And the winner of the $20 Giftcard is...

Apologies for the late result girls!

So, the winner of the $20 giftcard, redeemable at SkinCareRx, Apothica, or SkinBotanica is...

Nila Kussriani!!!

Congratulations Nila! You will be contacted soon via email with your voucher code and details on how to use it! Hope you enjoy whatever product you decide to choose! :)

Also, many thanks to the rest of the ladies that took part! Don't frown if you didn't win, because I still have a couple of giveaways in mind! ;)

On another note, thank you to all of my readers for sticking by me, despite my hiatus - I'm still here, yet busier than ever!  I do hope, though, that my future posts will make your wait worthwhile! See you all soon!

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