Fuchsia Pink Ombre Nails: not just for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day a.k.a. the "holiday" that people love or love to hate, is coming up tomorrow and since I actually made an effort with my nails this time, I thought I'd share with you my not just for Valentine's Day manicure!

Personally speaking, I'm not a big fan of heart designs on my nails (with the exception of retro heart tips, that require almond shaped nails to look good), so I opted for something not as literal, but still, flirty: Hot Pink Ombre Nails with Pink Glitter thrown in for good measure (hearts don't do it for me, but glitter sure as hell does)!

Here's how I achieved it:

1. After applying my base coat, Seventeen Calcium & Vitamin B Nourishing Base For Weak & Brittle Nails,
2. I applied two coats of Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine nail varnish in 28 Rose Lounge (you know, the one custom mixed with Essie Allure for Kate Middleton's wedding day).
3. I waited for that to dry a bit and then mixed Rose Lounge with a touch of Essie Limited Addiction until I got a light pink shade. I applied that with an old MAC 212SE brush that I have sitting around about mid-lengths down.
4. I followed with a pinkier mix on the final 1/3 of the nails, then an even pinkier/more fuchsia one even further towards the tip. Right at the tips I used Limited Addiction on its own.
5. When that dried a bit, I used Butter London Rosie Lee all over the ombre part, which actually masked any imperfections, before
6. I finished it all off with my Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Top Coat.

I know that many use sponges to achieve an ombre result, but I'm not a big fan of the textured effect that sponges leave behind. That said, if you're willing to use a brush for nail art purposes, make sure that it's an old one that you're no longer using for eyes (or lips), because the nail varnish will stain them indefinitely!

Hope you enjoyed this mani! Have fun tomorrow, no matter what you're doing!

Any particular beauty looks that you'll be wearing this Valentine's Day? :)

What's your opinion?

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    1. @Adeola Naomi Aderemi: Thank you my dear! :) x

  2. So cute hun and thanks for the tutorial hun, I have to mention that I've tried the ombré with a sponge and turned out horrible ! Time to use my nail art brushes! Hehe <3

    1. @Irene Blushing Loves: I know, my first time with a sponge, I cringed with horror - how does everyone else do it??? Buut then again, as long as there are brushes for nail art purposes, maybe we won't have to find out, haha! :)

  3. This is beautiful, I may have to try such style with other shades!


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