Lip combo du mois!

Aside from the Bobbi Brown lipgloss that I've just recently blogged about, there's a couple of other lip products that I've been using religiously lately:

MAC lip pencil in Dervish and YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in #10, Beige Tribute.

The reason is, well, pretty self explanatory: they make a lovely and flattering neutral combination, that I can wear all around the clock!
Let's take a closer look, shall we?

MAC Dervish is a dusty rosey pink shade that works wonderfully with neutral toned pink lipsticks (no surprise that it's a big hit with many makeup artists, Pixiwoo sisters included). It's in the same colour family as Soar lip pencil by MAC (in fact on me, they're quite similar), only this is a bit lighter and easier to combine with a lot more lipsticks. The formula is lovely (MAC know how to make pencils, that's for sure) and just as creamy as a smooth application would require (personally, I hate it when lip pencils are hard and scratchy).

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #10, Beige Tribute is a beautiful neutral beige-ish pink lipstick and depending on your level of tan or your complexion, this might work as a nude for you too. Don't fret though, this is not a scary corpsey/pornstar type of nude, think your lips but with some elegant definition. The formula, basically the reason why I had to pick another one of these, is pretty amazing: soft, creamy (thankfully avoiding that slippery mess of the Rouge Voluptes) and gentle to my lips. The finish is quite lovely too: somewhat in the middle of a satin and a cremesheen in MAC terms, and as of recently my no. 1 favourite.

(*ps: those of you looking for a neutral/nude pink but with a hint of a peach/coral sheen, try no 24, Blond Ingenu from this range, apparently one of Lana Del Ray's signature lip shades).

Below, you can see how well Dervish and Beige Tribute go together (pic in natural light):

match made in lip shade heaven or what!
Another reason why Dervish is the perfect match to this lipstick, is that it also helps accentuate the stain that the YSL leaves after a couple hours of wear - sadly Beige Tribute doesn't last as long as the deeper Rouge Pur Coutures and needs a little bit of a (pencil) help in the longevity department.

So, have you tried the Rouge Pur Coutures yet? 
What's your favourite lip combo du jour/du mois? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Τελειος συνδυασμος!!Μ'αρεσει γιατι δεν ειναι αχρωμο nude αλλα φαινεται να κολακευει πολυ κ να φωτιζει το προσωπο..οτι πρεπει για την εποχη. Παντως πρεπει να πηγσινει πολυ κ με τα χρωματα σου!
    Το μολυβακι μπηκε σιγουρα στη λιστα για επομενη αγορα!!
    Τα κραγιον του YSL ειναι πολυ αγαπημενα μου, ειδικα οι nude αποχρωσεις τους ειναι κορυφαιες!

    1. @beautyincrisis: Ακριβως, ξεφευγει απ το τελειως "πεθαμενατζιδικο" nude (που παρολα αυτα ανετα συνηθιζω να φοραω), κολακευει πολυ και ταιριαζει με πολλα looks!
      To μολυβακι το συστηνω ανεπιφυλακτα! ;) xx


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