-kissed locks, depending on your initial hair colour. As for the actual styling, use any volumising product that works well with your hair, before you pull out the big guns (aka rollers and curling irons).

6. Lastly... EXERCISE!!! I mean, come on, you didn't think you could fake Adriana's abs with some bronzer, now did you? The closer I "study" the Angels, the more I find that they all must be closeted workout junkies (I was surprised to find out that Adriana boxes and that Doutzen was a speed skater). For the laziest of us, I've added this short 10 min full body workout video from Heidi Klum's instructor (from, in an effort to motivate you all (as well as myself)! It's just 10 minutes girls!

I'll leave you with a little peek into this year's actual runway look - enjoy!

So, did this post come in handy for you? Share your thoughts below, as well as any other tips you might have! 
Let me know if you'd like to see similar celeb-inspired posts in the future!

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  1. Come on!!!really exercise??need to do that and thanks for the motivation doll!going to try and loved the post!do I have to mention??


    1. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Yep, I'm afraid so, exercise is a must - how else would those sexy bikinis and lingerie look good, lol! Thanks for the kind words girlie, glad you enjoyed this! xx

  2. Ugh. they are so flawless it makes me sick!
    Jealous lady here!

    Holli x

    1. @Dragon Mommy: Lol, yes, they are, aren't they? But not without effort - so maybe there's still hope for the rest of us! :) x

  3. ax exeis dikio..alla einai na to pareis apofash gia na kaneis gumnastikh. pantws kai h lush kai to bronzer mia xara akougetai hahahahaha :P

    1. @Lydia: Hahaha, ναι, υποθετω οτι το bronzer trick θα μπορουσε να λειτουργησει σε..εκτακτες περιπτωσεις! :DDD

  4. No!!! Tom Pecheux is behind the VS catwalk makeup for 2012? Ok, now I'm really interested in the VS look! You're so right, glowing healthy skin plays the most important role in this makeup. I'm going to invest in a Mac foundation to fake it- no more experimenting with cheap drugstore finds, hehe ;)

    Damn, this workout looks quite intense! Thx for sharing though, I have to include an activity of some sort in my daily routine and this 10-min workout at home saves me from going to the gym...


  5. @cbsg5861: Yes, no other than Mr Pecheux himself - these girls really have the best people behind them to create that signature VS look! Btw, the fashion show is a November thing, so when I wrote "this year" I meant the 2011 look (until the new one gets revealed next November).
    I agree, the workout is a little intense, but no pain no gain right? And I keep reminding myself "It's just 10 minutes"..! Lol!
    Btw, I totally agree on the higher-end foundation decision, if it's sth that I put on my (problematic skin), might as well be something reliable (read: more expensive), right? xxxx


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