UK snaps! (pic heavy post)

by - April 16, 2012

I finally got the chance to edit down some of the (hundreds of) photos from my recent UK trip, and even though editing and deciding is not my strongest point (there's a Libra in me after all), I think that my little (?) selection below showcases the most memorable & pic-worthy moments!

Check them below and see if you can spot some familiar faces! ;)

1. View from the Millenium Bridge

2. Midnight in front of the Big Ben

3. View from the hotel room

4. The gorgeous Tali and I, wondering when we'll get our own monuments of love! :P 

5. Yes, I am wearing heels people. 

6. Westminster Abbey

7. A cute sign (and also proof that I took some very touristy pics)

8. Tali and I playing "Spot the similarities"! ;)

9. St Paul's cathedral from the Millenium Bridge

10. "Take me home mister"!

11. View from the London Eye

12. Another view from the London Eye

13. Yes, still in London, photo taken inside the Aquarium

14. Easter Egg exhibition in Covent Garden

15. All Saints stores have the most amazing displays

16. Just a random blue door in Notting Hill (and possibly my next pc wallpaper)

17. London: mix of old and new

18. "Hello officer"!

19. The breath of fresh air that is Postman's Park

20. Ring a bell to any "Closer" fans? 

21. View from Trafalgar square

22. Bristol baby!!!

23. Imagine what it would be like to live right there (pic in Bath)

24. Sign in ancient Greek outside of the Roman Baths (trnsl: Greatest however is water)

25. Me hand my Lush bags in the Roman Baths (swear that wasn't intentional)

26. See you next time, London!

From what you can tell, despite the weather not being exactly on our side, we managed to get around! UK was definitely an eye-opening experience and I can't wait to visit again!

Thank you so much if you made it this far! 
Regular beauty posts to be continued! ;) 

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20 σχόλια

  1. wow, I live in London and it's nice to see it from another perspective. For some reason I always thought you were English?? haha where are you from? x

    1. @Sophie: Lol, I'm Greek! Glad you enjoyed this post dear! :) x

  2. I want that squirrel!!!!!!! How cute! :)
    And yes.. when will I be getting my monument!? *big dramatic sigh!* xx

    1. @Tali: One can only hope, right? *sigh* :)))) xox

  3. wow!!looks like you had an amazing time!!!And how exciting to be with Tali!You girls just look gorgeous!!!Loved this post and the pictures!going to sneak one or two!!hehe!!kisses dolls!!!


    1. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: It was lovely to just escape the everyday stuff u know? And thank u for the compliments, lol! ;) Hope everything's well with u sweetie! Mwahz! xxx

  4. Love these photos...yay London :) xx

    1. @underthewillowtrees:Thank you girl! :) xx

  5. You look beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos with us! x

    1. @Marina(Makeup4all): Thank you much Marina! Happy you enjoyed it! :) xx

  6. Love every single picture in a unique. They all give me that "sad" feeling of Nostalgia, cant wait to graduate and go back to UK. Maybe live in Bath or Portsmouth if am lucky enough.
    Thanks a lot for sharing dear

    1. @Adeola Naomi: Thank you hun and apologies for giving u that sad nostalgic feeling! I can only wish you manage to go back soon, the quality of life there is surely much better than our current one here..!

  7. looks like you had a lovely time honey! UK is my fave place to visit as well! :) xx

    1. @fashion written with a lipstick: It was surely a much needed break from the everyday stuff!!! I can only hope to make a repeat trip sometime! :) xx

  8. Oh-My-God!!! [to quote Chandler's Janice]
    What an amazing time you must have had in London! Each picture tells a different story- boy, you DID get around! I think I need to declare London my #1 priority when I decide on a trip abroad ;)

    [P.S.: I honestly can't tell which wrist is yours or Tali's! hehe]

    1. @Evi: Lol, yes, I could barely walk after the first day, but I did manage to see quite a few things (and still didn't do everything I had in mind)! Omg, you have to visit, I bet you'd really enjoy it!!!
      And hehe, we fooled u didn't we? Though I bet u suspect the answer (I always have the driest hands - and I had even applied hand cream right before)! xxx

  9. How jealous am I...wait...don't answer that...!!
    I hope you had an amazing time!!The pics are amazing...!! :)

    1. @Athina: All with a point&shoot camera too (after this trip I've come up with this theory that p&s owners take much better pictures than dslr owners, lol)!!!
      Btw, I now know why u love that country and wish u (and me maybe) wholeheartedly to finally end up there!!!! xxx

  10. amazing pics!

    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

  11. @Gaby de Modacapital: Thank you dear! Off to add you to my reading lists, awesome blog and awesome style! xx


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